ACT’s environmental vandalism policy like an alternate Star Wars where Luke is a junkie dirtbag


ACT have finally released their environmental policy, and it’s a fascist romper stomper blitzkrieg of every worst element of the free market set loose on a rapidly warming planet.

The Zero Carbon Bill would be dumped, the Emissions Trading Scheme would be dumped, the ban on new offshore oil and gas exploration permits would be dumped and mining would be allowed on conservation land.

At a time when Siberia is in flames, California is in flames, the earliest and strongest Hurricane measured coming ashore and a pandemic triggered by destruction of the environment – ACT would like to accelerate the pollution that is sparking this acceleration of climate warming events?

It’s like ACT live in an alternate Star Wars where Luke isn’t saving the Galaxy from the Dark side of the Force and is instead a junkie dirtbag selling cheap drugs to his barely legal girlfriend’s mates.

You know, real dirtbag behaviour.

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How can a response to a rapidly warming planet created by pollution be to create MORE POLLUTION?

This is unhinged crazy from ACT who are suffering a rush to the brain from the uncritical support they are gaining from National’s demise. While this is being ignored by the looming eclipse of a Majority Labour Government, the joy with which the Left can paint out the far right economic madness of a National-ACT 2023 Government will ensure Jacinda wins a 3rd term.

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  1. You can all dump on me if you like but Seymour is right in some respects, but it is more like being right for the wrong reason.
    This is my cynical take on the legislation
    The Emission Trading Scheme exists because someone discovered that you could make money out of pollution by turning into a trading commodity.
    The Zero Carbon Bill is more of a wistful aspiration than a reality. It sets goals for carbon emission that simply cannot be achieved without massive changes in the way we all live. And there is scant evidence that people want any such changes – everyone wants business as usual.
    Will either of them make any tangible difference in the long run? I doubt it.
    But it doesn’t mean that I support ACT.
    ACT’s plan to wipe the legislation smacks of their obstinacy to recognise climate change as a reality hence they have no alternatives. For them it is all about getting rich – f…. the planet.
    Even though I doubt whether the Zero Carbons Bill and the Emissions Trading Act will effect meaningful change they are better than nothing.

    • @Mike the Lefty – I won’t dump on you. I agree with you. I have studied the ETS and the Zero Carbon Bill. Everything you say about the ETS is correct. Its very title which includes the word ‘Trading’ confirms what it really is all about – dirty corporates trading in an ethereal concept to avoid their responsibilities but give the impression of being responsible. The Zero Carbon Bill is great in concept but unworkable in its present format, more-so because society cannot get its collective head around it.

      The only thing I disagree with you on is your comment – “…smacks of their obstinacy to recognise climate change as a reality…” I would use the word ‘refusal’ rather than ‘obstinacy’. Seymour should take serious note of what is happening in California with the devastating fires and the underlying reason behind them. He won’t though because it does not fit his ego driven narrative. He would rather introduce the gun nuts into his right-wing facist cabal than address issues which affect the planet and all of us on it.

    • Yes Mike, it always amazes me that people who claim to be opposed to free-market and neoliberal economic policy and are pro-environment, somehow believe that a purely market-driven mechanism such as ETS which allows multi-national companies to buy up NZ farmland and convert it to pine monoculture carbon sinks as a way to cover their offshore environmental destruction is a good thing! What NZ has done is created a massive international corporate welfare system for anti-environmental multinationals entirely at our cost, as these companies are buying up productive farmland, planting carbon forests and taking all the value, then will write off these ‘assets’ and walk away leaving a massive fire risk environmental disaster behind them, and because of the carbon liabilities they leave on the land title this land can never go back into any other land use!

      The ETS is the most stupid, anti-environmental, neoliberal, anti-climate idea ever conceived in NZ that will make money for some paper pushers and international multinationals at the expense of all NZ. Anyone who supports it should consider themselves economically on the far right of the spectrum.

      • ‘The ETS is the most stupid, anti-environmental, neoliberal, anti-climate idea ever conceived in NZ that will make money for some paper pushers and international multinationals at the expense of all NZ. Anyone who supports it should consider themselves economically on the far right of the spectrum.’


        It’s all about corporations and banks and opportunists making money out of destroying the habitability of the Earth whilst doing zilch to cut the emissions that are the root cause of the predicament.

        Your comment regarding supporters being far right is interesting because it was on Helen Clark’s watch that the outrageous system was introduced.

        I vividly recall going to the ‘soften up the public to the scam’ meetings held in New Plymouth. Although supposedly facilitated by the Ministry of the Environment, it was actually run and promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development.

        What was telling for me was that the main speaker, one Mr Brash (no not that one, but perhaps a relative) could not state what the level of CO2 in the atmosphere was at the time, let alone how much it was rising per annum. That was despite being head of the Ministry of the Environment bureaucracy!!! And running a roadshow supposedly about CO2 emissions!!!

        Towards the end of one of the sessions, when it was obvious that there was fierce opposition to the scheme, one of the underlings ( I have forgotten her name) blurted out that “We’ve already got the investors lined up.”

        Ooops. I don’t think that was supposed to be stated at the public meeting.

        Needless to say, the bureaucrats and eco-vandals had their way, and emissions carried on going up and up and up.

        It’s all bullshit. And it’s bad for you.” -George Carlin.

    • Then it must really annoy you that Act is a certainty come October where Greens….not so much. The Greens showed their true colours when they didn’t support the Kermadec marine sanctuary yet want to spend millions on an Ewok village.

      • Doesn’t annoy, just means I’ll need to purchase a gun to protect myself from ACTs gun toting nut jobs.
        What does annoy me is that you, me and every other person’s tax is used to support private Charter schools whose profits aren’t returned to the government. Are you okay with that Frankie? Isn’t that hypocritical?

        • No it doesn’t.

          As someone with 2 degrees and a high A bursary I believe traditional schooling is vastly overrated as a silver bullet to solve our educational needs particularly when it comes to the 20% of students that don’t fit the status quo. If charter schools offer those individuals an opportunity to contribute to society, learn life schools and be employable then that is better than forcing them into a system that doesn’t suit them and is a waste of time and money for all involved. And don’t get me started on tertiary education.

          The problem is that the left want everyone to learn under a very narrow ideological range and are resistant to any different opinions when it comes to education. My experiences is that a varied approach to education as opposed to tunnel vision provides the best result for society hence support charter schools as a concept.

          • Oh dear, you only achieved a high A bursary!
            And what educational system was that underachievement achieved in, traditional schooling?
            And clearly it wasn’t achieved in English.

            Personally I don’t have an issue with Charter schools but as I stated and clearly I have to type slowly for you to comprehend…

            …once again tell me why the Government should fund a private business? You know how the right smash out personal responsibility, work hard etc etc, yet Charter schools stand at the front of the line cap in hand.

            As an aside my PHD trumps your 2 degrees

    • Yes Bert; This says ‘everything ACT is planning is toxic to humans and animals’ so this is everything we voters need to push to dump ACT in the rubbish bin of toxic politics,

      Thanks to Martyn;
      “ACT have finally released their environmental policy, and it’s a fascist romper stomper blitzkrieg of every worst element of the free market set loose on a rapidly warming planet.
      The Zero Carbon Bill would be dumped, the Emissions Trading Scheme would be dumped, the ban on new offshore oil and gas exploration permits would be dumped and mining would be allowed on conservation land.”

  2. David forgot to include promoting the burning of tyres in the backyard, to keep warm when having barbeques in the middle of winter etc.

    Also, he omitted removing all speed limits on roads. We need to be able to move faster because time is money, and money is the only thing that counts

    Also, I think we should be allowed to dump toxic waste in the nearest stream, and push old car bodies off cliff faces into the sea. All the cost of dealing with waste is a terrible drain on the economy. Come to think of it, we should be allowed to dump waste in local reserves. It’s costing me something like $5 a week to have my waste taken away by council contractors.

    Shame on David Fuckwit; how dare he overlook my right to do whatever I like and fuck everyone else in the process.

    Selfishness and greed rulz, OK.

  3. First of all I do not vote ACT, but when it’s election time small parties have to try and create headlines and talking points to try and gain traction…whether you agree with the policy or not, it’s politics 101.
    Maori party saying they will rename NZ and all cities renamed a Maori name (officially) and drop english name…will gain a few votes from maoridom voters and the pakeha wannabes and create a sharp intake of breath from the majority of non Maori voters.
    Don’t get your knickers in a bunch Martyn, you know as well as everyone the policies spouted from small parties will never see the light of day enacted as the main party in Govt would never sanction them…welcome to election campaigning.

    • Using ‘race bait’ eh I’m right,- I am right to accuse you – that was a ‘toxic low blow for you’ to attempt wasn’t it?
      Are you getting worried?

      • Not at all Cleangreen, ACT will be in parliament come the election…the Greens not so much of a certainty, has that got you worried?
        And the Maori party are a no show, Labour has those seats tied up tight.
        Now…how is that Gisborne railway getting on that NZ1st promised during last election campaign that you took their word for it hook line and sinker, up and running yet, you have ridden the train on it? LOL

    • In other words Im right a vote for the smaller parties is a waste of a vote. We need to keep reminding people of that and no dealt a lot of votes will be wasted this election with so many parties.

    • Gosh I’m Right, once again you are getting worked up about something Maori.
      Just about every city or sizeable town in New Zealand known by a European name also has a Maori alternative – many of which are quite well known and frequently used – sometimes in a semi-official capacity.
      If such renaming legislation took place it wouldn’t make much difference really.
      People would continue to use the name they were familiar with – be it Maori or otherwise but over time the new names would appear on maps and gradually people would accept the changes as the norm.
      I don’t think the Maori Party would advocate having your tongue torn out for blasphemy if you uttered the old European name.
      You really should do something about your ingrained cultural ignorance I’m Right.
      It must becoming an embarrassment.

      • Not worked up at all Mike, I was showing the fact that small parties need to grab the headlines in any election campaign, and highlighting Maori party policy just as Martyn highlighted ACTs policy and pointing out that neither policy will ever be enacted as the larger party in Govt would not agree to it as majority of voters would not agree to it.
        Now whether you believe this is ‘racist’ as I mentioned the Maori party policy (as it happened to be in the news feeds this morning) it means nothing to me as I know you are all speaking from a distressed place with the Greens vote collapsing so much….I forgive you Mike, you don’t know any better and you are forgiven due to your stress levels. Lol

        • So would ACT gain a parliament seat if they had to stand alone without Nationals assistance?

          Where is the personal responsibility or self determination that ACT so profusely espouse on the citizens of this country?

          Seymour needs his hand held. He behaves like a boy in a man’s pair of underpants.

          And Seymour has the hypocrisy to call the Greens out.

  4. In order to recruit the worst of National’s voters, they have to employ the worst of Nationals policies.

    Dangerous, unhinged lunatic fringe elements. A symptom of the environmental/economic/societal implosion I presume.

  5. Mission number one, destroy ACT

    Mission number two, complete the destruction of National.

    They aid and abet themselves so a little more pressure is simply needed.


  6. The sweet smell of a great sorrow lies over the land
    Plumes of smoke rise and merge into the leaden sky
    A man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers
    But awakes to a morning with no reason for waking
    He’s haunted by the memory of a lost paradise
    In his youth or a dream, he can’t be precise
    He’s chained forever to a world that’s departed
    It’s not enough, it’s not enough
    His blood has frozen and curdled with fright
    His knees have trembled and given way in the night
    His hand has weakened at the moment of truth
    His step has faltered
    One world, one soul
    Time pass, the river roll
    And he talks to the river of lost love and dedication
    And silent replies that swirl invitation
    Flow dark and troubled to an oily sea
    A grim intimation of what is to be
    There’s an unceasing wind that blows through this night
    And there’s dust in my eyes, that blinds my sight
    And silence that speaks so much louder than words
    Of promises broken

    Pink Floyd ‘sorrow’

  7. Assess David Seymores audience. They understand the the countries real income / wealth is derived from from the earth and sea or brought into the country by foreigners with money in a suitcase. Given the “suitcases” are gone for 2 to 5 years we are left with fishing, farming, forestry, or extraction of oil/minerals. It is as simple as that!

    Or to put it annother way “you can only afford to be green when you are rich”
    Covid has driven us towards poverty the demise of the Greens is symptomatic of this realisation.

    • Well if I’m right was correct we would not be seeing this disaster unfolding below NZ at Antarctica.
      Yes we need to take climate change seriously and maybe I’m right should take heed of reducing truck use as trucks tyres are shedding micro-plastics that are now reaching the Antarctica ice shelf’s and the only sane answer always is to move freight by rail as rail does not shed tyre micro-plastic pollution as trains have steel wheels on steel tracks and you cant get better than that.

      Read the disaster unfolding at Antarctica;
      Two major Antarctic glaciers are tearing loose from their restraints, scientists say
      Chris Mooney13:41, Sep 15 2020
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      Sea ice between Pine Island Glacier and the newly calved Iceberg B-46, seen in 2018.
      Two Antarctic glaciers that have long kept scientists awake at night are breaking free from the restraints that have hemmed them in, increasing the threat of large-scale sea level rise.
      Located along the coast of the Amundsen Sea in West Antarctica, the enormous Pine Island and Thwaites glaciers already contribute around 5 per cent of global sea level rise. The survival of Thwaites has been deemed so critical that the US and UK have launched a targeted multimillion dollar research mission to the glacier, whose loss could trigger the broader collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet, which contains enough ice to raise seas by about 3 metres.

      • Cleangreen….blah blah blah
        At almost 80yrs old , who cares what you think!
        Getting NZ superannuation whilst actually working overseas for decades, many years did you actually contribute to your NZ super before you came back to NZ, and claim sickness benefit for years before you were eligible for super.
        We have all read about being poisoned overseas, let us know the truth.

        • “I’m Right” is a sadistic troll, who’s response to children being bombed is “Bring out the popcorn”, and discussing the flavours – ON THIS SITE!

          For shame!

  8. roger douglas’s funny little plaything seymour’s trying his best to survive. His Machiavellian minions above are arguing an unwinnable argument just to stay relevant, that’s all. He’s got a nice cushy job in a warm office and he’ll say and do anything, other than anything useful, clearly, just to stay there.
    Does anyone really read im right, mike the lefty, frank the what ever etc? I no longer read their comments for two reasons; I won’t be drawn into their underworld so consequently I miss nothing worth engaging with and have you not noticed? Like some of you, I tried them on once and found them to be disappointingly witless, annoying and quite honestly boring reading, just like their politics.
    Have we not had enough of greedy, boring and exploitative fools?
    Having national win with act as a coalition party would be like being trapped inside an empty concrete water tank with a box full of hungry fleas for three years.
    act is after advertising oxygen. Any advertising oxygen because they’re dead in the water. act never quite made it ashore after desperately trying to swim from the sinking neoliberal dung barge.
    Sure, they’ll appeal to one or two dumb old Southland farmers but who cares? They’re only one or two votes.

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