National are in full meltdown again, moves already starting against Judith


National is erupting in on itself again and showing all the self mutilation tendencies of an Emo after a depressing punk Opera.

These tensions which have remained since the deeply flawed Muller Coup have only intensified with the pressure of the campaign.

The Caucus turned to Crusher after the total implosion of Muller, and they only turned to Muller because they are cowards who were spiked by a bad poll.

The Bridges camp should want revenge.

But they aren’t the only ones moving inside National.

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Team Luxon are already manoeuvring against Judith and that’s why we are seeing leaks again.

The Caucus are in panic mode because the internal polling, which Judith is refusing to share with the Caucus but is getting leaked to them anyway, is dreadful and a vast chunk of National MPs are about to be obliterated.

National’s problem is they are haemorrhaging voters left, right and crazy.

They are losing woman 45+ to Labour, they are losing males 18+ to ACT and they are losing the God Squad to the four other God botherer political parties.

National will be lucky to get 30% on election day.

Luxon’s faction want an immediate end to Judith post the election, but the existing power blocks inside National aren’t happy with that arrangement until they see what they are getting.

National turning to Judith was always out of desperation, it doesn’t matter what number she gets them on Election Day, they still intend to dump her the second they can once she loses.

National can’t lead the country if they are divided amongst themselves and what we’ve seen since the Muller coup are a pack of clowns with not enough circus.



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  1. It is fitting that you show a picture of Muldoon beside Collins.
    In interviews and debates Collins sounds more and more like Muldoon all the time.
    Bluster, bully, growl, snarl and torment.
    That is what he did, and what she does now.
    Her ill-mannered boorish rantings on Tuesday night show she is not fit to be NZ’s leader.
    We now have a leader that commands a heap of respect, even from political opponents.
    Collins only has respect from her fellow rabid right mad dogs.

    • Can I add to your very fitting and brilliant description of her Mike the Lefty – …. and her Trumpesian style of politics right down to the cap that she wears.

      Then, when confronted by the media during her pre-arranged sham walk-about in Ponsonby about stacking the walk with her own people she could not answer but the expression on her face said it all – trying to look like the friendly face but giving the silent snarl look to Mellow to answer and what an answer it was too – they were National Party supporters encouraged to come along and meet Collins. Fair enough if it was legitimate but if it was legitimate they would all be in a group, not strategically positioned along the footpath with their lines well rehearsed when Collins came up to them. Also, they were not just supporters but actually work for the National Party itself. Look at the TVNZ news item exposing the attack dog Hamish Price (thanks to Brian Tregaskin for posting this).

      • I wonder what would have occurred if someone who wasn’t part of the set-up happened along at an inconvenient time?
        Probably would have been strong-armed away from the area by National’s goons.
        Wish I had been there, I would love to have glared at her and walked away.

    • has respect from her fellow rabid right mad dogs.

      You’re joking, right?
      Putting up with someone, trying to cover for them, saying “Look over there!” …not respect.

    • Crusher may have lost a sizable proportion of the, I don’t want to die from a virus, demographic of voters.
      Every time Crusher even mentions the border, let alone her ideas on privatizing border personnel, should send a shiver down the spines of old people. Yes, I’m sure Crusher could put a bunch of guys through some adhoc security course, just like they did in Victoria. But would they be any better at protecting the border than the NZ army and Police and Customs? You don’t need to be an Einstein to answer that. Crusher is putting her faith in increasing border bureaucracy, with her idea about a whole new govt department, being in charge of the border. What could possibly go wrong? It’s just another example of creative accounting, like National did in its last nine years, reducing various waiting lists for state housing or surgery, by booting people off waiting lists, and improving water quality by reducing water quality standards. Crusher can turn to her bean counters to fix the rivers, and guard the borders, and just see how far that gets, because a dangerous virus is not going to take notice. Or maybe just pray.

      When the NZ border was first closed, Crusher wanted an exemption to enable foreign students from China, to attend NZ universities, at a time when the pandemic was at its peak in China. Not really a surprise for someone virtually sponsored by the CCP. Crusher also said that Samoa introduced border restrictions soooo much quicker than NZ. When what actually happened, was that Samoa closed its borders after NZ! Crusher’s alternative facts gotcha, has gotchered her. If Crusher loves Samoa so much, maybe she can go and stay there, and take her trust accounts with her.
      Crusher is now wanting a full travel bubble with Australia, before Australia has eliminated community spread. Her dilly dallying and false information on covid, is almost Trump like, and look what’s happened to that guy. Have you ever seen Crusher in a face mask? Crusher has even tried to hammer Labour, by cashing in on the second virus outbreak in Auckland, saying it’s a border failure, when the exact source of the Americold outbreak is still unknown, unless Crusher knows something we don’t. Crushers wailing, is in stark contrast to Labour, who have chosen exactly the right response to covid.

      It seems that if it were up to Crusher, NZ wouldn’t even have been put into lockdowns. We know this, by her continuous adulation of Taiwan, who managed to control covid without lockdowns. Taiwan made a lot of use of mobile phone apps, that confirmed infected people stayed in self isolation in their homes. In Taiwan people greatly trust their govt’s integrity, but not everyone in NZ would be happy to install govt apps on their mobile phones, after JK’s weasel words over mass surveillance and mass collection of data, with his laws to increase the power of our spies, 7 years ago.
      During a fresh outbreak, Crusher would do a Victoria on New Zealand. Avoiding, and avoiding locking down, to maintain the economy, until it blew up in her face, and people started dropping in the street, and being put onto ventilators, with the economy then being toast. How good is her temporary tax cut, if your on a ventilator?

      Crusher’s mantra is that Labour has allowed citizens with covid to fly back to NZ. The counterfactual being that Crusher would stop anyone covid positive getting onto a plane back to NZ, unless they were her family and friends of course. Some of those that Crusher stops, might even go on to die in countries with only basic medical care and lack of treatment. An arbitrarily tough Crusher policy alright, which deserves rodenticide. Maybe a little recreational cannabis would help everyone relax after listening to her waffle, but of course Crusher will certainly not respect that referendum outcome, if it disagrees with her views. Crusher’s views being, that if all your interested in is power, why take notice of pesky democratic stuff, like referendums?


        Crusher has crushed herself and is now Chucky……and that’s without our alleged media even saying a word about her strong links to the CCP and her diabolical connection and history with Whaleblubber / festering turd oil Cameron Slater.

  2. My exposure to Judy as a member of her executive electoral board, exposed me to her entrenched views and lack of tolerance for other points of view.

    I could be specific – but suffice to say: As long as she is leading National, I will not revert to the party which I proudly represented as an MP.

    • Yes Ross;- I was promised assistance from Judith and her close association with other MP’s several times, and nothing came of it. I am disabled so it shows how insensitive she really is.

    • @ RM.
      Proud, you say…?
      The Reform Party
      “It was in government between 1912 and 1928, and later formed a coalition with the United Party (a remnant of the Liberals), and then merged with United to form the modern National Party. “
      “The Country Party had its origins in the Auckland Farmers’ Union, a branch of the New Zealand Farmers’ Union which covered most of the upper North Island. In the 1920s, members of this branch increasingly came to believe that the Reform Party, which traditionally enjoyed much support in rural areas, was now putting the interests of farmers behind those of businesses in the city. The Auckland branch was also strongly influenced by the social credit theory of monetary reform, promoted by C. H. Douglas. Many farmers believed that the country’s financial system did not treat them fairly, and that they were being exploited by big-city bankers and moneylenders.”
      You’re proud to have represented a political party that has at once cynically and feverishly championed the farmer while at the same time has exploited and manipulated then into debt and despair?
      There goes my respect for you Mr Meurant which then brings me to fuck you Mr Meurant.

  3. I see john key the hypocrite has come out against cannabis yet under him synthetics were legalised and under him the border security checks budget was cut letting in more A class drugs and the ingredients to manufacture P. Not too mention the disease that almost wiped out our Kiwifruit industry all under johns watch.
    Can you just fuck of john you have had your turn and you threw in the towel.

    • So it’s not hypocritical to support legalisation now but not when in parliament and PM like Clark? Not hypocritical to not say how you are voting on an issue purely because you don’t want to piss off middle NZ particularly the ‘OK Karen’ voter group?

    • covid is pa,

      National wheel out Don key when they are desperate and still believe he can get traction where they can’t. He slid out of the woodwork several weeks ago to emphatically state the election was no longer about Covid. It was now all about the economy. Bellend!. it’s always been a mixture of a Covid and economic situation. It just so happened that Ardern had a 93% approval rating of her pandemic handling and National knew that despite their best efforts to undermine that, they couldn’t beat Ardern in that all important area. How ironic that Donkey pushed the exact same narrative Collins wanted to be pushed.

      Then he sees Emma Mellow the National candidate for Auckland central is looking likely to run second or third in that seat. Collins and National can’t have that so the Ponytail Puller slides out again to strongly endorse her. I hope Ardern and Shaw counter that and use their influence to help negate his efforts.

      Not surprising they again attempt to use his tired influence in the cannabis referendum. That will be another epic fail as many people see the pony tail puller for exactly what he is these days. A tired has been who’s been exposed.

      • Well said Jacindafan.
        It fits the pattern to bring out the past National leaders when the party is in dire straights, like this one is with four leader changes in three years.
        National is a joke.

    • Key is like an annoying poltergeist that refuses to be exorcised. I fear he’ll be hanging about rearranging the furniture for years to come.

    • @Covid is pa – yes agreed. It is frustrating but not surprising that the NZ Herald is giving Key top billing on his views about cannabis. Obviously trying to influence the “no” vote. Key is going to vote no in the cannabis referendum – so what, who cares? I read another news item from back in June this year about a retired cop called Dave Pizzini who is now a local politician who said that cannabis is a crime driver and in his 35 years old policing many people on cannabis say that they regret taking it because it ruined their lives –

      Doing my own research on the cannabis issue I asked a neighbour of mine who is a retired cop of 40 years (one of the decent ones). He did drug work during his police career and said that cannabis was not and is not a crime driver. He said cannabis did not drive armed robberies or the violence we read about. He said it did not cause the car accidents and while some gangs distributed it, it was not the cause of an increase in gang activity. He reckons the real crime drivers are methamphetamine and alcohol and he was still in the Police when methamphetamine exploded (his term) in this country. I prefer his advice to that of Pizzini and John Key.

      I totally get it that people are entitled to make up their own mind on the cannabis referendum but giving John Key publicity is an insult to the intelligence of the people because what the Herald is doing is trying to influence people to vote no and is using John Key as one of their drivers for the “no” vote.

      Covid is pa – you are so right. Key has had his turn in politics and he did throw in the towel so while he is entitled to vote no in the cannabis referendum he and the New Zealand Herald should butt out of trying to influence us. Key does not influence my decision making or the decision making of most young people. I wish he and the Herald would realise that.

  4. Indicators are looking good for a National wipe out–but as a long time politics follower I will await the count before celebrating! I just hope Auckland Central does not provide the opening for one very ugly Nat/ACT Govt to somehow sneak in. At least community transmission of Covid has slowed right down, and even the nervous profilers and epidemiologists seem to think tracing and testing have improved; so the last two weeks of voting are happening under Level one for Aucklanders.

    There are various provincial areas that really need to change their bad habit of voting tory against their own material interests–however Academia might try to explain that phenomenon or social media manipulate people.

    Good luck everyone in persuading those remaining “kids” to enrol and vote!

    • How does Auckland Central change the outcome of the Election? If National retain the seat, a high profile list MP will be out…. whoever wins Auckland Central, it’s a win for the left.

  5. National caused the destruction of our NZ entire rail company from 2008.
    Ironically now they have caused a train wreak of their own National party.
    Bad deeds are now being served on that toxic National Party.

  6. “…a vast chunk of National MPs are about to be obliterated.”

    Good. Go and get proper jobs, you scheming vultures. And not in local politics. You’ll just fuck that up and wreck everything, because that’s all you know how to do.

  7. I’m sure Judith would be a wonderful leader if anyone wanted to follow her, but clearly they have a more attractive alternative.
    I just heard that a world economics forum Bloomberg has rated NZ no ! in therms of the FINANCIAL management of the pandemic. Making us the most attractive country to invest in. So the effort to look after health has not compromised our economic position it has enhanced it.
    D J S

  8. If you want John Key and his brand of dirty politics back, then National should support Chris Luxon for PM.
    If you want Judith Collins and her brand of dirty politics, the National should keep her on after the election.

    If you want a real leader for New Zealand, not tainted by dirty politics, ditch National and vote ACT.

    • Because reducing the minimum wage, cutting benefits, stopping the Winter Energy Payment, and bringing back interest on student loans is a sure-fire vote winner. If you’re drunk or mentally ill. Even for a hologram, that’s some terrible policy.

  9. I think we will see National going backwards into Tonights TV One Poll–if the rumours of below 30% are true from the internal Polls.
    If there is a trend it will be picked up in tonights TV polls
    My prediction for Election Day national will scrape home in 25-26% range

    • Great call about the percentages Brian and I agree.
      Most of National’s voters will have voted for ACT. National are tainted goods with all the dirty politics, and rent-a-crowd and the only real hope for middle and wealthy New Zealanders is to keep voting ACT.

      • Slightly disagree with you there Andrew. My personal feeling is both major parties sit around 23-25% hardcore support based on the low results both have gotten in various elections throughout this century. The minor/fringe parties will combine for about 20% leaving approximately 30%. swinging between the 2 majors. Yes Labour and National bleed some votes to their more extreme sides. The swing vote explains why when one is down the other is up around 50%

  10. Didn’t I write earlier here that collins looked like a reanimated pig muldoon in drag? I did!
    When a manipulative bully becomes ever more so we should know they’re clearly on the run.
    Horrible collins is twenty years too late for her thuggish approach.
    Too many eyes can see and hear too much and it’s becoming clear to me that good people will ultimately prevail.
    You know that mad, angry, bully neighbour who’s always bitching about the kids riding their trikes along the footpath and no one talks to them and everybody avoids them?
    That’s National. So long national. You won’t be missed.
    Now lets have a street party!? ( Too soon? Aw…)

    • Yep CB I recall you did liken Collins face to Muldoon, – and it is striking how similar the look is in both but Rob Muldoon was far less caustic orally.

  11. The (Rogue) Polls have been getting to them. Even Hosking is unsettled. Mike’s Minute today protests that “The Polls Are Getting Out of Control”. (Controlled Polls anyone?) He wants them regulated.

  12. Here is the NO 1 voting issue for 1.941 million New zealanders and the no 3 issue for the 35 to 54 age group and it will surprise you seeing most of you Bloggers don’t even mention it The only age group that doesn’t even mention it in their top 5 issues this election is the 18 to 24 age group.

    At a young green meet James Shaw meet up at Canterbury Uni on Tuesday of mainly 18 to 30 age group and a handful of Older people from the green organisation what I told them our sick our system is every single one of the young peoples face’s and Jaws dropped.

    After I publicly Gave James Shaw an update on my young friends situation in front of the 60 or 70 people who were there and the number of organisations that are BEGGING THE GREENS TO BRING ON A REVOLUTION ALMOST from what I have heard has obviously led to their public announcement on Wednesday morning.

    So stand by because a revolution is coming and the neo liberals are not going to like it.

  13. if National cant do better than it is now with the 24/7 support of Garner & Richardson, Williams, Plunket, Bridge, DuPlessis, Soper, Hawkesby, Hosking, Bruce Russell, Nanny Herald and a lot of the Journalists, then they have no future. National has received a lot of free Political Party broadcasting time from that lot so why doesn’t the Electoral Commission look into this. With latest poll it looks like 2 ticks green.


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