SFO charges NZ First Foundation but does anyone care?



Election 2020: Winston Peters threatens to take Serious Fraud Office to court as two charged over NZ First Foundation

The Serious Fraud Office has laid charges against two people over the NZ First Foundation donations scandal, but Winston Peters says his party has been “exonerated”.

The two people were charged with “obtaining by deception” on September 23 in the electoral funding case, the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) said in a statement on Tuesday.

The SFO would not name those charged, but said neither were Cabinet ministers, sitting MPs, candidates or staff member in the upcoming election, or current members of the NZ First party.

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…does anyone care any more?

NZ First is polling 1%, they are bleeding out support and while Winston will try and spin this as some grand conspiracy against him blah blah blah – no one is listening any longer.

NZ First are gone this election the SFO are merely the second to last chapter.


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  1. Does anyone care about Winston ? Nah he is inconsequential and will be forgotten about as soon as he is out of parliament and no longer making the hourly news cycle.
    I will miss Tracey Martin but the others can go to hell.

  2. That bloody Winston up to his same old tricks just like the last Election in 2017 where he and his partner were trying to rort the system. When will he ever learn ?

  3. If it looks like a duck ….
    Winston is complaining that it’s all a conspiracy to discredit NZF before the election – but it is exactly the information voters need so they can make up their own minds.
    If it looks and smells like corruption …..

  4. Winston Peters is objecting to what he sees as “dirty tricks” & believes the SFO, willing or not, appears to have a political agenda and despite
    QC Campbell’s foaming interrogation & conviction, sans evidence & jury – he’s right !!
    Peter’s points out both nat & lab were under investigation before nzf yet we still are no wiser on these cases – if SFO was working as it should ALL these investigations should be completed & outcomes made public before this election so we can make a slightly more informed vote.
    the other night campbell presided over the most unfit for purpose “debate” i have ever seen in 60 yrs. Rarely has an NZ election been so important – time limiting speakers to 30-60 sec to address these “unprecedented” times beggars belief !! shameful all round including the spokes holes who analised it & picked winner ….. high farce !
    watching QCcampbell’s inability to grasp that the law has defined thresholds, above or below, which may result in prosecution – therefore 1c below this threshold is as legal as $500 below was typical of the media’s failure at best – betrayal at worst of the people & democracy of NZ. ALL these political parties are structured & funded in a similar way & have to decieve us. Peter’s is human but he is a Kiwi at heart, Ardern is perfect & will keep you safe wether u want it or not. Her silence on Assange & supression of free speech speaks volumes.

  5. Can the SFO investigate all the other parties as well, especially the ease of $100k to grease the National party list MP’s, political ‘auctions’… and trips to China for Mayors with free resource consents and land deals later on….. While they are about it how the Auckland council sold the CAB building without a tender and for only 3 million?????

  6. Winston Peters seems to be extremely edgy over this issue and somehow I don’t think it’s all to do with the timing of the release of the SFO’s findings. Perhaps the two people charged are close!

  7. Given how little support NZF have left if the polls are correct (and that’s quite literally anyone’s guess) then yes I’d say people do care when a party falls foul of the SFO.

    They also care when policy promises are not met and/or a govt appears to do little that benefits the ordinary person.

  8. This an appalling lack of judgement from the SFO.
    1. It may mean NZF are voted out-yay.
    2. It may mean National and Act form the government-oh no.
    3. It may mean Seymour becomes deputy PM-holy crap.
    4. It may mean Judith is PM-oh shit.
    Higher level thinking”Do not interfere with democracy”


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