MEDIA WATCH: More good news at the Herald! Kate Hawkesby attacking Jacinda is now in the lifestyle section! 

Despite a deadly plague, people writhe around her

This year we were all so deeply thankful that Dave Cormack was put behind the Herald Paywall.

So very thankful.

Each day, we would all wake and thank the little baby Jesus that Dave was behind the Paywall.

It just felt right.

It felt good.

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It was such an added treat to Matthew Hooton already being locked up behind it because the Herald Paywall is where opinions go to die, and I love dancing on a grave.

It’s so infuriating that the ZB Troll farm of Hosking, Soper, HDPA & Hawkesby aren’t behind it yet, but one thing happened this week that eclipsed the gains we’ve made with the Paywall and deserves celebration.

The Hawke’s political hot takes have been moved out of the political section and is now in the Lifestyle section… 

…it just feels right.

It feels good.

THE HAWKE: Polly marry a cracker?

The Hawke is outraged that Jacinda breached social distancing and is of course a hypocrite who is endangering every life while we suffer and sacrifice.


Have you seen the reaction Jacinda is getting out on the campaign trail?

People are yelling at her, ‘thank you for saving our lives Jacinda’.

They flock to her.

Knowing they could be infected by a death plague, they still mass around her in writhing ecstasy.

Compare that response with Judith Collins appearing anywhere on the campaign trail. The temperature drops suddenly, Breast feeding woman have their milk tun, Children vomit and men report losing the ability to dream in colour. When Judith crosses the portal from her dimension to ours and manifests a physical presence on our realm, there is a dread in the air, like a warning from Gaia to run and not stop running.

If your only ‘insight’ as a pundit to what is happening right now is some tired trope that Jacinda thinks she’s better than the rest of us and doesn’t sacrifice like The Hawke does, then you aren’t seeing the hiding National are about to suffer at the election.

Photos of people scrambling to be near the PM isn’t evidence of the PM’s elitism, it’s evidence that the public fucking love her.


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  1. It outrageous isnt it Kate because Jacinda looks loved and is popular whilst your leader has this in built natural repellent, to humanity bar the hard arse end of Nat supporters. And you just know its a bad look.

    Its sad but this is what its come down to, pettiness!

  2. Not just pettiness XRay also greed and selfishness its repugnant how some NZers are prepared to sacrifice others lives all for more, when they already have so much.

    • Yep. The Nats’ message of “Just die already and get out of the way so we can make more money” isn’t proving as popular as they thought it would be.

      And now Gerry’s plan for a Serco type arrangement at the borders may even trump that in the unpopularity stakes.

    • Why don’t that useless bunch do something good for our climate by harking about time running out for us unless we reduce our climate emissions????

      Don’t they know that both icecaps are all melting at an alarming historic rate now???

      Prince Charles just raised this at the opening of the climate conference in New York today.
      Climate Week 2020: New York hosts ‘biggest climate event of year’
      21 Sep 202021 September 2020Last updated at 20:40
      View Comments (3)
      globe-in-handsGETTY IMAGES
      Climate Week 2020 – September 21 -27 2020
      Experts are meeting this week to look at what the world can do to help tackle climate change.
      It’s for Climate Week 2020, which is taking place in New York from September 21 to 27.
      Run with the United Nations and the City of New York, the big Climate Week NYC conference aims to be a place to talk about amazing climate action and discuss how to do more.

    • Yes ,its a mounting belief in a significant sector of the community that we should have taken the hit and accepted the deaths of the elderly and infirmed to save the economy,for those that survive. Some citing Darwin’s theory of Survival of the fittest, which is really a resurgence of eugenics, which was popular in the 20s and 30s, then becoming a corner stone of the Nazi party. What a slippery slope to a brave new world.

  3. Our beloved Cinders could never catch that vile virus, like Hawkesby, Hooton, Hoskins, She doesn’t need social distancing. great Pic up the top 🙂 who’s that has been Grumps who’s a crusher? you’re kidding me.

  4. There’s a saying, if you haven’t got anything good to say, shut your pie hole? Obviously, Kate Hawkesby & her malignant, narcissistic Husband Mike Hoskins (yeah the guy who always has a face that looks like a smacked arse & John Keys former bootlicker), never got the memo about bad mouthing our Jacinda! Kate & Mike are living in the wrong Country they should pack up their kitbag & buggar off to Trumps America where their particular form of racism & nasty bigotry would be more appreciated, because it certain isn’t welcome here in NZ!

  5. I honestly don’t really get Mike and Kate’s loathing for Jacinda. For people making the sort of coin they do (mostly by doing fuck all let alone anything resembling essential work) it won’t make an iota of difference in their day to day lives. It’s just this weird “us vs them” mind frame, that imo is almost a sort of mental illness. You see it even worse in the US with Republicans vs Democrats (or worse still, Trump vs Biden), when the fact is almost nothing either side does changes anything that much. At the end of the day, here and there, they are ALL beholden to the major local and multi-national corporations who actually run everything and determine major government policy.

  6. The silliest thing is that as our MSM shakes itself down, there are now better places than the NuZull Herald for ekshull journalists to be. (Even the Corduroy Kid, who is quite a good journalist but who has never actually sampled the realities of life amid the plebs. He should probably consider the Russell terriers and gals with balanced portfolios that gave him his break now that he’s a goto rent-a-voice)
    Hark! the Herald Angels sing – fulla lulla la la la la lee. Or they better had because if they carry on as they are, the days are numbered

  7. The Hawke has a certain autocratic, born-to-rule sense about her (god knows why!).
    Helped, no doubt in part, because her Daddy got very rich very suddenly courtesy of the state (around $5 million payout) after his newsreading stint on state TV ended a d few decades ago; and now she has hubby-No 2 who made a name, of a kind, for himself, by fronting Morning Report on (hush my mouth) state radio for which he was paid comparatively exorbitant amounts of taxpayer money. He used this state-funded opportunity so he could up his national profile, such as it was, and then leverage himself into his present media position as Head Choirboy for the National Chorus.
    The Hawke, bless her, is part of This Wealthy Whanau, thanks mostly to state largesse in days of yore.
    Now, the once-powerful Nats are simply being repaid, in kind.
    For which, no doubt, they are more than grateful.
    Didn’t you know that’s how it works?
    PS This all has a little similarity to other of National’s ‘media barkers’ such as Peter Williams and Sean Plunket who also made names – and money – for themselves, courtesy of their days in state radio and TV. All at the “long-suffering, hard-working taxpayer’s expense” – of which they remind us, in totally different contexts, ad nauseam.

  8. I see Ardern as a leader and thinker and voice as well, but if her government is going to remove human rights and civil liberties for New Zealanders, transform the country into a police state complete with Ministry henchmen and military jackboot goons, set unprecedented rules and regulations for public movement, induce fear and paranoia in fellow citizens using alarmist warnings and media, and arbitrarily require a 2 metre contamination zone around everyone, and then not follow the same advice out in public, then Ardern and her band of medical foot soldiers don’t deserve any sympathy whatsoever (this requires stronger language with a directional element)

  9. Part 2 of NZ’s most toxic and narcissistic tag team. Each as nauseating as the other.

    The very sight of either one has many kiwis reaching for a bucket. Will be so satisfying knowing all their efforts will have been in vain….again.

  10. Interesting to note, that Mr Hoskings got a stern telling off from the BSA for using facts (figures), to mislead his audience.

  11. The Stepford Wives. First made in 1975.
    “Its plot follows a woman who relocates with her husband and children from New York City to the Connecticut community of Stepford, where she comes to find the women live unwaveringly subservient lives to their husbands.
    ” … finds that the women in town all look flawless and are obsessed with housework, but have few intellectual interests. ”
    “…A gynoid, or fembot, is a feminine gynomorphic humanoid robot. Gynoids appear widely in science fiction film and art. As more realistic humanoid robot design becomes technologically possible, they are also emerging in real-life robot design. ”
    See? There ya go.

  12. Why isn’t the PM social distancing? The sort of question for the ages isn’t it?

    A bit like another one of those others: Why does Kate Hawkesby continually set herself out to come across as a silly bitch? And succeed.

  13. I pursue a zero waste lifestyle, and certainly don’t want trash placed in the lifestyle section.
    Don’t they have a plethora of “paid content” articles at the benthos of all their articles.
    That is where Kate belongs.


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