BREAKING: TVNZ Poll – Labour 48% , National 31%, Green 6%, NZF 2%, ACT 7%


FINALLY. A bloody TV Poll – I’m sure the networks have simply stretched out their Polls because Jacinda extended the election rather than add extra polls!

LABOUR – 48%




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ACT – 7%

On 48%, Labour STILL govern alone!

That’s how good Jacinda is doing, she can lose 5% AND STILL GOVERN ALONE!

Greens are holding on by their fingernails, NZ First is dead and ACT’s momentum from the free speech fiasco has built they way TDB warned it would.

The small parties are building

All that glorious wasted vote!

Tonight is the First Leaders Debate on TVNZ – Chris Trotter will join Damien Grant & myself in The Waterstone Election 2020 First Leaders Debate reaction podcast and it will be posted before 10pm.


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  1. I managed to watch about one minute of the so-called debate, and oh dear, here we go again: both Collins and Adern talked about economic growth and jobs.

    Bad news for both of them: economic growth and jobs are the problem, not the answer. And the days of growth are over. Permanently. From here on it’s endless contraction as far as the traditional economy is concerned.

  2. These stats look more like how I see the election ending up for Labour (just under 50%) and the Nats (low to mid 30s).
    The greens I’m not sure will crack 5 percent and ACT may go higher than 7, will be interesting to see.
    Other minor parties are a wasted vote.

    • With Labour still more percentage points ahead of all the other parties put together – that hardly stacks up as “Labour’s vote collapsing”.
      Are you aware that the year is 2020 and not 2017 Denny?

  3. Just watched the debate. Judith didn’t come across as anywhere near as crazy as many thought. I would call that a win in of itself. I expect National to materially rise in the next poll.

  4. Watching the debate tonight Jacinda should have carried on at the first time she mentioned the words Climate change” as we saw Judith looked stunned, as she knew she had no policy other than more electric cars but that will be jacindas claim to ram through her strong position on Climate change.

    Jacinda has a draw card and Judith has none.

  5. Yes. well, very good.
    But there is a paradigm shift on the way. I emailed my instinct and it called me back by telephone. That, is how urgent my instinct thinks things are. ( That’s hard to say quickly…? )
    People? Humanoids? We. Are. Fucked.
    Remember the Canterbury Earthquakes? No? Then you weren’t there.
    We were asleep at about 4.29 am. Then, we were not.
    We are asleep right now. We think we’re awake in that four beers and we have an arse full of curry and the courier driver’s knocking on the door kind of way but we’re asleep as fuck.
    You do know, right? That our politicians are as fucked as we are? No matter how flash and toothy. No matter how the eyebrows are speaking, so listen minion bitches? No matter all that shit. We.Are.Fucked.
    Here’s what we must do. Purge ourselves of debt. Or not, actually, because in the very near future, debt, as we know it, will become a distant ghost buried under a who cares, no-longer-matters shit slide.
    Nice car? Again, who cares? But will it hold chickens?
    Nice house? Is it edible? Fancy Arts of the Object there Candice of the lawyer’s secretary but? With, or without sea salt and the grind of peppa dahling ? We have neither so you’re shit out of luck. Now fuck awf.
    Drinkies? Sorry dahlings but hubby ate the bottle to get the last drop. That, is why he looks funny. No manna’s. I should a married a plumba. At least the shitta woulda worked and God only knows, we need it.
    The planet’s in a death spiral and AO/NZ’s in an almost unimaginably enviable position but can’t admit it because the crims who fucked us won’t let it. Aye boys? Heard of one’s own petard and being hoisted by same?
    Oh look? Who’s that wunning orf? God, he’s wunning like a rild thing, frenzied, he is. Look at him go! Is that woger? Woger Douglas? Wun Woger Wun!
    Oop !? Oh dear. Look? He’s being eaten by a beastly homeless person? How beastly indeed. Poor Woger. Fuck woger tho right! Baw haw haw haw…
    Sorry. I’m a little bit pissed. xxx Or is that than Christ I’m a little bit pissed.

  6. Jacinda needs to harden up & let Collins have it with both barrels? Being kind will only get you so far? She’s too nice & accomodating & needs to wipe the Floor with Judith! “I’m the Prime Minister B**ch & who the Hell are you! That should be Jacinda’s Campaign slogan!

    • A prime minister can do 2 of 3 things, 1) talk about what she has achieved, 2) talk about what she will achieve and 3) talk about Crusher and Jacinda decided not to talk about Crusher.

      For one the National Party alternative will be a disaster. People should understand that the bad old days of them and us, can never happen again while we need each other to be resilient as possible to covid19.

      The National Party that I think of is about refocusing private profits back into silos of greed that did The South Pacific no good, and I think that kind of combative nature of society will not help us and will not help us grow out of corona and cement our newly found status and experience.


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