The utter madness of ACT


I thought ACT’s climate change policy was fucking insane and could not be topped for sheer ideological lunacy because it was a fascist romper stomper blitzkrieg of every worst element of the free market set loose on a rapidly warming planet.

The Zero Carbon Bill would be dumped, the Emissions Trading Scheme would be dumped, the ban on new offshore oil and gas exploration permits would be dumped and mining would be allowed on conservation land.

At a time when Siberia is in flames, California is in flames, the earliest and strongest Hurricane measured coming ashore and a pandemic triggered by destruction of the environment – ACT would like to accelerate the pollution that is sparking this acceleration of climate warming events?

Like I said, sheer ideological lunacy that can’t be topped.

Oh I was so wrong.

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ACT have looked at the insane lack of capacity that has been glaringly highlighted by the pandemic and  after 35 years of a State amputated by neoliberalism, David’s come up with an unbelievable idea folks.

Let’s slash the State!

David Seymour plots radical overhaul of state, slashing spending over a decade

That’s right. The thing that is barely keeping the plague out because it has been so slashed back by David’s ideological coven, will be EVEN MORE slashed back if ACT are ever allowed anywhere near the levers of political power.

I love this new honest David, because he’s drunk on the exuberance of National’s terminal decline and the inflation of ACT support that is giving him.

People can see that the capacity of the State is essential to keep us safe, and that this is merely the beginning of a new normal that sees ever increasing off shore disruptions. People understand the need for that protection for the foreseeable future.

No one in their right fucking mind is going to agree to slashing and burning the State when they desperately are looking to the State for protection.

Keep talking though David, because every word ensures Jacinda’s third term. The idea of a National-ACT Government in 2023 so far to the right that they would self mutilate the very apparatus of protection that the people are crying out for certainly seems to be the most masochistic and ironic way of losing another election.

If this policy was a dance, it would be a white twerk from a skinny man with no bum.


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  1. They are now just a half-step away from Billy TK and Jamie Who.

    All those ex-Nats who are running, time to WAKE UP, dearies. (One Shovel Man I think? Apologies if I’m wrong.) There’s a solid brick wall ahead for all who crash into this insane lot.

    • Jacinda has pushed National out of the centre and now they occupy the right with the rest of the rightwing loonies. We can know off All of John Keys amendments and whatever very easily. And the cherry on top is the poor who are in for a flogging, well Jacinda has to take the whip out of WINZ hands and double benefit rates. That will be the gift to democracy and we can do this stuff.

    • Spot on Kheala. They are equally as absurd as those other nutty far right parties, and can no longer hide that fact. Recycling failed and discredited Rogernomics is becoming a harder and harder sell – like advocating smoking as being good for asthma.

      Interesting to see Judeath panic today and announce the tax bribe to attempt to woo former Natz back.
      By so doing, she’s only confirmed how utterly superficial and clueless the National Party have become.

      The right wing of NZ political spectrum is fracturing as it discovers how ideologically bankrupt it is. And, as Martyn predicted, becoming ever more desperate as it thrashes about in it’s growing irrelevance.

  2. This is what I don’t get. National slashed about 10 billion out of the budget last time but only gave about 1 or 2 billion in tax cuts. Give me my tax cut.

  3. ACT was always a far right party so we could have seen him forced to go far right to try and keep his poll results so high but the gloss is coming off this charlatan now.

    Just think why Seymour actually championed the “End of life – Right to die legislation”?

    It was a crude way to reduce the number of those dependents who are receiving income support or a pension so it was again to ‘reduce the government overheads’ and ‘definitely not for compassion- kindness to the elders and sick’ – as Seymour tries to pant it as.

    “Seymour should be called the doctor of death”.


  4. The problem is not the money being taxed – its the way its being used. That’s why we want our money back. Most government departments couldn’t wipe their own ass after a shit let alone make quality spending decisions. I would love for someone to run a graph showing the relationship between inflation and government spending over the past 30 years. One of the most telling statistics was when Bryan Bruce compared the salary growth of school teachers versus politicians over a few decades.

    There is no accountability in the public service – high time there should be.

    • I appear to have an advert for the New Conservative Party coming up as a pop up while reading this article. We pissed ourselves laughing about it for a moment but wtf? I have I swear never been on any website related to them, or anything to do with them or their ilk. Why on earth would I? Do any other readers have similar juxtapositions?

      Would this information also explain why I have swim suit adverts(ladies) also appearing? Asking for a friend.

  5. But how will the urban progressive professionals feed their families if there isn’t a myriad of state programs?
    You can’t just…give money to the poor, can you?

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