MEDIA WATCH: Why the Stuff Debate will be the most awful political debate of all


The awful Press Leaders Debate is on tonight and it will be a joyful cacophony of screams, declarations of hate speech and woke activists online taking photos of their Stuff subscriptions canceled.

I can’t wait.

To fully appreciate the culture clash that is about to happen tonight, you need to appreciate the brief history of NZ Newspapers.

Early newspapers in NZ were mostly funded by the landed gentry who were terrified and hateful of communism, socialism, Māori and women.

The very first editorial from the NZ Herald is calling on white NZers to rise up and fight Māori, I’m not joking.

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It was the redneck self interest of those who gained most from exploitation in NZ that paid for newspapers and set the right wing editorial stance we see today.

So the Press piss up leaders debate is exactly what you would imagine it to be, a cheap gift handed out to all those small and medium sized businesses who advertise with the Newspaper and get a free ticket or cheap table for them to feel special. The legacy of these debates has always been loud, parochial and banjo strumming.

At first glance your average small to medium sized business owner in provincial NZ is about as enlightened as your average fascist but add the white male superiority complex into the mix, and you have a night of slurs and ignorance that would make a book burning look rational

This debate is the infamous ‘show me the money’ debate.

Drunk small business owners heckling and screaming would be fine, except of course Stuff has a VERY different social media reading audience now.

Fairfax may take money from redneck advertisers who look forward to hurling drunken insults but they answer to their woke middle class reading audience.

Think of Stuff like a grown up Spinoff, You move from Toby Manhire to Sinead Boucher once you buy a house and have your first affair.

In the terrible precious subjective rage of now, the Press’s piss up in a wood shed style political debate will go down about as well as lamb brain stew at a vegan kink munch.

If you thought people complained about the questions journalists ask, can you imagine the several shades of deplatforming woke lynch mobbing micro aggression policing outrage that will erupt on social media watching the event tonight?

These debates are always hosted by someone inside Stuff that no one knows or cares about and they will be as effective at tempering the audience as Chris Wallace was in moderating Trump.

Judith feeds off this type of audience the way a Shark feeds off blood.

This will be gladiatorial but with chainsaws.

I’m expecting an abortion of a debate.


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  1. Yes i think i will sit this one out. I hope Adern meets Collins and her biased audience head on because this debate like the others is all about giving Collins and National the publicity they crave and argue is being denied them during covid. Can’t see what Adern will get out of it quite frankly as kindness won’t be on display and the team of five million won’t include any of the participants. Collins knows that she can be as outrageous as she likes because it is worth a few days of leading the news going into the final stages.
    “Judith feeds off this type of audience the way a Shark feeds off blood ” yes and that’s the whole point of this MSM spectacle to give the National leader a platform to destroy the PM or opposition leader of the day.

  2. True there Martyn.
    Sadly my health demands set by my doctor will not allow this debate if it increases “stress in me’ then I will turn this debate off.
    We should have had our own “independent TV non commercial public channel” by now as Labour promised; – us but they failed us all there.

  3. Well Jacinda needs to bring her A game again tonight, but maintain her dignity and respect as she has done in the last two debates. Jacinda may also need to remind Judeath to mind her manners and continue to do so. One liners might seem good but they deflect from what is being said particularly if the speaker is talking about policy. I believe the key issues is, who can you trust the most to lead our country through these unprecedented times. I see the Poms new skit calling Jacinda a socialist. In my view they need to clean up their own backyard as their leader is a tory twat and Covid is once again on the rise there.

  4. It is interesting you denigrate small business owners in this post and at other times slam big business the banks and landlords
    in fact you seem to not like anyone with initiative or drive and does not depend on a government handout to survive.

    • The left believe in money trees and unfortunately us business mugs that generate income plus lazing central bank policy means that belief is reinforced in a semi cargo cult mentality. Don’t worry they’ll be utterly devastated midway through next term when facing electoral defeat with a large scale depression and stardust turning to rust Jacinda pops the ejection seat and heads to New York.

      Play the long game Trev.

        • I’ve neither enough time nor the crayons to illustrate just how dumb you are to not realize that 3 years as Prime Minister has produced no evidence of your theories. Jacinda walks into the debates and eats his Judiths debate lunch. This is the main reason politicians why misogynists hate Jacinda. She literally advertises how useless & how retarded they all are. They all 100% know it.

          • That’s interesting as I believe most policy has been written in crayon over the past 3 years. Whereas you hear Christ reborn when Jacinda speaks I hear bumper stickers and slogans. The debates are now becoming little more than confirming one’s views so your analysis and ‘deplorable’ comments are 1-sided and hardly enlightening.

      • Is a semi cargo cult mentality different than the sorts of mentality that makes some people come out with pro forma nonsense like “the left believe in money trees?”

      • Is a semi cargo cult mentality different than the sorts of mentality that makes some people come out with pro forma nonsense like “the left believe in money trees?”

      • Hilarious!

        It is the business-as-usual clique that is utterly dependent on ‘money trees’, in particular the ‘money tree’ of the central banks and government subsidies that prop up businesses that would otherwise fail spectacularly.

        And now that it’s got completely out of control in the US, where the Fed’s injections to prop up the economy go straight to business share buy-backs and inflated ‘assest’ values, we are going to witness the biggest crash in history quite soon.

        • Ironically you won’t get any counter argument regarding central banks (including ours) and government subsidies. I laugh when I hear the phrase quantitative easing – call it what it is – printing money.

          What your analysis ignores is 97% of businesses (like ours) in NZ have less than 20 staff and get no help whatsoever from the government. We pay our taxes and PAYE on the due date and get no subsidies at all. Added to that the laughability of regulation (which is tailored towards large corporates) which effectively smacks any life and energy out of SMEs. There is no level playing field in NZ.

          P.S. The same fiscal dynamics are present in the NZ corporate sphere so much so that I would estimate 25% of corporates are presently trading insolvent if you strip out inflated intangible assets. If the hammer falls, NZ corporates will be obliterated.

  5. I don’t care any more.
    E=L, P= G.
    Te Tai Tonga. As useless a selection as is possible… Rino who?
    But the decision is made and the die is cast. FwTIW.
    First to my booth last Saturday.
    Now to sit on the sidelines…

  6. Patently obvious Collins war cabinet have been watching old black and white newsreels of Muldoons speeches. And they have advised Collins to ape Muldoon. Complete with the obnoxious and constant interruptions and over speaking when its not her turn. However it is also equally obvious that both of them are neo liberals. It was highlighted most graphically with housing, suicide rates, and wages.

    ALL of which spiked dramatically in the early 190’s after such things as the Employment Contracts Act 1991 and its legacy, which has never really been effectively changed. The tinkering and pussy footing around the obvious issues and its REAL cause by the two of them and successive neo liberal party’s since 1984 and wont be fixed unless neo liberalism is vanquished.

    The whole political consensus in NZ these days is a sham and a pantomime.

    The REAL reason they do not want to rock the boat over the housing crisis is because they both know they will lose votes. Any lowering in price and value of housing will affect the middle classes, and they know it. And that’s the REAL reason these govts seem so paralyzed into undertaking ANYTHING like Michael Joseph Savage’s generation.

    Neo liberals, – absolutely despicable to a man and woman.


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