Te Ao with MOANA – The ultimate Winston Peters Interview


It’s Winston Peters, like you’ve never seen him before…

Winston Peters. He’s media savvy but no fan of the media. He took out all the Maori seats in 1996, but now wants them gone. He was touted as potentially the first Māori Prime Minister, something that left a bad taste in his mouth.

Te Ao with MOANA is on every Monday 8pm on Māori Television


  1. Bye bye Uncle Winston, you did nothing to curb the Ponzi scheme that is rampant immigration and sold us out to the highest bidder the racing industry. Ka kite you old prick.

  2. “It’s Winston Peters, like you’ve never seen him before…”
    What? Like through the bars of his prison cell…?
    A must watch if so, otherwise meh.

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