Ban Junk Food Advertising On Television – Social Credit


Big spending announcements by the major parties have ignored the real problems the country needs to front up to, Social Credit Party Leader, Chris Leitch says.

One of the biggest heading our way is the freight train of obesity.

Successive governments have ignored calls from the likes of Professor Boyd Swinburn, and others, to take action on this health disaster that’s already on our doorstep. So Social Credit is calling for a ban on all junk food advertising on television.

Those experts view cheap as chips takeaway food as one of the main causes of obesity that sees New Zealand as second worst in the world for child obesity and third worst in the world for obesity overall.

Those statistics are clear proof that it’s time to stop pussyfooting around and take some action. We need a war on junk food advertising, a massive tax on fizzy drinks and limits on the number of junk food outlets in any defined area.

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Social Credit would take those actions along with much more intensive education on healthy eating and assistance for people who want to grow their own vegetables by subsidizing seed prices and other measures.

We would also put in place much greater funding resources for hospitals dealing with obesity and dramatically increase training and resources for more psychological counsellors to assist with supporting people who are trying to get this problem under control.

There will be howls of protest from the peddlers of junk food, the business lobby, electronic media and people who say we’re stepping on people’s freedom to choose. Well too bad.

Donations to political parties ensuring a soft ride for junk food suppliers must stop. It’s time the welfare of New Zealanders was put at the top of the list, not profits for a few.


  1. Ok, but what about the profits of the powerful global pharmaceutical and medical technology industries ?

    What about the profits of the privatisation-by-stealth health and illness industry?

    Would this mean that people = patients = clients = customers is an equation which needs to be regigged ?

  2. The private for profit supply of drugs and use of private hospitals services hired out to our public health system, all directed to the bonanza profits made because of poor health. Poor health is being sponsored as a money maker as well as a maker of misery.

    Labour heavily restricted the advertising of Alcohol some years back only to have National repeal that back to open slather.
    National don’t give a fuck how many get sick or suffer addiction as long as the off shore investors get a return with little tax as possible.
    Ban advertising of Alcohol.


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