Latest Cannabis Poll suggests we could beat the dirty filthy religious right prohibitionists! COME ON KIWIS!


The latest Cannabis Poll is out and it suggest we could beat the dirty filthy religious right prohibitionists!!!!

NZ Election 2020: New poll shows cannabis likely to become legalised

A new poll shows cannabis legalisation is on track to pass in the upcoming referendum, but only if Kiwis turn up to vote.


We must fight the prohibitionists and those like the National Party who wish to empower Organised Crime with the status quo.

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Let me tell you a wee story.

I was the co-editor of Craccum the Auckland University Student Magazine in 1993.

My co-editor and I published an infamous article called the Drug Supermarket where we noted that because cannabis was illegal, criminal gangs were moving into the upper common room and were setting up shop. One such criminal element selling drugs there was the serial rapist, the Parnell Panther, who once outed in the article, threatened to kill my co-editor who then had to go into hiding. 

Oh the joys of a tertiary education. Good times, fun times.

27 years ago, it was astoundingly obvious that the prohibition of cannabis only empowered organised crime and that the hundreds of thousands of kiwis who have been arrested, hurt and damaged by this counter productive and spiteful war on drugs, especially when the drug is far less harmful than booze and tobacco, is beyond tolerance any longer.

This isn’t ultimately about markets, or marketing, or gutless cowardly politicians, it’s about getting the god damned state out of our fucking faces comrades.

We know it’s a racist system that penalises Maori and Pacifica far harsher than pakeha, this is about human rights and pushing the state out of our lives.

If you smoke weed, you shouldn’t be made a criminal. It’s as simple as that. 

Advance voting for the election and referendum is open now!

Vote yes and het these prohibitionist arseholes out  of our faces!


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  1. I think the No vote will win. I hope the Labour/ Green government will have the balls to decriminalize the possession of marijuana, allow people to smoke in the privacy of their homes and more importantly allow people to grow 2 plants per person at homr tor their own use.

    • Its called cannabis Peter not marijuana and as for growing two plants, do people know how long a cycle takes to grow and then all the time it takes to dry, its a long process. And if your growing outside you can only grow once a year in NZ depending on where you live as it likes the heat. Many people don’t know the logistic of growing.

    • Peter, absolutely. It’s really not hard. These dimwits have set this up to fail. So we’ll end up with zero progress. Affordable medicinal now!! Decriminalise now!!

  2. Some sort of Facebook or social media reminder close to polling day may rally the troops-the young people. We know the oldies will vote for sure, the young need to vote in number and if they do I reckon the Yes vote will fly in.

  3. The same ‘Ok Karens’ that are keeping Labour in the high 40s WILL NEVER vote to legalise weed. The chances of legalisation passing is the same probability of National/Act forming a government – possible but requires a seismic shift in the last 2 weeks. They could have gone down the decriminalisation path and got people like me across the line (I see no point in prosecuting shot rags having a joint on Milford Beach or Lampton Quay) but no alas Angry and the Greens decided to screw the pooch instead. Ironic given Labour’s overall election strategy.

    A strategic fail in the making

  4. That’s right Martyn
    Highly credible poll by Labour Party pollsters commissioned by ex Labour boss now pro cannabis lobbyist. It’s just a hype strategy. We can all see right through it.
    Keep hoping.

  5. Its the colour green for me this election. Voted on Sunday with two votes for the Greens and making cannabis legal. Bearing in mind that if the vote is in favour of legalizing the government still has to make it binding. Something that maybe problematic if the vote is by a whisker. It could do with a solid endorsement to send the message that the government will have to take notice in advancing the legislation.

    • @ Shona. Did God also make bone cancer in children? ( Steven Fry.) I understand your point but I think it’s about time we took responsibility for each other and ourselves. Many bible bashing god botherer’s believe we should instead continue to relinquish our responsibilities for each other to an invisible deity who is really just an extension of the creative power of bull shit artists. Fuck that. And I’ll tell you why fuck that. It’s because god botherer’s are the least spiritual and empathetic of the lot of us and they have burned down our planet for a dollar while using God and freedom as a veil to hide their greed and a liking for violence behind.
      What a world it would be if we had pot to smoke freely at cafes with music where there were once awful, hollow churches. God/s are simply a mechanism by which we are imprisoned to be manipulated and exploited by our fellow persons.
      “The best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to make sure [he] never knows [he’s] in prison.

  6. Dirty money from overseas and the churches have been pumping their church donations into the say nope to dope campaign. And then we have people like Kate Baddock Chair of the Council of NZ Medical Association abusing her power using outdated policy from 2008. Baddock should get reprimanded for this abuse of power and she is falsely claiming to represent all their members when many members have claimed they haven’t been consulted. The scaremongering and stigma is bad and its divisive.

    • Totally agree , Kate was speaking well outside her brief, I wonder what her attitude is to the over prescribed drugs Doctors dish out and the harms caused , also what’s her opinion of alcoho, should this be illegal as will. Grossly unprofessional and very opinionated.

  7. Look, I have no skin in this game I’m neither pro or anti cannabis and most likely will vote Yes for no other reason that its something law abiding people should be allowed to partake in in your spare time should they wish and not feel like criminals.
    BUT….every poll published this far has the NO vote quite a bit ahead and suddenly the pro Labour UMR polling shows up YES ahead, and it was commissioned on behalf of the Clark foundation….c’mon Martyn even you know that’s fishy!
    Would you be as eager to embrace the polling if it were a National party policy and a Curia poll showed up reversing the previous other companies polling results?

  8. Anyone who has ever decried the “nanny state” and intends to vote No needs to have a good sit down with themselves and sort that shit out.

  9. This is an incredibly information rich referendum-yet big money is being splashed about by religious nutters (and perhaps the booze industry some where in the mix) to create fear and doubt about all the questions that the proposed law and extensive research and experience overseas actually answers in detail!

    Age, public use, anti monopoly, health emphasis, the business case, etc. etc. are all out in the open but not being publicised nearly enough. The decades long decline of youth voting and enrolment is doing the rest. It really would help if more senior politicians climbed off the fence too and endorsed a YES vote.

    C’mon TDB readers, if you can only persuade one other person to enrol and vote YES then don’t hesitate-do it!

  10. And then the Nopers will be crying a river at select committee and the politicians will downgrade what has already been proposed and like the medical scheme outcome – turn into a pile of shit nobody likes.


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