Judith Collins is wishing investigative journalist Nicky Hager death?


What is it with right wing reptiles wanting to kill Nicky Hager?

When Right Wing Attack Blogger Cathy Odgers wondered aloud to Hooton, Farrar and Slater in  Facebook Chat what was Hager’s home address so that organised crime clients of hers who would be penalised by Hager’s journalism into Trusts used to hide crime could kill him, both Slater and Hooton gave her his address as fast as they could find it…

…so why is Judith Collins now wishing for Hager’s death as well?

Collins treated the audience to a barrage of invective directed at “tremendously stupid decisions” by the Government and launched an attack on Nicky Hager, saying the investigative journalist “still needs to meet his maker”.

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…why wish death on an investigative journalist who highlighted the dirty politics of Crusher and her mates?

Isn’t that like blaming the Dr who finds and cuts out cancer?

Isn’t wishing death on journalists a tad fascist?

These comments came during a rowdy cross burning event for National where the crowd called on her to be the ‘Crusher’ and like a bully who loves an audience, she went on a tirade against all the things she loathes like literacy, solar energy and hugs.

Judith can’t help but be toxic, she wears a mask to priest the virus from her.


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  1. This should be reported to the police pronto. Dim rednecks and others may see it as an incitement to violence,
    especially coming from from a party political leader. Even if Collins is unhinged, the fact is she may have created danger for Nicky Hager.

    • Has been by Mandy.
      And others.
      Perfect timing for Collins to show she is just as rancid as ever was.
      What did Key say? And forget himself.
      Arrogance. And she cant even fake sincerity.
      Penny’s pal
      Genuine one through thick and thin.

      • Good that this has been reported. Collins is a lawyer and should be aware of the implications.

        Key claimed Hager was a conspiracy theorist. Collins goes a dangerous degree further.
        She’s not attacking a political opponent, but a law abiding private citizen. When Davidson publicly demonised white people, as far as I know she didn’t name or identify individuals in this way, it’s bad. Hager could probably also do Collins for defamation, but I daresay he wouldn’t bother.

        The police do need to speak to Judith, but no government critics are safe when politicians behave in a way which could threaten their safety banana republic style, and they need to know that it is unacceptable and potentially criminal.

  2. Nicky Hager is a very good Investigative Journalist who tries to give accurate information to his readers.
    Crusher needs to harden up and grow a pair and have a cup of concrete every morning during this Election Campaign, I see she was stirring up her voter base with the dirty rivers Dr Nick Smith the other day in Nelson, should be an interesting Election Campaign, grab the popcorn and a cold beer and sit back and watch the action over the next month the shit will start hitting the fan sooner rather than later IMHO.

    Looks like Winnie and NZF could be Gone Burger this Election and Seymour is going Gangbusters with ACT looking like 8 x MP’s on the current polling figures.

    • And lets not forget this tough on crime politician cut the police budget and put in sunset clauses aka statutes of limitations on many criminal offences so police could not charge criminals after 6 months.

      She is thoroughly toxic asca human being but on crime, clearly not too adverse to it herself.

    • Let’s not forget how she was complicit in falsifying police records in Counties-Manakau while Minister so crimes suddenly “disappeared”.

  3. Who needs organised crime when you have elected National government ministers and MPs who would be pleased to see the demise of a NZ journalist who dared to uncover the corrupt dirty dealings of the last National government and its prime minister.
    Nicky has been subjected to the most viscous campaign undertaken by the state to attempt to silence him and prevent him from exposing more of what Collins and her colleagues got away with for nine years in government and between 2004 -2008 under Brash and Key.
    Collins will if pressed ( and she won’t be , the comments will be ignored sadly ) say it was all a joke and that its being taken out of context.
    And New Zealand is the least corrupt country in the western world. I wonder if Nicky realises how close he came to real danger ?

  4. Crusher was trash talking with her blue smock wearing rent a crowd and forgot who she was in front of. Collins must truely see herself as tough as hardarse woman. Absolute cringe!

    But even for the nasty self enriching bag she is, veiled death threats are a new low and not really becoming of a public figure who lusts after power like she does.

    I can just picture some Nat MP’s would probably prefer she stayed well away from them and their electorates during her empire walkabouts!

    • What a hypocritical pig. Collins has the audacity to call Ardern disgusting?
      I’d like to call Collins poor wee thing but that would be disingenuous.

  5. How much did it cost us tax payers for the illegal raid on Nicky Hagers house. And didn’t the SFO guy who judeath and her mates defamed get a pay out as well. And this is the party and national leader that is basing their campaign on trust.

  6. At that same meeting where Collins spewed her invective there was a typical older white male who said he could not even say Jacinda’s name (it was on the TV news). So, she was in her element not so much displaying her real self because we all know what she is like but promoting her true character to her fan base of older white nasty individuals who feel threatened by a younger more vibrant and astute woman and younger people generally who, they think, have threatened their own self-perceived entitlement to things they have never worked hard for, who think they know better (what a joke that is) and who intentionally ignore those issues which they consider are not relevant to them – child poverty; climate change; women’s rights; etc, etc.

    What is good to see though is the interest of young people in politics and the issues they see as affecting us and our future. Thank goodness they are our future leaders, not the current bunch and their old self-entitled supporters.

  7. It certainly comes across that Judith Collins and co would be, and quoting one of John Key’s pet words, ‘comfortable’ with having Nicky Hager dead.
    Is this indication that Collins, if she became prime minister of New Zealand, would take this country in the direction of NAZI Germany?
    For someone as lowly as Judith Collins to wish someone dead comes across as instigating violence upon another just because that person is viewed with hatred by Collins. And so if she is like that to ONE person i.e Hager; then what is her dangerous capacity to others eg ordinary NZers who also criticise Judith Collins and National?
    Is Collins promoting hate speech? Because it certainly comes across as being that!
    It’s incredible with National in that they just don’t like journalists who has intelligent questions. It’s like the National MPs just don’t have the mental ability to cope with investigative journalists like Hager.
    I used to admire John Campbell’s investigative abilities and the rest of the Campbell Live team. But it looks like Campbell himself has been beaten down by a system that originated during a National government to the result that he just cannot ask the questions to a National MP or its leader. Instead John Campbell on Breakfast tv has resulted in me turning off the sound whenever he speaks. That happened since the first debate.


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