Is Trump immune from Covid or basic intelligence?


So much is happening at such speed, it’s difficult to keep up with it all.

The madness of Trump falling sick, and then just demanding to tough it out is an insanity that manages to sum up the flaming dumpster fire 2020 has been so far.

Trump doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke and apparently doesn’t do drugs so I’m guessing a huge injection of steroids is going to have him believing he’s 10 foot tall and bullet proof.

As soon as he felt well, he demanded he leave the Hospital and staged a return to the White House that Mussolini would have approved off.

The problem of course is that with Covid, people’s illness time line has them pull back from the early symptoms but then get suddenly very sick.

If Trump has to be readmitted to Hospital in 3 days time, it will be a terrible blunder, but his desire to stage a come back and beat the virus himself is driven by how desperate he is doing in the polls.

The recklessness of Trump could yet destroy him or America.

Or both.

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  1. But how do we know trump’s actually sick with c-19? I heard on Jessie Mulligans show on RNZ today an American fellow who’s a voting expert who said White House Dr’s lie as part of their job description.
    Here he is.
    Ken Rudin
    balsonaro, a mate of trump’s also got c-19 and made an impressive and speedy recovery while others were dying in the streets.
    trump is the kind of guy you do not trust at all and I think c-19 was cooked in a lab and I think he knows about that and if you really want to scare the be-Jesus out of yourselves then become as knowledgable as you can about the virus.
    The truly bizarre thing I’ve recently learned from reliable RNZ sources via virologists is that c-19’s parked up it’s virulence in favour of becoming more transmissible. What the fuck is that about?
    It’s evolved to being easier to catch but it’s held off becoming better at killing a person.
    Keep our borders locked up tight.
    And how about we take that $6 BILLION dollar NET foreign Bankster profit and use it instead to keep people safe and sound?
    And another thing!
    How about disbanding the dirty, corrupt, Old Boy Network primary industry producer boards and replace them with a professional, commercial marketing agency? Farmers can pay them directly and in so doing cut out the middle people of which there are very many.
    We’d have to dig our way through mountains of money just to get to the gold plated tractor.

  2. The latter Bomber. My lad and I, WATCHING this idiot yesterday on the C.N.N, as he came off the helicopter, looking unstable in phisical stance and balance, then see him walking up the hoos steps tacking in mask off, and those American comentators should have seen and reported on his stonch stance agains not letting the camera!s seeing his struggle breathing, and then walking into the big hoos unmasked. They did report this much latter on. At the time my son who is not a child, said, why are these reporters not reporting this, he is hiding his struggle to breath and taking his mask off as he walks into the white house what about those people is he going to contaminate those people. Had to say, remember that history book you read about Russia, marching German prisoners after the second world through the streets of Moscow, and the trucks following disinfecting the road, that is what they will be doing every where he walks behind him will be a germ extinction squad spraing disinfectant.

  3. “Trump doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke and apparently doesn’t do drugs so …”
    This is commendable of course. Its sad you recognise the harm then that drugs do, yet strongly advocate for policies that end up with this country becoming a drugged out rat hole.

    “The problem of course is that with Covid, people’s illness time line has them pull back from the early symptoms but then get suddenly very sick.”
    Your vindictiveness is transparent. Don’t get too hopeful. Trump is of a strong constitution and this could well end up winning the election.

    • @ ‘Mark’ You write.
      “Trump doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke and apparently doesn’t do drugs so …”
      This is commendable of course. Its sad you recognise the harm then that drugs do, yet strongly advocate for policies that end up with this country becoming a drugged out rat hole.”
      Yes he does. Trump takes this. Just so as he can puff his orange chest out to impress highly intelligent, well informed people like yourself.
      On you go…
      “end up with this country becoming a drugged out rat hole.”
      So? Which rat holes can drugs be found in again? Do you, like, have a map? Can you send me a google earth link. Purely for research purposes of course.
      Do you read? Are are you in constant council with your awesome self for your enlightened information?
      Clearly, you’re a Mark with a formidable intellect. The type of person who might rightfully be sure that the Earth you inhabit is clearly flat. It looks flat, right? Just look outside!? Flat as Bro. So Portugal might not be on it!? Or it could be underneath! It is a foreign kind of place and we know how sneaky them damn foreigners are, right? Build a wall and the motherfuckers tunnel under it. How’d they learn to do that? Bet they learned it by reading them commie ‘books’. We need to burn all them books aye Mark?
      On a round Earth it’s rumored there’s a place, a country if you will, called ‘Portugal’.
      I know. Doesn’t sound American but it is there none the less.
      You should scoot on over there and check out Portugese drug policies once the gun smoke from racist white cops clears after yet another drug related crime is sensibly dealt with in those beastly poorer Black areas of God Bless America ! Fuck Yeah! And Boo Yeah too. Sorry. Nearly forgot that one. Oh ! Oh ! ” Whoop and fuckin’ A !” Is that right? Did I get that right? Strange and alien languages take a little time to get one’s head around.

  4. Would have prefer my knowing, and my known Austringer, been attached. Serious to down the road to fear ridicule and some state weird he!s not one of us, who, im socialist. Who the fuck you.

  5. ‘The recklessness of Trump could yet destroy him or America.’

    Recklessness is a characteristic of America presidents that goes back to Reagan, who -along with ‘close the gold-convertibility window’ Nixon- set the agenda for America’s ongoing collapse. One of Reagan’s first acts was to organise the removal of the solar panels installed on the White House by Carter, sending a very clear ‘fuck the environment and don’t even consider energy depletion’ message to the American populace. Then there was “Our way of life is not negotiable” Bush I, followed by slippery ‘repeal Glass- Steagall’ Clinton, followed by “Mission Accomplished” steal-the-oil Bush II, followed by “Hope and change” in the wrong direction Obama.

    So Trump is just the latest manifestation of bizarreness in a long series, each president presiding over a more and more fucked-up collection of states that took a wrong turn in the mid-nineteenth century.

    Even if Trump were to die tomorrow it would make no difference to the final outcome of well over over a century of dysfunctional thinking and dysfunctional policies in America.

    The notions that it was advantageous to construct high-rise concrete-and-steel cities and produce monoculture crops via the use of oil-dependent machinery were never going to work long term. Nor was the notion that it would be advantageous to create money out of thin air and use it to enrich sociopaths whilst rewarding destruction of the environment via GDP growth ever going to work for very long.

    So, the short period when such strategies generated the facade of success is over.

    That saddest aspect of all this is that so many nations, including NZ, have adopted the dysfunctional strategies promoted by America, and they too are on the slippery slope towards catastrophic failure.

    Perhaps that is not the saddest aspect. Perhaps the saddest aspect is the utter determination of people in power to persist with policies that generate bad outcomes for the vast majority of people and bad outcomes for the continuation of life on this planet.

    I see Jacinda is reported as telling us yet another blatant lie in the pursuit of dysfunctional policies: Adern’s claim that electric buses are part of a strategy for ‘zero emissions’:

    ‘Labour would spend $50m to help local councils buy only zero-emissions buses by 2025. Her government would “decarbonise the public transport bus fleet” by 2030, she added.’

    is absolute bollocks, of course, since NZ burns natural gas (CH4) to make a large portion of its electricity.

    Sure, it would be an improvement not to be inhaling [deadly] diesel fumes every time a bus drove past. But to pretend this dysfunctional policy is going to help prevent planetary meltdown is a lie -especially when we consider the embedded emissions relating to the construction of electric buses and the emissions relating to maintenance of roads.

    It’s all bullshit. And it’s bad for you.” -George Carlin

  6. One of the things interesting about the whole scenario is the ‘in theory’ rapid improvement in health over a period of a couple of days. One of the things you hope as a world we will get better at is the treatment of Covid19 and are these developmental drugs that Trump took game changers?

    So far nothing in the media about these and their effects however if we look at the facts: old fat man gets covid19 – he’s right in the supposed sweet spot for the virus and then 3 days later back to work. Ignoring the moronic nature of that decision to go back to work and not rest, recuperate and get re-tested; simply being back to a semi normal health condition suggests this treatment works. This of course relies on Trump not getting sick again or relapsing as Bomber rightly points out.

    Point is in 6 months time when Europe and North America re-open to each other and the true nature of the apathy around covid19 in the developing world becomes apparent Australasia and North East Asia will have a dilemma in regards to border openings. If we have drugs that take the incidence of death well below the common flu and statistically irrelevant will the border re-open?

    We are hung up on a vaccine however if we can successfully treat an infection then is there any point to this approach?

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