MEDIA WATCH: Q+A review – National’s obscene tax cuts & Cannabis Referendum Debate


Grant Robertson had every reason to gasp at National’s unbelievable Hail Mary on Tax Cuts.

We can now see the fine print of just how desperate Judith Collins and Paul Goldsmith really are. They will fund their tax cuts out of the money Labour have borrowed to protect us from another Covid outbreak.

That’s right, National are raiding the budget to protect us from the pandemic for tax cuts to the wealthy.

It’s just so egregious in its mercenary selfishness. National are prepared to risk our ability to combat another outbreak just to win power by bribing the middle classes with tax cuts.

Any mana these people once had has now been trampled by their venal cowardice and self interest.

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Jack then hosted their cannabis referendum debate.

Chloe Swarbrick righteously argued against the horror that the current racist and human rights abusing prohibition landscape has created.

Nick Smith was his usual delusional self and he was joined by some moralistic Dr who was bordering on hysterical most of the time. According to the Dr the end of western civilisation was ending if cannabis is legalised.

Associate Professor Kyle Quince pointed out how racist the prohibition rules actually are.

National Party Scumbag Nick Smith is asked if the current prohibition is failing young people because so many people can already access it, he regurgitates moralistic bullshit that if it’s legalised more young people will smoke it, which Chloe hilariously counters by pointing out that when cannabis is legalised, it isn’t young people who buy it – OLD PEOPLE DO!

That’s right, the boomers are the ones who hit the bong once it’s legalised.

80% of NZers have tried cannabis at least once, according to Nick Smith and the National Party, all those people deserve to be punished.

Fuck them.

The BERL report commissioned by the ministry of Justice is devastating to the nope to dope campaign.

Election 2020: Legalising weed could see $675m a year spent on health interventions – report

A legal cannabis market for recreational use could generate $675 million a year for the Government to spend on reducing cannabis-related harm, new economic modelling shows.

It finds the ethical structure of the proposed legislative structure will channel $675million each year into drug rehabilitation programs!


We currently spend around $150million annually on alcohol rehabilitation – THIS $675million would fund rehab not only all cannabis addiction, but it would also fund all alcohol addiction AND all drug addictions services!

Regulating the cannabis market would inject more funding into all harm minimisation programs than we have ever had.

This would be a new age of rehabilitation funding, the taxation revenue is just beyond anything NZ has ever experienced in the field of drug rehabilitation.

But it gets better.

On top of that $675million in rehabilitation programs that could fund ALL drug addiction, there is almost quarter of a billion to the State in GST,  plus 5000 new full time jobs plus creating over $200million in salaries and wages plus saving millions in the judiciary and tens of millions more in the prison system!

This is how far out of whack we have allowed the moralists and prohibitionists to succeed in this country!

The alternative to the current prohibition is so good that the status quo is seen us utterly reprehensible!

If you are still against the Cannabis referendum after reading this report, then YOU are the fucking problem, not the stoners!

We should be collectively outraged that we have allowed the State to have this prohibition power for as long as they have. Cannabis is a civil rights issue, the State has crushed hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens for decades upon decades to enforce a law that was always about control and not our welfare.

How dare they and how dare we allow them to get away with it!

You can enrol on the day of the election so there are no excuses this time.

Don’t drag yourself to the ballot box comrades, march there in furious anger and tell the prohibitionists and the State to fuck off out of our collective lives!

Fuck Nick Smith and his nutter Dr mate.

Fuck the National Party.

Fuck the war on drug scum bag prohibitionists.

I swear, the moment this referendum passes, whenever that is, I am outside the Auckland Police HQ with a bong to take a very long draw in memory of everyone that the Pigs and the dirty filthy scumbag prohibitionists have destroyed for their obscene war on drugs.

Fuck them.


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  1. This particular blog and the magnificent manner in which it’s constructed is exactly why I enjoy The Daily Blog so much….perfection!

    Thank you Martyn.

  2. I dont use pot, and I dont intend to, and I wouldnt encourage its use, but I honestly dont see any point in arresting people and dragging them through the courts for having a bong, or a joint or whatever.

    This is more about bible bashing puritans who want to tell people what they can and cannot do in their own homes.

    • Its about a lot more things actually.

      There’s profits on patented drugs, theres is other gang profits too.
      There is alcohol barons profits.
      There is the war on consciousness, or the type of consciousness society runs on.
      Getting tangential there is global population reduction programs, calm vs excitement, blind faith and productivity vs inward focus and introspection and thoughtfulness.

      In Jamaica cannabis was let loose to pacify the slaves.
      In a high tech economy this is less desirable.

      In 2020 with BLM and the forward marching green economy including many hemp products in every NZ home, its about a whole new world in so many ways.

      Its about a lot more things too, ie there will be less littering with legal pot, less broken glass on the roads, less domestic violence, more hippies

  3. I agree that it is the Boomers who will take advantage of a ‘yes’ vote. The ‘think of the children’ response is flawed. Anything to stop the young approaching a gang house to buy a tinny and getting offered a free taste of some P sounds like a good plan to me.

    • So where do you think all those under 20 will go . O that’s right it is against the law so obviously they will not try to buy it .
      The present law is racist but making marajuana legal will mean you try and solve one problem by making another one . Maori have enough medical problems without creating another one especially as head way is being made to lower the smoking rate.

  4. And hen we have paddy on weed let that same Dr to blather on. got to about 20 minutes and switched it off, it felt like paddy was promoting reefer madness more than anything else.
    Another note of interest is Family First and this Scientology carry on – Look at their donations now, over a million in ‘donations’ for a charity to spread misinformantion, how the fuck did the appeals court find them doing charitable stuff if the scientists have already proved them wrong, something fishy going on right there.
    Look in ‘Annual Returns’

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