Q+A Auckland Central Poll – White 35% Mellow 30% Chloe 26%


Auckland Central electorate race narrowing, Q+A Colmar Brunton poll reveals

The three-way battle for the Auckland Central electorate is becoming a tighter race – with Labour’s Helen White out in front on 35%, National’s Emma Mellow close behind on 30% and Green Party’s Chlöe Swarbrick following on 26%.

What a mean girl interview the Auckland Central debate turned into. How condescending is Helen White?

The more you see of her as a candidate, the less you like her right?

She’s a ‘Not Ok Karen’.

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It’s an extraordinary skill.

Chloe is head and shoulders above Mellow and White.

Dear Labour Party voters in Auckland Central, look, you know and I know Labour will do the barest minimum for the environment, the Greens are far better placed to push for real change and seeing as White will get in off the party list, switch your candidate vote to Chloe and gain White as a representative PLUS the Greens.

We have run out of alphabet because so many tropical storms and hurricanes have formed this year.

Siberia is on fire. California is on fire. A pandemic triggered by climate change is globally on fire!

Auckland Central progressive voters have to vote strategically the way Epsom voters do! What’s the point of being one of the most educated electorates in the country of you can’t

Candidate Vote Chloe Swarbrick

Party Vote Labour.

It’s time for Auckland Central to stand up and be noticed globally for returning e Green Party into Parliament.

The Guardian is watching!


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  1. I despise Helen White she sounds like a whinging person just coat-tailing with Jacinda’s popularity. I would rather have Emma or Chloe as my electorate MP as these two are running a strong campaign than Helen. After all, if Emma gets in one old dinosaur out from the National list. But still, I am giving my two ticks to Chloe and the Greens.

  2. While I would love nothing more than to see Swarbrick win this seat, I am afraid it is far easier for the Nat candidate to make up 5% than it is for Swarbrick to make up 10%.
    I think we have to let this one go, and just make sure it does not go back to the Nats and party vote Green

  3. All the Nikki Kaye voters who don’t have the time to answer pollsters will come out of the woodwork to vote National on election day and Swarbs will be behind the till at Pak-n-Save by Christmas.

    • The mere thought of a Green Party politician having to work for a living! It’ll do them good to spend the next three years re-grouping and getting their hands dirty to earn a living. Hasn’t done anyone here any harm, has it? Truly, I hope they don’t make it!

      • Climate change is on everyone’s mind front and centre even though the politicians seem to have forgotten this. Watch and weep Herman as the Greens climb higher in the polls and will definitely be in Govt. National and Act are on life support taken care of by their pathetic media cronies. Saint Judith has only a few weeks more in the spotlight before being discarded by her own troops and burnt at the stake.

  4. A conundrum for voters who want National out.
    How do you vote tactically with FPP in a tight three-way contest?
    Its very hard because you have to think about how everyone else may vote and there are so many b…s polls and Facebook voterthons around it is hard to distinguish fact from fantasy.
    Under STV it is so much easier, you rank candidates in order of how much you like them and then you have the satisfaction of knowing that at least you didn’t inadvertently help a candidate that you hate.

  5. The National candidate is doing real well . Swarbrik has name recognition is already in Parliment and number 3 on the list and is still running last . To me this shows you are right to say the voters are educated and most of those that own homes would met the wealth tax threshold so to vote Swarbirk is like a turkey voting for xmas

  6. No! Martyn I think that Helen White is a charming person and does not deserve the unfair press.
    I also think that she will be a very valuable member of Labour’s team.

    • I had never hear of Helen White until this election. But after listening to her speak and seeing what she stands for and her background working as a lawyer as well as her liberal view supporting the cannabis legislation I tend to agree with you Dottie. I think she is and will be an excellent candidate for Central Auckland. Also if anyone is coat tailing it is Mellow of the back of Nicky Kayes hard work and reputation. Also I thought Zoe said a stupid thing in the interview, when she said, ‘people don’t like the big parties telling them what to do’ and White called her out on this comment. I think Swarbrick showed her immaturity and inexperience when she made that comment. White is not nasty she is doing her job.

  7. Chloe Swarbrick is a bit exceptional and unique as a political force. Not everyone has the brain power and the emotional intelligence to understand that. Forgivable perhaps considering the years and years of mind dulling right wing politics they must have been breathing in. There’s no escaping that dank, stink only right wing brain farts can make. See above, for example?
    trevor, frank and dottie? I mean, really…
    Chloe Swarbrick may not win Logical Fallacy Central at this point but at least those who didn’t vote for her will have a long three years of regretting it before the next election and of course, the way the greater world’s looking it may be too late to help Chloe Swarbrick turn down Logical Fallacy Central’s soon to be defunct bankster buildings into green houses.
    I read somewhere that the world is about to enter a portal to a new way of functioning. We humans will be far more spread out and living holistically and sustainably as vegetarians and cheek by jowl with what wee beasties might survive to share the biosphere.
    Ask yourself? Do you see white or mellow leading AO/NZ’s largest city population through that portal? Or do you see two linear thinkers stumbling over their designer frocks on the way to the Mall to buy flesh and chips from Maccers or do you see Swarbrick saving your sorry arses because she’s whip smart and already ten steps ahead of the Stepford wife career politician and the Mars Attacks Blue Bell?

        • Whenever my teenage daughters comment on things often I have no idea what language they’re speaking. So whatever I think about Chloe or Golriz is irrelevant because my girls see something in them that I can’t and I won’t pull the rug out from under them.

            • You get a straight answer from young 16 year olds, climate change is No 1, just like it should be. They aren’t motivated just by money, like oldies are, so it doesn’t influence their view of the world we are leaving them.

              • But when there are real impacts from terrorism or earthquakes or whatever it is unavoidable and young people have to anticipate these things in large numbers.

  8. I see Donkey has slid out from under his rock again to endorse Mellow. Another show of desperation from the Latrine Rodents. Donkey recently attempted to sell the upcoming election as being the election all about the economy and NOT the Covid election. That of course would be unrelated to National getting obliterated had it been just a Covid election. Truth is it was always a mix of both and anyone who spouts off differently is not paying attention. The good news is that National loses big time on both fronts.

    Expect “Merv” and all of his many many brothers and cousins to be very busy over the next two weeks.

    • I feel the same about Aunty Helen putting her 10 cents in on how we should think . She should remember we booted her out because of her attempt to control us to her way of thinking. I can imaging Peters will be the same snipping from the sideline after his defeat thes election. All politicians should be bared from airing their opinions the same as sports people as their opinion holds no more weight than you or me.

      • Yes Trev we booted her out, myself included but donkey chucked the towel in, can you tell me anyone else that has done that?

  9. I feel the same about Aunty Helen putting her 10 cents in on how we should think . She should remember we booted her out because of her attempt to control us to her way of thinking. I can imaging Peters will be the same snipping from the sideline after his defeat thes election. All politicians should be bared from airing their opinions the same as sports people as their opinion holds no more weight than you or me.

  10. You do all realise that if White drops 5% and Chloe gains that 5%, that this creates a statistical deadheat between all three candidates which could easily result in Mellow winning the electorate once again for National, right?


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