A Very Kiwi Fascism – Billy TK & Jami-Lee Ross QAnon lunacy are the 2020 Massey’s Cossacks

There must be some kind of way outta here Said the joker to the thief.

Massey’s Cossacks were an irregular mounted thug force used by the Capitalist interests of 1913 NZ to beat the bejesus out of Unionists who were blocking ports.

Fired up on rhetoric from right wing newspapers that the socialists were disrupting their way of life, provincial sons of inferiority NZ rode hard to Wellington to bash those who thought they were better than the dirt stained hands of those who built the produce that allowed unionists such education.

Globalism must be looking at Billy TK & Jami-Lee Ross’s QAnon lunacy and love the irony.

Those who source their news from Facebook conspiracies have turned from a mainstream media that exists only to sell them things they can’t afford and away from Politicians they don’t understand towards a snake oil merchant and a venal opportunist.

The fear that the pandemic has generated aligned with a social media network designed to emotionally entrap people combined with naked political manipulation has created a very Kiwi fascism.

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We don’t do uniforms and we don’t do goose stepping violence, it’s more a casual, laid back fascism in God’s zone.

Like a vast herd of noxious sheep who pollute everything they swarm.

Small minded, emotionally unstable and scientifically illiterate, this new electorate’s success will be because of the lack of progress this Government has made into untangling poverty.

This angry new electorate has been left behind for exploitation by political actors of bad faith and while Facebook can spread this toxic fear, this is a problem that won’t go away.

The virus is not a bioengineered weapon spread by 5G to bring about a shadowy one world Government and insinuating that it is rules you out from the normal rules of engagement.

The followers of this need detoxification but the leaders are guilty.


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  1. Martyn;

    So Jamie Lee Ross want to back Christopher Luxton (another John Key) into Government to replace John Key again to carry on another sell off to China of the last vestiges of our country eh?

    Funny, when I thought that Jamie Lee Ross was showing some balls when he shopped his past leader Simon Bridges when he accepted illegal funding from Chinese Government bussiness people, but now he is supporting another trogan horse that will eagerly follow John Key’s legacy and sell everything he can find left to sell to the Chinese.

    Sad bad-fellows the right have now- and NZ will be sold by lunch time if they get their way.

    • Ross doesn’t know what he wants except what suits his own me me me agenda. He’s on RNZ to day bleating away against trade with China, with adolescent shrills to the effect that this deprives us of selling to other global markets, and America not taking us seriously. He was so bad at that I made a jam sandwich and it tasted Cordon Bleu.

  2. could be because of arrogance that billy TK thinks that he’s better than the rest of us . to the point where he thinks international assassins want and have nothing better to do with their time than to take him out .

  3. Surely the modern day “Massey’s Cossacks” are Federated farmers, who oppose any attempts to drag farming kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

    • The enemy has and always be the state and its corporate sponsors. A truly competent leftwing ideological leader would neutralize the bulk of those opposed by treaty so that the people are not held, hostage.

    • KJT
      If not dead right then close to it.
      NZ is well overstocked with dairy and beef.

      At least two recent govts have done nothing about it. The shit piles up, the fertilzer fuck up the land and ground water. the irrigation schemes damage the environment and the whole of NZ subsidizes this wanton vandalism.
      The Federated Farmer talk shit, demonise the scientists warning us about the destruction and no one is fronting them publicly from the govt or public agencies such as DOC.

  4. Those 19th Century missionaries have got a lot to answer for (in this space, going forward)
    It’s a bit of a shame Junior isn’t even as good a musician as his dad. He wouldn’t have had to take the lazy route out and rely on conspiracy theories, playing on the fears of others and the mana of his papa.
    We probably should all chip in and buy him a moroon velvet suit complete with bell-bottom trousers and a beret.

  5. it is a worry that this guy has been given $250000 by those that believe in him. I bet some will come from the poor who can least afford it in just the same way Tamaki bleeds the poor

  6. Of course the current govt’s lack of progress in addressing poverty has given rise to malcontents, and rightly so. And it is nobody’s interests to have large groups of people being alienated from mainstream society, but most of all, the children of the poor.

    Suddenly this Billy person, who I’d never heard of, has a dad who was better. Funny that, so did Don Brash.

    And what’s with all this dad business anyway ? I see that Marama Davidson notes her dad on her online CV also. Why ? Is Davidson’s daddy being an actor I’m also only dimly aware of meant to impress people ? Does it some how make her a better politician?

    Going by Billy whatshisname and Don Brash, that ain’t necessarily so.

    I have a friend with a rellie in Tamaki’s mob, and Trevor is correct, they’re being bled, and it strains the family relationships.

    If people are paying religious conspiracy whackos to somehow ameliorate the misery of their lives, then that has to be seen as an indictment of the state, here in New Zealand. It’s probably also an anti-left ( for want of a better word) movement; in a couple of offshore blogs, contributors also identify Obama, both the Clintons, and most of the ghastly Hollywood elite, as part of the one world conspiracy – most are also accused of pedophilia too.

    And most unfortunately there’s a lot of us who see damned all difference between the major political parties here – they hack me off so much that I might vote Winston.

      • Trevor – Stop your moaning. I was talking to a tradie today who said he was fed up with what a country of whingers we’ve become. Said that he would vote, but there was no party that he wanted to vote for, because there’s no difference between them. So I said my Winston Peters bit, and by golly he morphed into exactly the sort of person he’d been complaining about.

        The thing about Peters is that he knows how to wear a suit. He looks good. Who wants a bogan in too-tight trousers like you know who ? Some media person criticised Peters for wearing a suit to a weekend function.

        These are the shallows in which our journos are self-asphyxiating. Not only does a good suit deserve better, but when they come to dishing out the knighthoods, I rather like the sound of Lord Peters – and he might too -but keeping up appearances is very important to we suburbanites – as well as being a great British comedy – and if my
        appreciation of a good suit means a vote for Peters, life’s like that sometimes.Could be worse.

        • Snow you surprise me. A suit buys you.

          The comedy is that so many pay respect to a suit that’s why the con men wear them.
          Sir – Lord.

          Surely that’s sarc, not Kiwi talk

  7. Nobody knows much about COVID, that much is clear. The media and politicians are now our health experts. For me the virus ended with George Floyd.
    Fascist? What does it even mean anymore when everyone is a fascist?

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