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  1. Another day, another social harm of major drugs crims coming to NZ to profit from social harm to others here, that our authorities seem unwilling and powerless to stop.

    Convicted of a record heroin bust, a former child refugee caught in a diplomatic deadlock may never leave New Zealand

    Keep those prisons being built NZ, sarcasm. We seem to be experiencing a growth of crims coming to NZ and like a virus turning others already in NZ into crims making more victims everywhere here.

    Funny how the Chinese born criminals are seldom convicted in NZ. I guess it pays to know people in high places and have “white gloves” into the political and judicial system in NZ.

  2. Hoping someone can help
    I’m struggling with a novel, and the editor is giving me gyp with what she calls ridiculous plot inconsistencies.
    My novel is about a foreign power on a murder spree, and I have chosen an exotic and highly lethal military grade poison as the murder weapon, as it has such psychological resonance with all our childhood fairy stories, wicked stepmothers, poison apples etc.
    Poisoning number one takes place in a sleepy English town, and only by the heroic efforts of public health officials, police, the army decontaminating the town at huge expense, are thousands of lives saved from the poison
    My next poisoning takes place in a town of the foreign power, in pretty much the same circumstances
    I started off with the poison being delivered in a cup of tea, but my editor jumped in and said”For heavens sake, the old cup of tea scenario! It’s just not credible”
    So now I have it that the poison was smeared on a surface in the hotel room my hero was staying in
    My editor is once more on my back, saying “For heavens sake “(she’s rather fond of old fashioned exclamations)”You’re going to have to rewrite whole chapters.Firstly the symptoms of the original poisoning are quite different from the second .First lot foaming at the mouth and quietly collapsing, the next victim bellowing in pain .Get it together
    Next discrepancy….You should have thousands dead in the second poisoned city, because you’ve carelessly omitted the rigorous decontaminations.None whatsoever, and no one tested for the poison despite several what we call close contacts these days. Really Francesca, I’m seriously thinking you’re going to have to go back to the drawing board on this one, it’s not making sense”
    Frankly, I can’t be arsed rewriting, I’m lazy, anyone out there got any ideas on how I can make this work and get this damned editor off my back?

  3. Resources with a lot of love and responsibility, are needed desperately for the most vunerable in NZ, aka state care kids… also they need to be adopted out to loving families not forced into being moved around state facilities and foster care with their often abusive parents in the mix. It should be the child’s choice if they want to see their parents again and have a relationship with them, not the parents if they are taken into state care for abuse.

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