God’s reply to Judith Collins in prayer


“How many times do I need to tell you Satan! I can see you through your human skin suit!”

“No, I won’t bring Reagan, Thatcher or Mussolini back from the dead and no I can’t make Paul Goldsmith and his stupid math disappear.”

“I’m not killing Winston, David Seymour, Jacinda or that child who looked at you funny while on the campaign tour, these aren’t prayers, it’s a hit list!”

“Touch the holy water, I dare you!”


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  1. Actually Jahweh said very softly, “She’s waiting for you outside, sweet. Run… Run.. Gaia is really pretty mad at you and in 40 million years of partnership I’ve never been able to control her!”

  2. “No, Judith, You can NOT “borrow” the bible from the pulpit to wave outside the church. And please stop saying, “But Donald did it.” “

  3. “Judith, you’re not the first person to ask for that. And I have to warn you, the other bloke ended up regretting it. (A silly old beggar called Midas.)”

  4. I’m lost for words: what an odd creature she is. Judas Collins.
    Are we witnessing despair here?
    My guess is Collins believes in God as much as I believe in Collins. Not.

    • Consider, Kheala, whether you are being a bit of a spoil sport here. Judith performing the Dance of the Seven Veils could provide superb Halloween entertainment… copyright her performance, become rich beyond her wildest dreams, forget about milking the country for China, leave oafs propping up bars speechless…

      • I think the role of Salome is under contract, Collinstein keeps the royalties. They’d be auditioning now, but her office staff thought she was ordering salami.

        • Could be worse. Could be that her salami -look-alike deputy could get to dance in for her. (Herod’s likely relieved that he’s still dead and I bet he stays that way.)

      • Yes, it was a shocking time. What happened to Nicky… it sort of happened to all of us, here in AO/ NZ. There was this oppressive feeling all the time, ..difficult to speak out then. Even online.

        Which is why “that woman” must never, ever get her claws on the power reins again, if at all possible to prevent.

      • Thanks for outing this issue.

        It was not just Nicky who copped it. They also tried to take down Martyn. To get the full picture of what was happening, you need to understand that too. Here is the link from the front page of this site.

        Had they succeeded, we would not be here discussing this today.

        • And then there was the kid who grew up across the ditch, on beautiful Magnetic Island. He believed in “Us”, he believed in we-the-people, in our democratic ‘right to know’ what our leaders are doing. And he fought for this, for the principles he believes in, with his life.

          He has been tortured, by many accounts. The entire better part of his life has been taken from him, even if he were released today. But the MIC want to torture him more, mainly to remind the rest of us of our requirement to stay silent, to never speak our deeper truths. And so to acknowledge that we live in fear and in ignorance.

          I feel grief for Julian, and absolute disgust for the Aus govt who abandoned one of their own, whom they should have defended, of whom they could have been so proud. What a sick old world we live in.

    • Forgive me Judith, I forgot to quote the verse (the passage just after the misogyny and just before the tongue speak):

      “What? Came the word of God out from you?”

  5. Matthew 6:10 aka Judith 1:1

    Thy will be done in …..Papakura as it is in heaven.

    10 Commandments : better known as the Chucky wish list.

    1) Please God, have more community spread of Covid-19 and allow me to undermine horsefaces border security even more and to have all the morons in NZ be so fucked off with restrictions that they believe I care about them more and will keep them safe. Hehe

    2) Please God, have my good friends and big supporters in the NZ media, go just a little bit longer without talking about all the abuses of power I did when in Government to smear my despised enemies and fuck them over like the dogs they are.

    3) Please God, have me be able to go a little longer without all my very very good friends in Beijing being talked about and my agendas being exposed.

    4) Please God, continue allowing me to be obnoxious and totally disrespectful to horseface in the absurd and pointless leaders debates and then have my good friends and supporters in the media see that as a strength and convince the morons out there that I actually won the debates…hehe

    5) Please God, allow Paul Goldsmith to sound at least a little credible for just a few more days until his total incompetency is accepted by all.

    6) Please God, allow my Tax Cuts to look like an economic stimulus when they are really just me using the emergency Covid fund to have more divisive class warfare and cynically attempt to pay off my supporters and buy the votes of blue supporters thinking of voting for ACT and New Conservatives.

    7) Please God, allow me to appear softer, relatable and funny for just a few more days.

    8) Please God, allow me to continue using my history on a farm and cancer diagnosis etc to make it appear to the morons that I care about other people when all I care about is being the Prime Minister which I was fucking born to be.

    9) Please God, allow my good friends and big supporters in the NZ media to continue attacking, undermining, misrepresenting and ridiculing everything horseface says and does and for me to give Mike Hosking etc etc a knighthood in the New Years honours list for services to NZ.

    10) Please God, allow my deeply respected bestie, Cameron Slater to become my number 1 adviser on broadcasting etc etc etc etc etc etc etc and how to take down all my enemies who try and expose and dethrone me.

    Thank you God.

    ps God. Please allow me more commandments on my wishlist as we get closer to election day and my desperation increases to an even higher level. Will be in touch soon. J.C

  6. Funny how Conservatives like Collins claim cannabis causes hallucinations but then they go and talk to some invisible guy in the sky

    • Elections bring out the hidden dimensions of would-be power mongers. Few would forget the dipper from Dipton amazing Auckland school kids at the time of the last election with the sudden revelation that he was a Samoan chief. Judith’s multiplicity of ethnic connections should have put her in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize – barefoot through her childhood cow-pats empathising with today’s poor little shoeless things.

  7. I’ll stand up for JC here. Whether she is sincere in her religious faith no one would know and neither is it their business. I’m not religious but from what I’ve read she was voting in a church and was asked by the minister to pray. She accepted. The media weren’t invited but piled in to take the pics. Most on this forum are fairly abusive and ungenerous with their comments when it suits, so what makes them so qualified to judge Judith Collins on this occasion.

    • new view,

      Combine context, the well-known nature of the despicable individual concerned, her previous diabolical connection and reprehensible conduct with Cameron Slater, her repeatedly referring to being a Christian, her increasing desperation as the election nears, and her knowledge that Christopher Luxton is on standby to take over as National Party leader within 48 hours of election day. Combine these aspects and there can only be one conclusion.

      Collins would have been 100% aware the cameras were filming and photographing her. Anyone with an ounce of sincerity would have asked the media for privacy but Collins milked it instead. VERY telling.

      As for judging Collins.

      “Live by the sword, die by the sword” is a proverb in the form of a parallel phrase, derived from the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 26, 26:52): “Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”

      I take it you haven’t read the chapter in the book Dirty Politics devoted to the despicable Collins.


      • Ok JF you believe JC was just electioneering. What was JA doing at the daily COVID report to a captive audience. She was patting herself and her Government on the back, using that platform and our money electioneering. You would never criticise that because you want her to lead labour in the next Government. She can do no wrong in your mind I suspect. In my opinion Your criticism of JC is no different to your one eyed appraisal of JA. It’s misguided.

        • Judith Collins could easily have done her praying in church with no cameras, no pictures, but she chose to do it publicly for a desperate “I am a Christian – vote for me” stunt.
          If Jacinda Ardern had given her COVID-19 updates without appearing personally you probably would have been among the first to accuse her of not fronting up to take responsibility for her government’s actions.
          Two very different scenarios and you know it.

        • New view
          Simplistically has it crossed your thoughts that JC and JA are very different people and we have learned quite a lot about them, hence the differing regards expressed.

    • New view. Every single one of us who pays taxes and votes for the buggers is entitled to judge them, and to criticise them. Why not ? They place themselves on pedestals and invite us to look at them, and we do.

      Comments here about Collins are relatively light hearted, and much more amusing, than the viciousness , and unnecessary viciousness, which this woman has directed time and time again towards her undeserving victims. Some of it has been documented by the good man Hager, so Judith’s utu alter ago gets unleashed on him too.

      How about you read , “Dirty Politics” ? You will not find it an intellectual burden, it deals with movers shaking like pre-pubescent juveniles, and they are meant to be this country’s leaders. At times they are pathetic.

      I, for one, am not an Ardern lover, but she is head and shoulders above possibly everyone else in Parliament – and Judith knows it. If Judith Collins can’t even choose a decent pair of earrings – get the small things right –
      she can’t be let loose on the big stuff.

      If she went down on her knees to repent of her sins and viciousness, then , “Well done,” to the vicar who suggested it, and here’s hoping it’s not a passing phase, like so many adolescent fads are.

      If you think the PM’s coronavirus briefings were electioneering – that may not be so either – I don’t know anybody who watches television except those paid to, old people plonked in front of it in rest homes, and I daresay the odd masochist. And you.

  8. JC “Please God, don’t let THIS article , Mandy Hager Deplores ‘Veiled Death Threat’ To Her Brother By Judith Collins, hit the mainstream media:


    God: Matthew 7:12 ESB
    “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”

    JC: “Bugga”

    If you haven’t voted yet, there’s still time to vote ACT, if you don’t like National’s Dirty Politics with Judith Collins, and if you don’t like ACT, then New Conservatives might be a better choice, because they are closer to God.

  9. Thanks Jacindafan for sharing this.
    This chapter on Judith Collins’ involvement with Cameron Slater shows how disgusting they both are.

    Now, I understand the true meaning of Dirty Politics, and Collins’ involvement in Dirty Politics in this one chapter is indicative of the National Party, God help us all if she and National manage to win.

    Now, I truly understand that the cynical kneeling is about praying that no-one brings up this dirty politics chapter in the upcoming debate, or prior to the election.

    Judith Collins: You know the rule. always reward with Double.
    Cameron Slater: i learned the rule from you! Double it is.
    Judith Collins</b): If you can’t be loved, then best to be feared.

    Shaking my head and tut-tutting, and I haven’t done that in a loooooong time.

    • Diane – if you can get hold of a copy of “Dirty Politics”, it’s well worth the read to see what a shocking, juvenile, convoluted and dishonest bunch some of the Nat politicians can be. Just as bad is the fact that MSM know a lot of this stuff – they always do – but much of it never gets published – there could be other reasons for that.

      John Key’s antics with that poor waitress in Auckland pretty much exemplifies the level at which this lot function, but some of it is quite chilling and scary. Key’s gone, ghastly Bennett’s going, schoolboy English has gone, Ross will be gone, and the best outlook for NZ would be if the Nats keep Collins as leader post lost election, and they quietly implode as rotten apples do.

      • snow

        not only r u a former cop u are amazing
        next time we pass in the junk for destitute – after the ‘sorters’ have taken their cache
        ill tap you on the shoulder

  10. Every secondary school leaver should be given a free copy of “Dirty Politics”.
    The jumped up little right wing smart asses that try to take over University councils would quickly find other amusements.


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