Trump’s only path to re-election will be deceit and chaos 


The grotesque speed with which Trump has moved to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg is as terrifying as it is repugnant.

To rally the anti-abortion religious right back to his side, Trump could seek a hardline Female Conservative to radically reshape the Supreme Court for a generation.

To replace a Feminist Icon like Ginsburg with someone who would destroy that legacy is enough to rip an already threadbare country to shreds.

The violence and disorder Trump is about to kick off is the type of chaos he requires to suppress votes while threatening to take America to the brink of civil meltdown.

Because mail in voting will be so large this election, a situation could easily occur where Trump just wins on election night but loses it when all the votes are counted.

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Trump could easily claim he has been robbed and call on his armed supporters to protect the President while challenging everything in the Courts.

Trump losing could be just as destructive as Trump winning.

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  1. Chaos could be coming whether Trump wins or loses. If he wins and the Republicans maintain control of the Senate then it’s all on and that Venn diagram showing the intersection of Handmaid’s Tale, Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World and 1984 could be the new reality for the USA. If he loses, he is not likely to leave with honour, accepting that the people have chosen. He’s already laid the path for this by constantly pushing the corrupt and invalid voting line to prepare his followers for action. What action this will be remains to be seen but it would appear highly likely that the army of gun nuts out there won’t go quietly either, even if he is forcibly removed from the White House. Then again he just may surprise us all and show that he’s just a posturing gas bag. But will that stop the rabid right?

  2. ‘Democrats only path to the White House will be deceit and chaos’…
    “The Democratic National Committee has removed a provision in its party platform that called for an end to subsidies and tax breaks for the fossil fuel industry.”
    “Texas Democrats are successfully suing to kick Green Party candidates off the November ballot”
    “Tom Perez Stacks the DNC Deck Against Progressives
    A rogues’ gallery of influence-peddlers and insider power brokers will run the party’s powerful convention committees.”

    ……and on…..and on….and on…

  3. As i pointed out some weeks ago Trump will be appointed after the election not voted in. The inaccurate corrupt and floored voting system will see to that. This looks like 2000 all over again but with more menace.
    By choosing Biden the DNC has gifted the election to Trump as he is hardly inspiring and leads a fractured party.
    Trump will win the debates and no one let alone Biden is going to stop him unless the result is a decisive defeat.
    It will be four more years of president Trump and his fight to stay in the white house will tear the country apart.

  4. Biden is not an inspiring candidate. Why would anyone vote for him and Kamala? Probably they will stay home instead of voting.
    USA had 4 years to fix voting and Russian meddling issues. USA is a bunch of idiots these days represented by corrupt idiots. The times ahead will be fun to watch.

  5. His armed supporters will rush to his aid, but they’ll dissappear just as quickly when the army rolls in.
    I think Trump will be sorely mistaken if he thinks the joint chiefs will take his side, considering how he has done nothing but ridicule the armed forces for four years.

  6. Replacing Ginsberg immediately is exactly what their constitution requires and I have quotes to hand from both Obama and Biden saying exactly that. If she wasn’t so selfish she would have retired when Obama was in office and they’d have got their choice.

    As for their election, it is the Democrats who are promising to go to the streets should they lose. Not Trump.

  7. I thought Trump’s reason for moving so quickly to appoint a new judge was because he expected to lose the election. On the contrary, I am assured that it is designed to give the Supreme Court the ability to ensure he stays in office if he loses. What do you think?

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