Wait, what? National are ANOTHER $4billion out with their budget?



So there was the initial $4billion that National screwed up in their budget numbers.

Then there was another $88million that they hadn’t taken into account.



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Election 2020: National’s fiscal hole appears to double to $8 billion as Paul Goldsmith denies double count mistake

The hole in National’s alternative budget may have blown out by another $3.9b after the party appears to have double-counted part of its transport programme.

The error has come about after National twice counted $3.9 billion left over from the New Zealand Upgrade package, an infrastructure plan announced by the Government in late January.

In fact, the left over money was put into Treasury’s multi-year capital allowance back in May. In National’s costings, the party had counted the two sums of money separately, when, in fact, the NZ Upgrade programme money now only exists in the capital allowances.

The result is National needs to find $3.9b from somewhere else.

These guys couldn’t get laid in a Monkey brothel wearing banana costumes!

This is humiliating now.

National clearly brainfarted the tax cuts idea out in break neck speed and Goldsmith has failed under the pressure.

National are telling us that they are the better economic managers, but the fact that this hole in their numbers has continued to grow to $8Billion is extraordinarily damaging.

They have no credibility on this front any longer and Labour need to be pointing this out a lot more.


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  1. I think you are worrying too much about the small stuff, Martyn.

    The entire globalised financial system is on its last legs and is overdue for the biggest crash in history.

    ‘And while the auction size hit a new record high, the yield once again dropped, sliding from 0.155% last month to 0.136% the lowest yield on record’


    Just when the crash will come is hard to pick but I personally believe it will be this October.

    That said, there may be political reasons TPTB will want to hold back the flood until February 2021.

  2. The sadness is that the media is asleep over all this but when Labour was grilled by media during their costings they were investigated but now we see media allowing a free pass to this National finance sham.

    • Goldsmith – alchemist in a previous life.
      Turning irritating bovine bowel movements into gold,
      Might need a name change Paul,


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