Marama Davidson Calls For Labour Voters In The City To Party Vote Green For A Transformational Govt – Green Party


Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson is urging Labour supporters in Palmerston North to Party Vote Green this election. A Party Vote for the Green Party is a vote to send local candidate Teanau Tuiono to Parliament, doubling the city’s voice and helping form a truly transformational Government at this election.

Marama Davidson said:

“The Greens will work productively with Labour to ensure we take stronger action for our climate, environment and on inequality. This election I’m urging Labour voters here in Palmerston North to Party Vote Green for two reasons. Firstly, to help send local Green candidate Teanau Tuiono to Parliament. This can only happen with a Party Vote Green.

“Teanau offers a valuable mix of experience which just isn’t there in Parliament at the moment. We need his voice for our communities. His work on climate change with indigenous communities for the UN, his fluency in te reo and current work as an educator alongside a lifetime of environmental and peace activism combine into a great package that can really make a difference.”

“Secondly, here in Palmy and across Aotearoa, a Party Vote Green will help guarantee that we can deliver a transformational Government which tackles the issues that face us all. This term, with Labour, we have done important work including taking climate action, tackling poverty, protecting nature, but we know we need to go further and faster to ensure our communities and planet thrive.”

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Palmerston North and list candidate Teanau Tuiono said, “At number eight on the Green Party list, I know that the Party Vote is essential to help me into Parliament to represent our communities with a strong progressive voice. And I’d like to see more new Green MPs alongside me to work with Labour on the changes we need to make to tackle poverty, climate change and inequality. I’m counting on progressive Palmy to Party Vote Green to make our Government stronger than ever.”



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