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  1. “Powerbrokers Debate” is showing on NewsHub Nation, 9.25 am (One hour later at 3+1.)
    NewsHub Powerbrokers Debate

    RNZ, As it Happened, Powerbrokers Debate

    “The Green Party’s Marama Davidson, New Zealand First’s Winston Peters, ACT’s David Seymour and the Māori Party’s John Tamihere took part in the event.”

    RNZ Wrap up:
    Davidson calling for support for climate action, ending poverty, etc.

    Seymour says his party has stood against others where needed and supported when necessary – a party vote for ACT will see more of that – reasoned opposition.

    Tamihere says Māori will seek justice and fairness to break out of the “bottom end”.

    Peters says his party is needed for common sense and experience. “Buy some insurance, party vote NZ First,” he says.

  2. Trump sucks all the right wing oxygen out of the room. “gosh, covid 19 IS bad’. Judith can say what she likes from now but nobody will be listening as they watch Trumps hospital saga play out over the next 2 weeks. The ‘freedom’ marches will now look a little stupid. Fox News will be desperately waiting for a narrative message from the WH. What are Tucker and Hannity going to say now? ‘Wear a mask, socially distance and wash your hands?’. Over 40,000 new cases today in the USA. Tragic.

    • Fuck me! You mean you can afford to eat breakfast? Did you cut back on a few luxuries or did the local Sikh temple drop a food parcel on you

    • WK, If you read this, how did your house in the rural work out? Any luck?
      (You sound like you do really need to escape the city edges.)

    • Thanks heaps Tim. One bit:
      This year, the average uninterrupted speaking time in Three’s debate was less than ten seconds. On TVNZ it was 20, even with that irritating bell that made their debate sound like it was being held in a fish and chip shop on a busy Friday night.

      Whether 10 seconds or 20, a snappy game show format to play such a weighty role in deciding our future?

      As Mark Boyd wrote in that Stuff article, “Debates should be about the politicians putting forward their visions, and policies, for the future of the country. They should challenge each other on the viability of those, but not according to the rules, or lack of them, of a playground slanging match. And the hosts should be there to guide the discussion, not dominate it.”

      Simon Shepherd’s hosting and format for the Multi-leaders’ debate was way more civilised and meaningful, imo. As I commented, There was a lightness and humour, while they made serious points. There was no malice. Each was able to speak, to say what they thought and felt and to clarify essential points. Simon Shepherd was steering without being intrusive or disrespectful.

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