How have the Greens managed to drag their Magical Jedi Academy into a 3rd week of news?

The Green Party Jedi Academy resembles the Ewok village from the Moon of Endor.

What on earth are they doing?

Green Party co-leaders face up to Taranaki principals

The head of the organisation representing Taranaki secondary school principals says educators felt the co-leaders of the Green Party had listened to them in New Plymouth.

Martin Chamberlain, principal of Francis Douglas Memorial College and the head of the Taranaki Secondary Schools Principals’ Association, was speaking after the meeting with James Shaw and Marama Davidson at the Plymouth Hotel on Wednesday afternoon.

The pair were in Taranaki on a two-day visit in which they are calling in at schools around the mountain – but not the controversial Green School at Oakura.

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Last month, Shaw announced $11.7 million had been approved for the private school’s expansion plans.

Why are they visiting the Schools who missed out on extra spending in Taranaki and dragging this fiasco into a 3rd week of news?

You are extending the media platform to remind everyone of a huge blunder just before the election?

Why didn’t you cauterise this the next day with some bullshit Zoom conference with the aggrieved so that it was done and dusted?

How the Christ are we now into the third week of this fucking Jedi Academy as a news story?

Who the hell is running things inside there?

It’s like watching Chequers players playing Chess.

Please Green Party Strategists, tell me that’s it. There isn’t some major conference 24 hours out from the election where Marama and James have to self flagellate themselves in front of the Taranaki Secondary Schools Principals’ Association who have felt triggered by the Jedi Academy is there?





Can we get this story out of the fucking news cycle and stop manufacturing reasons the media might want to pull it back into the headlines?

Like organised meetings with them?

I don’t even know what to say anymore.

Chloe Swarbrick in Auckland Central is rapidly becoming their only hope now.

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  1. They (the Greens) haven’t dragged this into the media for three weeks, the mainstream media have done this and in my view they are trying to damage them.

      • The Greens have a long history of banning, cancelling, virtue signalling, and pandering to marginal groups as a way of bringing an end to state capitalism and so on. It’s our position that those actions are responsible for alienating voters. Even if The Daily Blog stopped publishing we believe there wouldn’t be any positive effect on the Greens Polling.

    • I agree, CiP. The media are doing a big “Cancel” on the Greens (I guess Karma’s got them – heh). The mainstream media treat them mostly like they don’t exist, only highlighting anything that can be portrayed as negative.

  2. We need Green schools. LOTS of them. Just work out how to build them cheaply and so make them freely available.

    Why sentence children to a childhood being ‘educated’ in tight little square boxes, often cold, often of concrete or brick, almost always completely uninspiring in design. Here is one inspiring design, somewhere children would love to go and learn. Let’s have MORE of them, – just deliver them at low cost.

  3. Truly ‘Green’ schools don’t have to be expensive. They can be built largely from recycled and sustainable materials. The children and parents of any community can even help with the build in many cases and they can help establish gardens, orchards and other landscaping.

    Schools, and more inspired ways of learning and teaching, need to be prioritised in our approach to the future we’re facing, the changes that are ahead.

    Nine quite different schools around the world: Little Passports, Nine Schools

  4. I agree with Kheala from what I have read the concept of this school is very good . Much of it seems similar to Rudolf Steiner Schools. They do not need the fringe thinks like crystal power but there are some good measures.
    Perhaps Greens are working on the addidage that all publicity is good publicity because apart from this and the backlash from their farming policy they have not been heard from. Their list of achievement hardly sets the World alight after years of wat ing to get on the government benches

    • Thanks, Trevor. I worked for a time at a Steiner school and found that some of the children who were sent there had previously been unable to learn, and had multiple behavioural problems. Those children were either aggressive or withdrawn on arrival, and some immediately tried to run away. Yet after only a very short time at the school their whole personality changed. I saw this happen. They began to enjoy schooling and found their place in all kinds of creativity, music, art, architecture and more. And, they almost always excelled academically in the longer term (those I followed up on).


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