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  1. If you have time this weekend please watch this interview with David Holgrem, he’s the dude that created permaculture. In this interview, David provides a credible timeline for the trajectory that we are on supported with 4 scenarios that are playing out in various countries. David mentions NZ as a country that climate change will have a slower impact on but Australia is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world. He also talks about the end of the Roman empire and provides a credible reason that over the next 10- 20 years the extinction of the human race will happen slowly and painfully citing the collapse of the roman empire timeline. and still, all Govts and politicians everywhere ignore the facts and do nothing. Besides me feeling angry because I understand the magnitude of getting people to change their minds and fucking quickly before we all melt, today I also feel very sad about why we can’t get our shit together and DEMAND something is done. Watch it a few times to really let what David is saying sink in.

  2. Tuibelle, Thanks. This is what my children have been saying for some time, and why one chose not to have children; another has drawn the parallel with the Roman Empire, and is a survivalist.

    I don’t believe that govt’s, especially western govt’s are not aware if the dire climate change scenario, which is why I’m cynical about all politicians. No-one I know, knows who to vote for now.

    I think that when I was in Civil Defence, there was policy of not warning the punters of an impending disaster, so as not to panic them eg there’s only one road out of Wellington, and that runs along a fault line. The airport could be cut off on the Miramar Peninsular, the harbour need redredging. Back then, the emergency plan was to relocate the seat of govt in Palmerston North, and then, who knows ?

    We have wrecked the earth, and if my kids could see this happening, so should the power wielders. We need to make our own emergency plans – and preferably not everyone bugger off to the bottom of the Sth Island at once.

    I worry about the children. Kia kaha.


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