GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – $4 Billion dollars ? Inconsequential ? Really?


Judith Collins likes to claim the National Party are better money managers than any other party.

Yet today they had to admit they have made a $4 billion mistake in estimating the cost of the their proposals.

Not good.

Their finance spokesperson Psul Goldsmith said “everyone makes mistakes”

Not of this magnitude Mr Goldsmith and not if you want to convince us you have the acumen to run our country’s finances.

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Opposition Leader Judith Collins said the mistake was “entirely inconsequential”

$4 Billion dollars ? Inconsequential ? Really?

Just brush it off?

That’s leadership?


Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. I’d say for a party that advocates for only the top 1% , yes 4 billion is inconsequential.
    It also gives evidence as to why this same party created a housing crisis and a greater wealth gap.

  2. Let’s say $40 per fruit tree, including the cost of planting. That’s 4,000 million divided by 40 – 100 million fruit trees that could be planted around the country, improving not only the awful urban landscapes and increasing the food supply but also taking up a little of the CO2 that New Zealanders are so fond of generating.

    Oh, how silly of me. The plan of the maniacs in charge and their would-be replacement is to render the Earth uninhabitable in the long term, and cause mass undernutrition (starvation) in the medium term. All because they are scared of the money-lenders and corporations that control the system.

    I see it’s SNAFU for the UK:

    ‘Raising of UK Covid alert level opens door to major restrictions
    Chief medical officers agree jump to level 4, meaning virus is ‘high or rising exponentially’

    Even the Dow has caught Coronavirus now:

    26,876.83-780.59 (-2.82%)
    As of 2:26PM EDT. Market open.

    And the idiots that make up the bulk of NZ politics think we are going to carry on as before with a little bit of tweaking????!!!!

  3. Ardern takes ownership of any errors attributed to her Government regardless of it being yet another example of dirty politics by the usual suspects.

    Collins and National do what they always do. Deny, divert attention away, I can’t recall, blame others and of course, totally minimize their own epic blunders. How ironic that they cry the sky is falling, the sky is falling all day every day in yet more desperate attempts to gain any traction against the Government and damage public confidence during a health emergency aka a pandemic.

    Not only are National dangerous, incompetent and incredibly divisive, they are totally untrustworthy and being led by the vile and toxic Queen of dirty politics.

  4. That inconsequential four billion dollars would cover whatever legislative costs were needed to end the ongoing (and in my opinion treasonous) firesale of our land, the body of Aotearoa, to any overseas entities, and of our water, our underground aquifers.

  5. That inconsequential four billion dollars could build quite a few sustainable, enviro-friendly homes. It could provide food gardens in many schools, and kitchen facilities to turn fresh grown food into healthy school meals. It could help farmers to diversify and market gardeners, orchardists and farmers to go organic.

  6. Unless my maths is wrong, that inconsequential four billion dollars would build 12 THOUSAND! of those stunningly designed schools that James apologised for subsidising.

    • I think my maths is wrong. Anyone is welcome to correct the number.
      I’d like to know how many of those schools could be built for the inconsequential four billion dollars?

      It may not be 12 thousand, but it would still be a fair few, and according to Wiki there are only around 3,000 schools in NZ.

  7. It’s more than $4 Billion dollars it’s $8 billion dollars? Apparently the fund they hoped to raid has been allocated elsewhere & doesn’t exist! So then National propose stealing funds from Land Transport which collects Road user charges set aside for roading costs? What’s next? Stealing from ACC to fund their billions of dollars of dodgy accountancy just to bribe everyone with Tax cuts for the Rich! Ludicrous.


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