The Daily Blog Open Mic – Friday – 9th October 2020


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  1. I thought that having Jamie Lee Ross and David Seymour standing next to each other during the minor leaders debate was hilarious. Both parties have more in common than ACT would have you believe. 5G, 1080, UN, Qanon etc etc. Seymours call for votes to ‘hold the govt accountable’ just reveals he knows the treasury benches are many years away. Good job. Finally got to see him taking heat on his policies instead of patsy interviews from Magic and ZB. He didn’t look comfortable and I can only hope for more of the same instead of the love fest from the media (looking at you tv3) he normally gets. James pointing out that Taiwan has suspended any rights to privacy and Seymour replying that it is a small price to pay just shows how upside down the world has become. ACT supporters must be saying ‘wtf…that’s not what i voted for’. If ACT’s vote holds as polled, I look forward to seeing those new ACT MP’s gut the ACT party before 2023 (otherwise known as Seymour’s last stand).

    • 🙂
      The only thing missing was Jordan Williams from Tex Pay Yas Onion standing behind with one fist up See More’s arse, and the other up the Jame’s.
      Think of the disinfecting required though.


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