When will cowardly ACT grow a spine on the cannabis referendum? When will David say sorry to Chloe?


Isn’t it depressing to see the once mighty freedom party – ACT, be so cowardly and spineless when it comes to cannabis reform?

Oh sure, ACT are all for free guns and no 1080, but sweet nothings when it comes to cannabis.

Is David Seymour going to officially apologise to Chloe Swarbrick for making her do all the heavy lifting for cannabis reform?

The reason that is given to ACTs spineless cannabis position is that the good people of Epsom don’t like cannabis and if David championed cannabis reform he would lose Epsom.

Which would be a problem if ACT were under 5%.

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They aren’t.

Seeing as ACT are 7% (and heading to 10% thanks to Jacinda’s looming war against free speech) David doesn’t need Epsom to get into Parliament.

Look David, you’ve had your party hijacked by the NZ NRA and have lost your righteous ethical high ground because you are held hostage by the gun fetishists, isn’t now the perfect time to take some of that load from Chloe and actually start seriously supporting and promoting the cannabis referendum?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some honour back?


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    • When you choose assisted dying you are killing yourself when you choose to get high you can kill someone else. David has said a number of times he will personally vote yes which is more than Jacinda has done.

      • But hang on mate – gun fetishists are all about killing as well! First they came for the thar but I wasn’t a deer ….. (apologies to Martin Niemöller).

        • I am not suggesting that but pointing out that the writer wants David to do something he does not ask Jacinda to do. Keeping choice and freedom is one reason I do not want a Labour Green government. I would rather see Labour rule on their own and listen to Greens on the enviroment .

    • And the blairite isn’t? Cmon Bertie the watered down centralist crap dribbling out of Jacinda’s and Grant’s mouth is hardly traditional Labour nor transformative. Heck Jacinda won’t even come out and support the referendum because it might affect her chances of retaining the ‘Karens’ critical to winning a second term. She’s making her idol (Blair) look hard left

  1. So David is Pro Assisted Death Legislation and Anti Cannabis Legislation, WOW.

    Up until the 1920’s Cannabis was one of the main ingredients in the manufacture of medicines, until the big Pharmaceutical companies got the product outlawed. The big Pharmaceutical Companies like Bayer and Monsanto etc have the ability to invoke legislation so they can increase their company’s profitability, these Multinational companies world wide have the ability to control Governments.

    The Pharmaceutical Companies want natural medicines outlawed so they can push the synthetic medicines for higher prices which are protected by patents.


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