The Liberal Agenda – The David Wakim Memorial Lecture



  1. So no debate then?, Just you on stage saying whatever lies you want and no opposing views….basically it’s an anti semitic echo chamber then?
    Guess if it were a debate you would lose again then decide to take the other debater to court a year later lol

    • Read the last debate. John won hands down with simple listing of events and outlining the actions of the apartheid state. No contest.

      I think the world has heard enough of the Zionist propaganda from the cheer leaders of a fascist state who stacked the audience in the last faux debate.

      • Minto won the last debate??? What planet are you on? Dr Cumin completely humiliated him because all Minto has on his side are denial, lies, and virulent hatred of the world’s one Jewish state. He knows he can’t cut it in an open arena. You give away the truth by labelling it a ‘faux debate’. Minto lost. No one will bother with this latest pathetic Minto hate fest. Still haven’t been able to produce a single ‘apartheid’ sign yet, have you?

      • Ahhhh…lol, it was a ‘Faux’ debate then! And you just said Minto won hands down….so which one is it….a real debate that Minto lost because of a ‘stacked audience’ or a Faux debate that he lost so badly again he is taking the other debater to court lol

    • That’s why he’s in such a tail spin…knows he lost and trying to scrabble up some shreds of credibility for his sycophantic fellow haters….all 3 of them. LMAO.

  2. Just waiting for Khalea to come to his rescue posting links to anti jewish blogs/MSM/opinion pieces and saying they must be in the right because look at all these ‘facts’ I’m linking to!
    You can just hear the screaming If I posted a link that came from Fox News praising Trump on the peace accord with UAE etc etc, but we have to believe his links/news sources are above reproach with no agenda of course..heehee

    • The trolls are out on their leases.
      Israel has employed hundreds to comb blogs .

      Minto one hands down using simple facts and events.

      Funny you two appear here and where are your “mates” this time.
      USA run by dual citizens, lost the recent UN resolution opposed to the illegal sanctions with USA & its bedfellow Israel being the only two votes on the loosing side.
      It called for “intensified international cooperation and solidarity to contain, mitigate and overcome the pandemic and its consequences.” It was a humanitarian gesture to help overwhelmed governments and health care systems cope with the pandemic by having a free hand to import food and medicines.

      The final tally was 169 to 2, with only Israel and the United States voting against.

      What a cruel and nasty move to oppose a humanitarian gesture against the already illegal sanctions.

      Israel and the USA against the human race.

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