4 things you might have missed: Crusher set up prayer, set up Ponsonby Rd meeting, Hamish Price infects Emma Mellow & religious cannabis prohibitionists big on gay conversion therapy


With so many things going on at once, you might have missed some great moments during the election.

1: Crusher set up prayer:

Remember how Crusher attacked criticism of her praying as evil and pretended the entire event was a private moment that was interrupted by the media?

That was a lie…

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…National set up the prayer shot and that claimed they hadn’t.

2: Set up Ponsonby Rd meeting:

It was supposed to be a spontaneous walk around with spontaneous locals, but it turns out Judith’s Ponsonby walk around thronged by supporters was actually set up…

A low point on Ponsonby Rd

First, the walk. It became obvious pretty soon after she started that the people she was ‘meeting’ were being positioned every 30 metres or so by an advance guard of party people. Worse, from the first man saying he was a member of the Bluegreens (the party’s environmental grouping) to each and every subsequent warm greeting, it became obvious these were National Party supporters. 

…they can’t even pretend that there is genuine support for Judith in Auckland and have had to set it up. Jesus wept that’s embarrassing.

3: Hamish Price infects Emma Mellow:  

The most toxic Right Wing attack stormtrooper National has online now that Cameron Slater is irrelevant is Hamish Price, here’s some of his greatest hits…

…isn’t he charming. Turns out National’s favourite attack dog is also Emma Mellow’s Campaign operative!


4: Religious cannabis prohibitionists big on gay conversion therapy

Oh and the person behind the religious rights campaign against cannabis, used to champion gay conversion therapy…

…oh of course he did.


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  1. We can add the fake NZ Herald poll that overwhelmingly voted Judith Collins as winner of last night’s Stuff leaders’ debate. The only media outlet in the country that thought so.

  2. Just when I thought National could not stoop any lower, some arsehole starts trash talking Jacinda’s family. And he is Auckland Central’s campaign manager? Its too low for even these fucks.

    Vote Emma Mellow and you’re going to get an MP who thinks this filth is acceptable and this prick is worthy of association.

    For a party that embraced Dirty Politics, this amateur pissed wanker abuse routine is so very sad!

    • National are limbo dancing under a very low bar of decency and honour.
      ACT, is the sensible choice for Kiwis, especially those who love dirty dancing instead of dirty politics.

  3. I was astonished when TVNZ got stuck into National for the staged walkabout and meet ordinary people event, and the reporter described Judith Collins as incredibly dumb.

    They could have not broadcast. Or made no comment. But they chose to expose National as a bunch of idiots, attempting to rig the game.

    Just what IS going on?

  4. Judeath praying is her ploy to get more Samoans and more conservative Christians to vote for her. Yet she is voting for euthanasia something many Christians are dead against.

  5. The quote from AAP Correspondent Ben McKay is HUGE.

    Why have our gutless media not picked up on it? Not only is Collins prepared to pull every dirty trick out of the bag of festering turds, but she’s also happy to tell barefaced lies about it and blame anyone else who has the audacity to highlight the truth. A VERY dangerous individual.

    The reprehensible and totally untrustworthy Collins must be exposed for what she really is.

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