Desperate National Party tax cut u-turn – Why Judith will sink National and why Jacinda will win majority 


No. They. DIDN’T!

After previously ruling tax cuts out…

…the incredibly desperate National Party are now promising huge tax cuts to the middle classes in a naked and venal pork barrel play to self interest…

Election 2020: National raids the Covid piggy bank to deliver middle class tax cuts

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National response to grim economic forecasts out this week is a huge – albeit temporary – tax cut for middle to upper income earners.

Today the Opposition released its fiscal plan which shows middle and upper income earners being given a chunk of tax relief for 16 months.

Finance spokesman Paul Goldsmith promises lower debt and a return to deficit, but does so by raiding a fund Finance Minister Grant Robertson set aside the yet unknowable needs which Covid-19 will present.

…this is so gross.

And desperate.

This Tax cut u-turn is as confused as National’s ever changing position on the Border…


…National will say and promise anything to win now, the internal polling must suggest they are haemorrhaging votes to promise tax cuts like this.

Jacinda is looking to win an unprecedented majority because the psychology of the electorate changed with the lockdown.

The middle classes that National are trying to woo with this tax cut sat down at 1pm weekdays during that lockdown more nervous and worried than they had ever been and  they were wowed by Jacinda’s masterclass performance.

Jacinda made them feel safer and proud that she steered us through this in one piece.

That gratitude has generated a tsunami of political loyalty that look set to give Labour a once in a generation majority.

This election is being based on feelings, not policy and those feelings don’t look good for Judith…


…I’m no political scientist, but could I humbly suggest that if 1 in 5 voters claim to be afraid of you, that’s not a great start.

National understand Judith scares people and have decided to go to the only place they can, naked bribery of the middle classes with tax cuts we can’t afford.

That National would be so prepared to underfund the desperate growth we need with something as mercenary as tax cuts says all you need to know about these people and their naked lust for power.



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  1. The Desperate Nats will do and say ANYTHING to try and get back into Government.

    Next week they will resort to selling their partners and children. Best treated with the contempt they deserve. Oh well, at least they aren’t sending porn to females and sensitive Covid-19 details to the media etc etc etc etc so far this week.

        • No Bert it was JA spewing forth an endless list of promises ( hidden behind the word intentions). But it didn’t end there, she then toadied to Winston who has done nothing but fuck the coalition over ever since. Don’t preach to me about right wing lies. Look in your own neoliberal political mirror.

          • We are in the middle of a pandemic! Why does money and wealth from national mean more to that people’s lives? It DISGUSTING!!! National are only thinking about money. What if covid takes off in 6 months? Who is going to help pay Your wages when your work or business is failing? People will not want to leave there homes because they are afraid. Judith won’t help you she spent that money on tax cuts! If you are a really high income earner $4000 a year is not going to help you either. I bet you were one of the workers or business owners taking some sort of subsidy from the government! Like it or not you know that morally jacinda did the right thing those 25 people that died could have been your mum, dad, brother, grandfather or grandmother. Stop thinking about money all the time and gain some human morals.

  2. Yes Martyn

    “When money talks (as tax cut promises does) – truth walks” – is the right phrase here.

    National are ‘sick and dying’, obviously.

    We are so sorry to see National doesn’t get it; -when they had the golden chance to do god for all by joining in a “grand coalition with Labour to fix the ‘Climate problems and our failing shared wealth in NZ’.

  3. At least its something rather than nothing (Labour’s policies). Still doesn’t address the elephant(s) in the room of super entitlements, our growing welfare state, borrowing to put in the stock market and wasteful pork barrel spending

    • All these questions prove is if you’re lacking in economic literacy you shrivel up and of course Frank The Tank wears that as a badge of honour. Frank the Tank is obviously very worried about the stock markets and then you’ve got Simon Bridges running around saying he only got one bite at the National Leadership while Bill English got to shots. Fact is there are lots of deception on the right and you don’t have to be dressed in lipstick to do that.

      • Never had stocks and never will. Call me a traditionalist however in NZ landed assets is the way to go. No political party has the stones to address this inequality hence the rich will get richer and the poor get poorer.

        Question for you Sam – is it appropriate for someone that has a passive investment income of Say 200k still receives super when they turn 65 yet we can’t meet the operating costs of the Canterbury DHB? Or when we are going to have 15 years of fiscal deficits? Ditto with Bob Jones being able to claim the winter energy subsidy yet pharmac can’t fund all cancer medication?

    • The Super Fund is set up to address the boomer bulge. NACT have already undermined the Super Fund and will do it again.
      The result will be to give money to business now and increase shareholder profits and leave the burden of supporting to the tax payers of the coming decade.

      A callous and criminal policy.

      NACT show clearly they cannot be trusted with caring for NZ and its elderly.

      The Health system will face more NACT quazi privatisation.

    • It’s alright Frank. Most here don’t like the idea that the public should spend at their choice some of the billions their Government has borrowed on their behalf. They see it as giving it to the rich but it’s the middle class. The ones that pay the countries bills. They can’t work out that the end of the supplementary wage payments is the end of the line for many and this tax initiative will open another door for some and keep the cornies on the table for others. Let’s look at the desperate wanky promises of the last election and the people who believed that BS and still do. Slow learners.

  4. bribery of the middle classes with tax cuts we can’t afford.

    The Collins-led Nats CANNOT be trusted. What they may appear to give with one hand, they will take many times over with the other. Anyone who believes the Nats are there to generously hand out unconditional ‘rewards’ is kidding themselves.

    • We can take feelings as a bit of a signal for a great opportunity for middle-class wives to be reconnected in meaningful ways with work.

  5. Typical right wing vile. The wealthiest benefit the most. Cuts to health the superannuation fund, public funding which will include spending on police, education and infrastructure. Cuts galore so that the top income earners benefit from a time limited tax BONUS!
    Fuck , how pathetic is that. Labour at least are better managers than the morally bankrupt radical right. Next they’ll raise the retirement age to 70!

  6. “…National will say and promise anything to win now, the internal polling must suggest they are haemorrhaging votes to promise tax cuts like this ”
    Next it will be a no to increasing GST but i would never trust them to keep their word after last time. It would be the ultimate insult to load more weight on to the backs of working kiwis to keep their wealthy supporters awash with even more cash but they really do despise the working poor.

  7. Let me get this right.

    National will tar seal and tunnel the North Island, costing tens of billions of dollars.

    They will increase spending on health, Pharmac, school infrastructure and dentistry at least.

    But in a gravity defying move they are now going to cut the government’s income big time with tax cuts for those who need it least and deprive themselves of money to pay for these promises and YET, they are going to aggressively pay down the deficit in 10 years.

    So what gives? Either all other public services are going to be eviscerated or National are full of shit.

    Probably a large portion of both.

  8. Tax cuts?–just when the state needs to grow, build houses, return power generation and supply to public ownership, and become the major employer in the country–I don’t think so Judith!

    Lets see what the voters say.

  9. ACT announce a policy that will utterly sink the NZ economy.
    So Judeath flip-flops by announcing an economically damaging bribe to grab the spotlight back.

    Utterly incoherent rubbish from ever more desperate actors on the political stage.

    It’s incredible witnessing these increasingly panicked responses from floundering opposition parties vying to get their snouts in the trough.
    But then I guess, after 9 unchallenged years of Key’s particular brand of psychopathy, why should we be surprised by anything anymore……?

  10. I recall that it was Labour’s Michael Cullen who reduced NZ debt to nearly zero, before Bill English blew the debt out to 70 billion for his, tax cuts for the rich, slight of hand. Now Judith can’t wait to spray out money that Grant Robertson has set aside in the covid fund, for a rainy day. Ten out of ten, from Judith’s kindergarten school of mad economics. The 14 billion in the covid fund is borrowed, meaning that if Judith uses it in her tax cuts arithmetic, the govt will still have to pay it back someday, presumably by Judith increasing taxes. Wow, increase taxes to fund a tax cut,,, yippee. This makes as much sense as Joyce’s $11.3 billion fiscal hole. What ever happened to that darn hole? Judith’s flagship policy, are 100% bonafide, virtue signalled, aspirational claytons ghost tax cuts, with non existent money. This from the party that supposedly understands business.

    • Yes Winston I recall all that as it was Michael Cullen that left a ‘set of good books for national to devour’.

      Seems they love spreading when its money for the rich and bossiness eh?

    • I heard Stephen Joyce on radio talking about the dire state of the economy.
      He needs to do it out in public and tell us and the media where it’s going to be.
      Socially distancing by at least 2 metres would give him a fighting chance of ducking any low-flying sex-toys.
      Being hit by another dildo on the other side of his skull though, might knock some sense back into him.

      With Paul Goldsmith suggesting “….. suspending new payments to the New Zealand Super Fund for the next four years. That alone would reduce core crown debt by $9 billion over four years.” Goldsmith’s idea has the backing of former Reserve Bank Governor and National leader Don Brash. All we need now is Don Brash walking around the place promoting tax cuts for the rich, increasing the benefit stand-down to 12 weeks, dividing Aotearoa into Iwi-Kiwi tribes and scaring children and middle aged, by taking away the government’s contribution to the Super fund.

      BTW, if Bill English got two chances at National leader and PM and Soimon Bridges wants another crack at it, does that mean that John Key can get another crack at it too?

      Key’s flag idea referendumb was so close last time. All Key needs this time, would be for the 4 Southern Cross stars to be replace by 4 single dollar signs Christopher Luxton as National leader when Judith loses, would be the same as having Key as leader anyway.

      Is there no end to the dirty politics of the National Party.

      The fact that the biggest proponents of dirty politics like Joyce and Key and Brash keep getting dragged out of mothballs and cobwebs to pontificate about life would be better for New Zealanders shows the corruption deep in the the DNA of the NACTs.

      • Well Merv, there are rumours spreading around New Zealand, that the leader of your party, tried the same racist nonsense on Marcus Lush’s Radio Programme:

        The late night caller, who is not thought to be linked to Manurewa nor the National Party’s board, is referring to this: a Department of Conservation competition to name an albatross chick before it flies across the Pacific Ocean to feed near South America.

        And NZ Herald 14th August, Judith Collins was quick to distance herself:

        National Party leader Judith Collins said Bridge’s alleged actions and apparent attempts to undermine one candidate for the Auckland Central selection were “not what we would do, it’s not something I approve of”.

        But she said it was a matter for the party.

        She told Radio NZ the board was meeting to discuss the issue, but she did not believe it was of any interest to the wider New Zealand public.

        The racist rant by Judith to Marcus Lush is just as bad as Merv’s sexist and racist rant to Marcus Lush. Journalists were able to get Merv’s number from RadioNZ.

        “Bridge denied the connection, but it later emerged the call to Lush’s radio programme came from his number.

        Why can’t those that outed Merv through his phone number, find out racist Judith’s number to finally confirm or deny the rumours flying around Wellington at the moment that Judith/Bob, was. or was not Judith Collins?

        New Zealand needs to root out racists at the highest level and we all need to know definitively, if it should be David Seymour debating Jacinda Ardern on the 15th October.

        Especially ironic, give the fact that Judith Collins defended free speech a on One News tonight.

        We need ACT to be the opposition Party of choice for New Zealand.
        It’s the sensible thing to do.

        And what was Judith Anon, or Judith Collins so worked up about?

        The albatross name that generated such anger from Judith was Atawhai, meaning kindness, and chosen as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic

        Atawhai Collins? Or Just Judith?

  11. Promising tax cuts to the biggest tax bracket during a recession when Treasury are forecasting debt to GDP ration at record levels at current taxation rates?
    Even an economic tiro like me knows you can’t do that.
    So much for the myth of National being the best managers of the economy.
    Unless they are planning to ditch all their promised new roads.
    But I think probably not.
    National are not planning anything out properly.
    They are going for the greed factor.
    Another example in the series of why National is not fit for government.

  12. National claimed last week after Robinson’s 180k+ plus tax rate hike to 39% that no government has taxed it way out of a recession.
    How does National propose to tax cut its way out of a recession without simultaneously running the country into the ground?

  13. I don’t mind this policy. Prob gonna vote TOP though, doubtful they’ll get in, but it’s important to give that bunch of ragamuffins a vote of confidence.

    They remind me of what the Greens were like when I was a kid. My younger self would want me to vote for TOP. I voted for them last time and I think I will again.

    I think Gareth Morgan abandoned them. But I reckon he should pony up some cash for them lol .. make it RAIN Daddy Warbucks !! lol

  14. Really good smart economics by National. Akin to Thatcher which transformed the UK .. nothing better than the everyday man having more money in his pocket

    • Andy, your joking right?? Transformed the Economy, Thatcher turned England into a Neoliberal Wasteland in which it has never recovered from! She singlehandedly destroyed British Manufacturing & jobs then gutted the Wealth of that Nation via Privatisations & unfettered Corporate Financialization of that Economy & transferred that Wealth to the Elites in one of the greatest Wealth transfer heists in History! This bankrupt Economic System was exported to NZ in the 1980’s & adopted by the charlatan Finance Minister, Roger Douglas, who would be sacked, leave Labour & went on to form the Neoliberal ACT Party? Now David Seymour, as Leader pushes the same tired, destructive Neoliberal Policies of the far right, that have failed miserably over the last 40 yrs. Check out any Ken Loach Film & view the Thatcher carnage brought about by this Neoliberalism system as endorsed by this evil woman!

    • Andy since when have National ever given anything to the families.
      The latest bullshit from Crusher is that she will make electricity cheaper.

      Whoops a full sell off of the energy sector then an admission it was all bullshit and prices have to go up . TINA.

  15. If National gets in to government that is a really scary thought! I can not believe they would even think about spending the Covid fund with a huge pandemic all over the world. National don’t care about the majority they only care for the minorities that are rich.There will be no money to help business and workers so they will lose there business and people will lose there jobs! She is the devil just like trump and will kill thousands just for money and wealth! I worry for my 10 year old immuno compromised daughter, she deserves to go to school and play at a park, feel safe to be child and play with friends. Jacinda has allowed my child and others to feel safe in there community! Judith Collins does not get to decide who can live and who should die

  16. Dirty Politics one oh one? Desperate Times call for Desperate measures & what better way for the One Trick pony National Party to pull out of its rabbits hat of Policies than Judith’s latest & despicable Tax Bribe, conjob?? The disastrous, do nothing Nats are trying too convince us that they are the Party to lead us to the Promised Land but who can forget their previous 9 yrs of ineptitude & incompetent Leadership when they were last in Govt! Once again, they revert to previous tired & failed Policies of promising to Build more Roads to nowhere or Bridges that never, ever get built! Predictably, these turned into a fizzer, so as a last resort of desperation, go to the tried & true Pork barrel Tax Cut bribe to woo the Voters! Didn’t they do this last time? They gave a crappy small Taxcut to the poor but a massive Taxcut to the Rich then increased the consumption Tax of GST to pay for it via a Tax switcharoo which increased the Tax burden for the poor & middle class! Make no mistake, this is a Tax cut for the Rich?! If you earn $60-90k your $4k better off, but if you earn the average wage of 50k you get $860. Others get NOTHING! No ones fooled by the National Parties dodgy maths & thank god Labour was in charge during this Pandemic, one can only imagine the chaos & disaster we would’ve been in if Judith & her motley bunch had been in charge when COVID struck! It’s Labour, ALL THE WAY & the Nats, Act & Judith can STAY AWAY!

  17. My dad’s old boss always used to tell the pollsters the exact opposite of how he was going to really vote. How many other people surveyed by Colmar Brunton et al do that as well?

    • So, does that mean that National will get even fewer votes this time.
      Sounds good to me Chris.
      Let National immolate itself on the pyre of its own making.
      Dirty politics. Tax cuts for the rich. Iwi-Kiwi.
      Bene-bashing, Superann-bashing
      Sell off more assets
      Herd immunity.

      • Diane, there are no assets left to sell? The National Party has flogged off the few that were left, in their last, inept term, the cupboard is bare from 9 yrs of John Key Privatisations & who knows were the $5 billion raised from the sales went?? Probably, straight to John Key’s cronies! Nothing is too much for National to enact, perhaps they’ll privatise the sunlight or air you breathe or charge you a procreation Tax with meters in the bedroom to charge you for intimacy?? I wouldn’t put anything past this National Party, they only look after their rich mates & don’t give a stuff about NZ or ordinary Kiwis!

        • Hmm KiwiAntz:
          Intimacy Tax – definitely a trickle-down user pays tax, so The Neoliberal David and Judy Show will be falling over each other to claim this new ‘trickle-down’ panacea tax for New Zealand.
          Will it have a GST component?
          Will the rich be able to use a trust to isolate themselves from this new tax?
          What about an acronym for the intimacy tax?
          Holistic Intimacy Tax – HIT
          What if someone lives alone? Will there be an exemption?
          If there are politicians in a tax, there are certain to be some loopholes for their mates, and no-mates.

        • KiwiAntz.
          There are public schools to sell-off by charter schools.
          The grand plan to have user-pays Medicare like America is only part-way there.
          Personal tax to be replaced by GST.
          Toll roads and bridges.
          Public-private partnerships.
          Quarantine facilities.

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