Yawn – triggered snowflake Farmers screaming at Jacinda is boring


Farmers are like university students – they’re never happy.

They are currently taking faux offence like a bunch of triggered woke activists by claiming Jacinda said that farming was a ‘world that had passed’…

Being ‘picked on’ not in the past for farmers: Claim PM ‘out of touch’

A comment from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at Tuesday night’s leaders debate has ignited a backlash from farmers.

“If I may, that feels like the view of the world that has passed,” she said, responding to National Party leader Judith Collins’ comments that as a child growing up on a dairy farm, Collins was “proud as punch” of her parents, and that today farmers felt picked on over environmental issues by the Labour-Green coalition.

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…which led to breathless screaming from the Fucking National Party…

…but did she actually say that?

…right, so she didn’t say it.

So, while the PM most certainly DID NOT SAY farming was a ‘world that has passed’ – the truth of course is that it is!

Synthetic milk and meat make it a sunset industry and the sooner we decouple it from our economic future, the less painful it will be.

The economic success of NZ has been built on stealing Māori land, handing it to corporate Farmers and never paying it back. Those corporate farmers who feed the rest of the world however steal water, pollute water, create vast climate change emissions and cause vast animal misery.

I care about  the farmer who feeds me, I don’t give two shits about the corporate farmer who feeds someone else overseas.

We want to support and love and respect those farmers feeding us with sustainable meat and produce, but the corporate farmers are a plague we need to eliminate and with the leaps and bounds coming out of the synthetic meat and milk industry, their economic privilege is coming to an end.

The vast vast vast majority of milk product sold from NZ is powder used as a bulk ingredient in highly processed food, the moment synthetic milk powder can replace the real stuff for a fraction of the cost, those markets will dump us in a split second.

When you consider the huge debt dairy intensification has cause many farmers, they are trapped in a rigged game they can’t win.

NZ has coasted on its ability to grow grass on stolen land for a very long time.

Dairy is a world that will pass.

The plural of Farmers is a ‘grumble’ of Farmers.


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  1. Excellent comments–stolen land–settler descendent denial–commercial grade degradation and animal cruelty.

    As an aside, did anyone ever track down who our friend with the Pretty Communist sign was?

  2. corporate farmers

    corporate farmers

    corporate farmers

    corporate farmers

    corporate farmers

    corporate farmers

    Lets all make a note of that, shall we? and lets all take note that behind every CORPORATE FARMER is a CORPORATE AUSTRALIAN BANK. Or some other FORIEGN INTEREST GROUP.

    NOW WHO WERE / ARE STILL THE CEO’s OF THE China / China Construction Bank (New Zealand) Limited, – and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)?- none other than Don Brash and Jenny Shipley. How VERY convenient.

    I think somewhere among all that MURK, you will find your answers.

    Funny how they all happen to be fellow travelers’ of Judith Collins…

    INNI’T IT.

  3. Cow shit and fertilizers are killing the landscape and waterways. Smart farmers are working there way through the issues. The stupid are doing the Trump. The public lost patience with mega farming some time ago, lets put them to the sword, go Cindy.

    • @Dog ranger. I totally agree with you. There are some responsible farmers out there who are doing what they can to keep the waterways clean and to maintain more sustainable farming with as little impact on the environment and climate as possible. But yes, then there are the other types who just won’t change and who snarl and snap when they see what the responsible farmers are doing as a threat to their out of date methods.

      The public not only lost patience with mega farming long ago, but they have also lost patience with the old die-hards who won’t change.

  4. We already know that National are PROFESSIONAL LIARS and that they misrepresent everything. Judith is just he latest in a long, long line of professional liars and misrepresenters.

    As for ‘synthetic milk and meat’, well you can forget them! Both are products of industrialised agriculture and both require the input of humungous amounts of fossil fuels. Not only that but also consider that the nutritional value of industrially manufactured ‘food’ (it isn’t really food, and our ancestors would have had serious intestinal problems if they had ingested it) is always lower than the naturally formed version.

    This low nutritional value has been most vividly demonstrated in the case of chicken meat: free range chickens develop better meat containing the right kinds of fats; chickens raised in production houses are of a lower nutritional value and contain the wrong kinds of fats.

    If all that were not bad enough, there is the matter of destruction of nature in order to make room for the production of industrial ingredients of synthetic ‘foods’. Palm oil is a classic example of an industrially generated product that is inexorably linked with the deforestation of vast swathes of the planet and near extinction of species such as orangutans. Then there is soy bean, which is grown where once there was Amazon jungle or biodiverse savannah. And it is shipped around the world to feed animals in confined animal production systems, where animals are tortured continually during their brief existence on Earth.

    As with so many other aspects of our lives, industrial food is the problem, not the answer.

  5. Whilst it would be good to see us move away from these industries its worth remembering how Labour chickened out on proper clean water policies which stands to prop up said industries not to mention its dismal failure on climate change in general. National in fairness are even worse.

    Fact is this conversation should not just be focused on two parties as there are now a lot of other parties on the scene under MMP.

    Why not examine their policies and see what they have to offer? How they stack up this coming election? Its not a two horse race after all…..

  6. Ha. You’re right on so many levels @ MB. Imagine then what it must be like for someone like me to be caught up in a downward spiral of national party institutionalised agricultural dumb-ass.
    The Natzo’s are everywhere in Otago and Southland. judith collins’ pudgy face looms large while in the back ground you can see Big Jizz coming in from behind.
    The only way forward for farmers who are not the last child left behind on the farm because they were the dumbest of the clan is to go to war.
    And war in regard to farming would be fought by striking.
    Farmers? If you don’t want greedy, half baked, over weight city goofs mocking you as you try to understand why you work all the hours daylight can afford you, then strike until you come to realise that you were being exploited.
    The reason you have cows instead of organic diversity of product is because you were, like it or not, manipulated then exploited by an unleashed pack of mongrel city dogs with powerful educations and energised by greed. The banks exploit you, lawyers exploit you, politicians exploit you, city people stuff your food down their rapacious throats then abuse you rather than offering help and support which might lead to a fearful thing for any kiwi-as politician; Enlightenment.
    And here’s another little thing to ponder as you watch your animals struggle in an icy sou wester.
    Labour and National? They’re the same thing. Yes, they are.
    They, and their hangers on coalition parties, are cells of the same organism and that organism is to simply feed off cheap farmer money. ( Less than a dollar a kg for wool while I had to pay close to $200 for a jersey that weights about 200gram. I mean? Hello? )
    Vote for who you like but you’ll get the same result because the natzo’s and labour and act and the others are the same thing and you are powerless to do anything about it.
    Farmers? Strike. But first, weld yourselves to each other. That’s the most important thing you must do and it must be done first.
    WARNING! Keep an eye out for the wily Confederates. They will infect your resolve and do their best to derail your intentions.
    If anyone at any meeting stridently argues AGAINST strike action? They’re not the persons who should remain within your group. I’d suggest a sound slapping then throw them arse up out the door.
    Then strike. If you don’t like the word ‘strike’ then call it an ‘extended holiday’. Park up the rams, bulls and seeds etc. Keep your worlds best product in the sheds and silos then bugger off for a wee twelve month holiday.
    When you get back home and after you vacuum the dead cluster flies off the kitchen bench you’ll probably find there’re voice messages clogging your phone. Your mailbox will be under a pile of mail. Your bankers will have blown their heads off and there will be an eerie calm on the main road.

  7. Yawn, triggered snowflake left-wing bloggers screaming at Judith is boring. See how that works? Yeah, it’s just as dumb. Blogs entries like this will probably lead me voting for ACT instead of Labour, because if this is seriously the mentality of Labour/Green voters I want no part of it.

  8. David Bennett is National’s master of lies, but he only faces those who swallow them completely.
    When he is not ranting about the evils of socialism to hand-picked yuppy urbanites he is shuffling around the countryside spreading lies about Labour’s freshwater policies or running down any farming initiative that varies from his standard 70s model of chuck fertiliser everywhere and dump your shit in the river.
    He doesn’t realise how stupid he looks and sounds because he never goes anywhere where he might face criticism.
    Will NZ’s farmers EVER realise that National are using them for dupes and voter fodder?
    Probably not.

  9. I rarely come back to the scene of the crime. Here’s a rare exception.
    I find, here and now, a deeply satisfying conundrum or two. It’s like finding and scratching an itch which, despite the scratching remains itchy so one gets to scratch more which is pleasurable ad infinitum.
    #1 It amazes me as to just how laughably ignorant many people are of where our export revenue comes from.
    Such is the dire stealth of the deeply traitorous national party that they have woven, into the very fabric of AO/NZ a philosophical boundary that no one can cross over.
    Perhaps no one can see the boundary to attempt the crossing? If a tree falls over in the forest does the sound of one hand clapping make a pavlova? See what I mean?
    #2 Exploitation. The thing, the element that enables ‘exploitation’ is easily enough explained. The exploiter knows more, in general terms, than the about to be exploited. That, is exploitation explained.
    The educated. The experienced. The worldly are very difficult to exploit because they’re educated, experienced and worldly.
    Farmers… now bear with dahlings. Are easily exploited because they’ve been deliberately consigned to ignorance. Shit broadband, shit cultural exposure, shit MSM, shit socialising opportunities, ie To be able to get pissed at the pub with mates and talk all sorts of revolutionary things ( Aye country cops? Busy little people with your ugly aggressive looking cars all a-spangle with flashing lights and guns and rockets and bombs. I may have exaggerated a little. Is your job, little police people, to make sure farmers are kept at home and in front of the Natzo’s all bought and for for television? )
    Yes. I am a farmer. I also sought out the thrills of the city. And they were quite thrilling I must say. Cities are where ignorance isn’t so easily exploited by the exploiters and that would be YOU natzo’s. You dirty little fuckers. But I digress.
    That enables Martyn Bradbury to cast his nasturtium’s in defence of the woman whom I’ve come to know, via the MSM, as our prime minister.
    Beating up a farmer because he dares to express his albeit ‘ignorant’ opinions is, in this instance, like beating a puppy with a soft ball bat for pissing on the carpet.
    We all know that Jacinda Adern isn’t a just a [pretty] communist. She’s tits deep in the Red spectrum of the Blue National Party’s exploiter’s of our agricultural primary industry. Whew! Thank God for that aye @ Martyn Bradbury? But I bet you knew that, right? Being all erudite an’ city living an’ that?
    AO/NZ is a dirty little swindle orchestrated by scum who’ve learned how to profitably exploit the ignorant.
    Nut shell? Hear of? In it.
    ( A word on Maori. I bet you too have it figured out. That’s why the exploiters use you to create friction between we non Maori and yourselves. Divide and concur. Sun Tsu mates. The art of war. )

  10. But wait…? There’s more…?
    “Farmers are like university students – they’re never happy.”
    Why would you write that? What was your motivation?
    Do you mean that since phil goof, mayor of auckland has thrown university students over board into the jaws of the sharks of privatisation?
    Of are you taking the piss out of the misery of farming in AO/NZ where they get less than a dollar a kg for wool but a jersey sells on sale for $2oo ?
    That comes across as being a bit fucking ugly @ Martyn.


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