Half a million Kiwis have already voted in advance voting!


Incredible numbers of NZers are voting early.

This time in 2014 we had 118 000 advance votes.

This time in 2017 we had 153 000 advance votes.

Today we have almost half a million advance votes!

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An enormous number of Kiwis have already made up their mind and voted, it feels like that would be benefiting Labour well before it benefits National.

This could suggest that we are on track for an enormous voter turn out, and that would make sense.

This lockdown impacted everyone, people normally very apathetic to politics will now have been pulled into the debate and will have an opinion, add to this the ability to enrol and vote on election day (something that denied over 40 000 votes in 2017), prisoners voting and higher levels of overseas enrolment and we could see a larger turn out.


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  1. ” This could suggest that we are on track for an enormous voter turn out, and that would make sense ”
    Ithink the referendums this year will help bring in younger voters and those who normally are switched off to participating. The Jacinda – Covid factor will play a part. Be interesting to see the figures for turnout after the poll. Also you can now enrol on the day which will make a huge difference to allowing a large number of votes that would not be included.

  2. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away…
    DEPUTY COMMANDER BROWNLEE: My lord, we’re coming up on Labour’s home planet of Alderan.
    JUDARTH VADER: Excellent. You may fire when ready. Commence primary ignition. Let us demonstrate the power of this fully operational National death star, capable of spreading neoliberal domination across the galaxy.
    Earlier we witnessed the end of Kenobi, and now it will be the end for Labour. The circle is complete.
    DEPUTY COMMANDER BROWNLEE: My lord, a small band of Labour x-wing fighters is approaching us from Alderan. We’ve examined their attack profile, and there is a danger, a weakness.
    They could blow our main reactor simply by shooting it’s exhaust port, it’s extraordinary. Almost a conspiracy, how our National death star has such an obvious flaw, after we had its entire development plans vetted by our most brilliant mind, top astro designer and creative accountant, High Chancellor Goldsmith the magnificent.
    Should I have your ship standing by?
    JUDARTH VADER: What, evacuate in our moment of triumph? I think you over estimate their chances.
    SIMON GRAND MOFF TARKIN: I agree with Vader, any attack on this National death star is but a futile gesture. We have the greatest firepower, and the most fierce leader, with the dirtiest politics in the galaxy. But High Chancellor Goldsmith has let us down, and if he doesn’t withdraw and apologize, Vader can strangle him with the force. He’ll be gone by lunch time.

    PRINCESS SWARBRICK ORGANA ON ALDERON: Defenders of Alderan, attacking the National death star will not be easy, but at the end of the day, we’re a strong and steady seasoned team, experienced at overcoming adversity in our darkest moments, having done the hard yards, with a proven track record, in the battles of covid nebula.
    When engaging the National death star, you will need to fly down a heavily defended corridor along its surface, until you reach a target point just two meters wide. It’s a small exhaust port, right below the main port. A
    precise hit should start a chain reaction. The shaft is ray shielded, so you’ll need to use proton torpedoes,,, may the force be with you.
    Crackle. Crackle. To all our fighters currently approaching the National death star, please report in. Over.
    RED LEADER: Red leader standing by.
    GOLD LEADER: Gold leader standing by.
    JACINDA SKYWALKER: We’re passing through their magnetic field. Hold tight. Switch your deflectors on double front. Lock x-wings in attack position. Keep an eye out for those imperial tie-fighters.

    DEPUTY COMMANDER BROWNLEE: My lord, their x-wing fighters are so small, they’re evading out turbo lasers.
    JUDARTH VADER: Then we’ll have to destroy them ship to ship. I’ll recite a quick prayer for luck! If only Goldsmith could help out by flying one of our fighters, but that woke bean counting bookworm, couldn’t even fly a kite.

    JACINDA SKYWALKER: Tie-fighters approaching. I see them, coming in at point three five. Keep them off me wingman. I’m aligning with the corridor, and starting my attack run. Increasing speed to full throttle. This is it boys.
    WINGMAN WINSTON: Copy that. You take the lead Jacinda. I’m gonna cut across the axis and try to draw their fire. Look at the size of this thing. Hurry Jacinda, I can’t hold them off.
    THE GHOST OF LANGE-WAN KENOBI: Use the force Jacinda. Trust your feelings. The force will be with you, always.
    WINGMAN WINSTON: Jacinda, you’ve turned off your targeting computer, what’s wrong?
    JACINDA SKYWALKER: Nothing. I’m all right. Just keep them off me a little longer. Stay on target,,, stay on target,,, I’m in range,,, almost there,,, try to increase power R2.
    WINGMAN WINSTON: Arghhh, I’m hit, I’m hit. I can’t make it Jacinda. I’ve lost main engines, my controls are failing and my navigations out. I hoped this battered old fighter could hold together through one more campaign, but it’s now disintegrating. I’m finished.
    JACINDA SKYWALKER: Oh no, I’ve lost my trusty wingman!

    JUDARTH VADER: Cover me,,, I’ve knocked out their wingman, and now I’m closing in on the leader. Hmmm, the force is strong in this one, and considerable stardust as well. But still no match for the power of my dark side. Steady,,,steady,,,I have you now my dear,,, poor wee thing,,,
    What? Where’s that laser fire coming from? Arghhh, there’s another ship!

    JAMES SOLO ON THE SUSTAINABLE FALCON: Jacinda, it’s James your new wingman here, back from the Kessel run. You’re in the clear kid, Chewy just took out the last tie-fighters. Now let’s blow this thing and go home.
    JACINDA SKYWALKER: Proton torpedoes away,,,
    JAMES SOLO ON THE SUSTAINABLE FALCON: Direct hit on the exhaust port,,,KABOOM! Great shot kid, that was one in a million.


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