Wait, WHAT? National are going to privatise the border? Are they insane? 

National Party Border Policy in 6 frames

What the actual hell???

National will also develop a long-term solution for safe re-entry by bringing private accommodation providers into the Government-controlled managed isolation network.

The pure insanity of privatising the border so that more capacity can come into NZ manages to eclipse National’s obscene Tax Cuts as the single dumbest idea so far.

Why would a company trying to make profit be trusted to keep the plague out?

Why the Christ would you ever put forward such a stupid idea?

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Private companies aren’t going to put the economic well being of the entire country at the heart of every ‘client’.

In the face of the pandemic, National are going more free market and they will put their trust in that free market over the direct hand of the State.

Are you all really going to allow National to do this?

Privatise the border?

If New Zealanders are vacant enough to vote for this, we deserve everything that happens after it.

The sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind can’t be this stupid can we?



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  1. It would be Serco at the borders for most of us, (with the quarantined paying for their own imprisonment) and luxury lodges for friends of the 1% (paid for out of maxed-out CEO rorts).

  2. Privatised borders is nationals way of not having to accept any responsibility when the shit hits the fan.
    I see Judeath was pretending to care about the poor last night including the Samoan people. She claimed to know what its like cause her husband is Samoa, what a load of bullshit. And then she said she will not raise the minimum wage nor was she interested in legislating for warmer homes. Yet we know PI are over represented in, homelessness, crowded housing and in low paying jobs with many having to work multiple jobs just to survive. Gollums tax cuts for middle income earners is a kick in the guts to the PI people she claims to care about. Being rude and butting in last night during he debate shows she is not fit to be our PM or represent us on the world stage. And as for our PM she needs to ditch the ‘may I’ line, I was waiting for Gollum to say, ‘no you may not’.

  3. ‘If New Zealanders are vacant enough to vote for this, we deserve everything that happens after it’

    Unfortunately, New Zealanders ARE vacant enough to vote for this, especially when bribed by the prospect of tax cuts. (Has there ever been an election in which National didn’t promise tax cuts?)

    Never forget that National policy is all about enriching sociopaths and eco-vandals at the expense of everyone else in the short term, and at the everyone in the medium term (there is no long term, now)…somewhat more than Labour.

    As long as Labour remains locked into ‘growth and jobs’ we are increasingly fucked, I’m afraid.

    • 100% agreed Afewknowthetruth;
      We need a transofmational change to egelitarianism now not more Neo-liberal crap and burnt out “trickle Down” lies again.

  4. Even better, they’re proposing that Gerry “Christchurch Rebuild” Brownlee be in charge of this shitshow. What could possibly go wrong?

    • And will Southern Response pick up the bill if National’s shitshow, goes pear-shaped (sorry Gerry) and their privatised fustercluck-in-waiting, turns to custard?

      Mixed metaphor I know, but, Collins and her crew are constantly wringing their hands together, holding their breaths and turning blue, pulling their hair out when some selfish arsehole escapes from quarantine to go for a wine, or a shag, or a ciggy and puts the team of 5million x 6 weeks of lockdown, at stake.

      So mum and dad investors (John Key’s Electricity Shareholders, not mine) with an AirBnB wants to be a quarantine facility, can apply to the Judith and Gerry Show and get a dozen or so lowish-risk.

      The Quaraninte Agency will sort it out. Yeah right Judith.

  5. This policy smells distinctly of ACT.
    National is getting very frightened at the prospect of more voters moving more to the right and this policy appeals to anyone who thinks minimal government is good government.

    • Saw David Seymour on TV One this morning promising to temporarily reduce GST to 10% to stimulate the economy.

      This is disgusting.

      Instead of putting it down, ACT should be putting it up 20%, to bring in enough revenue to pay for the National Party’s privatised quarantine facilities in its coalition with ACT, the New Conservatives and TOP.

      Setting up another Government Agency (Quarantine Agency) adds more bureaucracy.
      ACT is meant to be reducing government spending, not increasing it.

      User-pays will only go so far you know David.

      It would be better to have an ACT policy 20% GST, 20% flat rate income tax and 5% business tax. This should be a bottom line for ACT, not some temporary tax relief bribe to get ACT into power.

      Shame on you ACT, you have deserted your neo-liberal policies of trickle down.
      Bring back Don. Bring back Roger. Bring back asset sales and charter schools.
      Bring back proper user-pays health and education.

      Go back to Dancing with the Stars David, stop abandoning ACT policies for a short-term tilt at power at any cost.

      All you politicians these days have 2-3 talking points now instead of policy.

      How about these three REAL ACT talking points David?

      After the temporary election bribe, ACT will put GST up to 15%, then 20%.
      After the election open up the borders completely and go for herd immunity.
      Government spending bad, user-pays spending good.

      • No, it would be better if Seymour buggered off & emigrated to America where his Trickledown, Neoliberal, Disaster Economics is in full swing & is appreciated because it ain’t successful anywhere else!


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