ACT zombie policies are truly undead neoliberal madness


One of the problems of the sudden rise of ACT is that little of their unhinged right wing undergrad spite hate policies have not been given the contempt they deserve.

Before the woke gifted ACT a free speech war, ACT was a dormant political fault line, but once they gained the 2 MP momentum from that counter productive free speech battle, ACT became a viable political vehicle for the free market Incel community and as National melted down, ACT have grown and that growth helped inspire the NZ NRA to kidnap the party and hold it hostage.

Gun fetishists + free market acolytes + culture war incels = the House of Slytherin.

Like a 29 year old virgin who suddenly has a date, ACT have to quietly shelve all it’s more obvious crazy beliefs so the influx of new supporters aren’t shocked at how fringe ACT really are…

Election 2020: ACT sheds two controversial policies as David Seymour’s star rises

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As its popularity has surged in recent months, ACT has dropped two of its more controversial policies: lowering the minimum wage and adding interest back onto student loans.

Both the policies could still be found on the party’s website as of Tuesday morning, but ACT leader David Seymour said they were no longer active election policies.

The news came as National leader Judith Collins ruled out lowering the minimum wage herself, given any National-led government is likely to need ACT’s support in order to govern.

Seymour told Stuff he still generally supported long-time ACT policies, such as raising the superannuation age but, as these were unlikely to get through a Parliament any time soon, they were not active policies.

…LOWERING the minimum wage and adding interest back onto students loans???

What arseholes believes that?

ACT are far more to the fringe right and the sudden influx of support is missing that, as Tamihere said in the NewsHub debate…

“David is a recipient of the house burning down – that’s the National Party’s house. It’s Judith’s job to save the furniture. What she doesn’t understand is David’s out the back taking a lot of it out,”

…ACT’s rise however masks how hard right Seymour is, He described those occupying Ihumātao as ‘squatters’, cited Christmas as a State holiday being evidence of fascism, and taxing the top 2% more is ‘divisive populism’.

The rise of ACT at the cost of National means that by 2023, the idea of an ACT+National Government is the only narrative. The Left will tie National to ACT while constantly highlighting what a radical jump to the Right that would be.

The planet will still be reeling from the pandemic in 2023, climate change events will be far more dangerous and external shocks will remind every voter how desperately we require the State to protect us, the amputation of that State which National & ACT represents will find no majority in a country clinging to that State for protection.

ACTs win today will cost National the 2023 election.


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  1. Still tracking good at 8% and a fist full of new M.P’s, evidently picking up disaffected ACT and National Party votes. Seymour’s confidence is growing by the day, good luck NZ if he gets near the seats of power.

    Winston and NZF are going to have to start pulling some rabbits out of the hat IMHO ?

  2. ACT were fucked up irony from the outset, a strict adherence to a low tax market dominant/state minimised doctrine. End. Of. Story. It could be argued that made that sort of thing vaguely interesting in the 80’s before ACT, when we didn’t know better, but now, come on.

    Now pure greed motivates ACT existence, it is after all bankrolled by millionaires. And it requires political infants and twits like Seymour with that blind immaturity to front it for it’s owners personal enrichment. But how would something so self serving work for the greater good? It could never.

    A relevant case in point is that under ACT’s very base beliefs Covid management would have been an individuals choice. You take care of you and if we are all identical to the me first religion and fuck everyone else then we will reach the mythical promised land. Guns included. And we would need to have that mythical land as our health system would fail, being reliant on profit driven private health providers as there would be insufficient money for a public system.

    And I would hate to see us now were that the case.

  3. I’m not convinced that the left will be able to tie National to Act (not very long ago National were polling at 45%). And even if it did there is plenty of support in the country for the hard right policies that Act and National advocate. Could those types of policies get through a NZ parliament? Yes – there is historical precedent for extreme economic and social policy reform in recent NZ history. Rogernomics in the 80’s and the mother of all budgets in the 90’s.
    Over the next few years – as unemployment increases and business fail and struggle resentment and anger will grow – especially among those least affected – the middle aged middle class and retirees. The normal target for this is those too weak and vulnerable to fight back (or vote in large numbers) – the low skilled, single mothers and beneficiaries generally.

    • Back to your former self Peter – “The normal target for this is those too weak and vulnerable to fight back (or vote in large numbers) – the low skilled, single mothers and beneficiaries generally.” A very condescending put down so typical of your mob, the right.

  4. Seymour’s horrible character surfaced last week while being interviewed about his suicide death cult Bill. While discussing this pointless referendum (the medical sector already provide dignified and appropriate end of life mechanisms for citizens) Seymour was his belligerent self: treating the panel doctor with utter contempt, bizarrely sniggering while a clip of a person with terminal illness was played, and accusing the panel doctor of ideological and religious bias in her decision to oppose the bill (she quite rightly expressed her complete disgust at this behaviour, from this supposed community representative who looked more like a meth head conspiracy theorist who spends time at extremist rallies building hate networks while caressing guns).

      • Yes, palliative care is better understood, better coordinated and better provided for than 20 years ago. Even then it was part of the health system but a good many fell through the cracks. Based on personal experience I may have voted for Seymor’s bill back then, as much in anger and frustration, but in 2020 I am willing to put my trust in current palliative care specialists to make the end of life more dignified for those in great suffering.

  5. Act Minimum Wage Policy: “The problem with the poor is that they’re just not poor enough! Vote for Act and we’ll sort that out by forcing them to live in miserable penury until they expire through starvation, hypothermia, or sheer despair. They won’t be missed as they just hang about clogging up the place anyway. As an encore, we’ll make students pay even more! All they do is piss on the streets and set fire to couches. Condemning them to a yawning chasm of debt will teach them for stuffing their gobs with two-minute noodles and working shitty, minimum wage jobs (which will now pay even less) in a futile effort to better themselves, the bone-idle scroungers! And remember: WE CARE!”

  6. So, David Seymour, will be the new Deputy Prime Minister,if Judith and NACT gets in.

    Then, Natz can ram through whatever they would have done and blame Seymour for it.
    He’ll obviously take the credit for it, with National’s reeking ‘dirty politics’ hands up the political backside of their right-wing, neoliberal ventriloquist dummy.
    Setmour’s a Pasa Doble neoliberal patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald was.

    Then, 4 4 years later (they’ll change the electoral term) and Natz could just ‘lie and walk away’ and say ‘It was too fast to far, and we won’t go into coalition with ACT [ever] again.’ (with fingers crossed behind their backs)

    Let’s not go there at all and give NACT, the heave-ho, before they give the last vestiges of Kiwi assets, social services and health and education, the cleave-to.

    People are starting to vote and we all need to know the depths of collusion between Chucky Collins and her deputy-ventriloquist-dummy-in-waiting, David Seymour.

    Just waiting to listen to Andrew and Gosman to sign and obfuscate and deflect away from the truth.

    Labour needs to prep Jacinda Ardern that a vote for either ACT’s extreme right neoliberal policies will or the Judith’s neolib right policies, will be a white mash of potato and parsnip.

    ACT and NACT’s policies are utterly distasteful, like a mash pf potato and parsnip mash that’s been left in a dark fridge for too long and brought out for a ‘re-heat’ at a celebration barbeque for National and ACT, where all the ‘Animal Farm’ participants are walking on their hind legs.

  7. Quite the opposite Bomber. If it’s Labour/Greens government that tanks the economy, impinges on freedom of speech/expression and sees continued increasing inequality then a landslide to National + support partners is looming. National will be the middle vote; Act/support partners the ‘fuck you’ vote. Indeed National will probably be polishing the Luxon turd from middle of next year.

    Unless the pump and dump immigration ponzi scheme of messers Clark and Key is turned on again I can’t see another scenario. Doesn’t matter how many vogue covers or woke nobel peace prizes you win if you turn NZ into little Cuba (sic Aotearoa). Ok Karen’s don’t do communism.

    • Nothing could be better than to turn NZ into a ‘little Cuba’, since Cuba where the medical system is one of the best in the world, where every talented youngster gets free lessons in their passion, be it ballet or jazz, and the level of egalitarianism is astounding. And Cuba has extraordinarily low per capita CO2 emissions. Not only all that, but Cuba has achieved a level of self-sufficiency in food production that ought to be the envy of the world. I say ought to be because so much of the western world is addicted to crappy junk food produced by the American corporatised system or its local equivalents.

      I have no illusions about the nature of those who mock Cuba and would have us all dragged down by the collapse of the American Empire, whilst rendering the Earth largely uninhabitable for most extant species in the process.

  8. ‘climate change events will be far more dangerous and external shocks will remind every voter how desperately we require the State to protect us’

    ‘Four months worth of rain fell in 24 hours’ -Aljazeera, reporting on the unprecedented flooding north of Nice (France).

    Unfortunately, (other than the lockdowns relating to Covid-19) the State doesn’t protect us. it just makes matters worse, i.e. continued promotion of the fossil fuel economy and continued promotion not just of emissions but promotion of INCREASED emissions, via economic growth and population growth.

    What is more, the Labour government has done NOTHING to prepare for the actual living conditions that will prevail very soon (like next year!).

    That said, National and ACT are even more off the planet than Labour, and their policies would lead to an even faster demise than we are currently experiencing.

    ‘the amputation of that State which National & ACT represents will find no majority in a country clinging to that State for protection’

    I hope you are right, Martyn. However, never underestimate the ignorance, stupidity and gullibility of voters, especially when those who mislead them do so so convincingly.

    Also, those who benefit from status quo arrangements will be desperate to have a government that will bail out the wealthy at the expense of everyone else, and will pull out all the stops to get one, especially now that we are so close to the global financial meltdown. I watch very little television but have seen the despicable National party advert in which they declare themselves capable of governing the country…..utterly laughable, and I did actually burst out laughing. But also exceedingly dangerous, and indicative f how awful NZ politics has become.

    As for Kermit the Frog, I haven’t seen much of him. On the few occasions I have heard him speak [on television] it was all nonsense, completely disconnected from reality. That is probably part of the appeal.

    • Apologies to Jim Henson. Kermit is quite a lovable character, quite the opposite of ‘See-less’, who is really quite despicable. It’s just that ‘See-less’ has the characteristics of a muppet -no brain and the mouth operated by a [corporate/opportunist] hand up the backside. And the visual resemblance gets me every time I see him.

      I know no one can help the way they look. But surely we can all help the way we behave. Maybe not in See-less’s case, if he truly is a muppet.

      • Seeless is not a Muppet, he’s one of those goofy looking smiley glove puppets with a big hand up his arse operating him, the hand of corporate capital, the remnants of the Rogernomes who screwed Aotearoa well and good and refuse to relinquish their ability to keep screwing it. Even though these robber barons are now mostly all suffering from alzheimers or dementia it is their children who carry on the tradition of protecting their privilege…the guns are merely a cynical but useful sideline to their business as usual, maintaining the philosophy of the accumulation of capital.


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