MEDIA WATCH: The Hui’s Tāmaki Makaurau Debate


Great Tāmaki Makaurau debate on The Hui last night.

Mihi was very gracious as host, it was a very straight debate, no attempts at gotchas, no bias, it was incredibly fair.

Everyone brought their A game, but it’s their being on screen that is most interesting.

Marama was solid. Haven’t really seen her so far this campaign. She pushed the two ticks strategy but it seemed pretty flat. I would be incredibly surprised if she won the electorate.

Peeni was quietly spoken and polite.

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I think however that Tamihere was the hands down winner on the night.

There wasn’t really much Labour or the Greens could argue against him when he pointed out the ongoing legacy of state failures when it comes to Māori outcomes.

JT was friendly, statesman like and incredibly confident. I know, where has this JT been?

Maori will be well served by all three of these candidates but if there are to be any surprises on election night, it will be from the Māori Party.


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  1. I agree with Johns views on euthanasia if we follow our tikanga something lacking in the majority of our governments policies, Maori do not believe in euthanasia. I have watched many of my whanau die prematurely from non communicable diseases that are treatable but they haven’t been treated properly. And when they were dying they were in pain but no matter what they fought till their last breath despite been critically ill. And no matter what, not one of our whanau said to put them to sleep now. I find euthanasia to be an appalling option given we as a people are still fighting for the same level of medical treatment in our country. And we as a people are still dying much younger. Why should the state have the right to say people can die now if they want to, this is not the states role and nor should it be. And why should Doctors be burdened with this. I see this primarily as a Pakeha policy being forced on others and people saying its about choice when choice is influenced by many factors. Many of us do not want our people to think they are a burden. I cannot speak for all Maori but when so many of our people die prematurely and our urupa are full why would we want to hasten the process.

    • Unless I’m mistaken, the “putting to sleep” bit has to be instigated by the patient. Nothing to do with the state at all. Nobody can force this on the patient. Only the patient can request this, with a Doctor to sign it off. I believe this is the plan being put forward for referendum.

    • ” Maori do not believe in euthanasia” I couldnt care less whether they do or not. Dont take up the option if you dont want it, take the option if you do.

      • Of course you don’t care Wiking and why would you its not your culture that has been crapped on for centuries in fact do you even have one?

  2. ” There wasn’t really much Labour or the Greens could argue against him when he pointed out the ongoing legacy of state failures when it comes to Māori outcomes ”
    This coming from the man who said Bill English should be admired for his economic legacy !!!!!!!
    That legacy that the Maori party was supporting for nine years did fuck all for the majority of poor and oppressed maori who still have to live and survive under the oppressive conditions of the neoliberal system that Tamihere and the Maori party supported from 2008 -2017.
    The treaty settlements deliverd BILLIONS to only a select few in control of the tribes and has never ” trickled down ”
    More Maori should be questioning why most of their people are still after so much has been allocated to correcting past grievances they are still seen as state failures.

  3. Your optimism is misguided. The proposal has weak safeguards for a person not keen to die, compared with Australia and other states. Even the option suggests unnatural death is OK.

    I am disabled, dependent on a loving husband and wider family. I am conscious how others in my condition may be pressured to feel a nuisance. Covid is pa says it all about an inhumane measure that deepens the disrespect for many lives that already exist in our society

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