33 Days until the NZ Election – where are we and what happens next?


So we are now 33 days away until the 2020 NZ Election due on October 17th.

As a mountain of the sick keeps exploding around the planet, The Shire looks like a far better place to stay than Mordor.


Who will you trust to save the Shire?

Jacinda Baggins or Judith Nazgul?

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The most recent internal UMR Poll says the majority of Hobbits demand Jacinda Baggins.

Judith Nazgul apparently terrifies too much to be trusted.

Here is how the political landscape stands with less than 5 weeks until the 2020 NZ Election.



  • 19 September, 9.30am: Newshub Nation presents Battlegrounds – a special programme dedicated to some of the most hotly-contested electorates in the country, featuring a debate between the key Northland Candidates, on location in the Bay of Islands.
  • Tuesday 22 September – The first Leaders’ Debate takes place between Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins at 7-8.30pm on TVNZ 1. Moderated by John Campbell.
  • Monday 28 September – The Young Voters Debate in association with Auckland University will feature candidates from a range of parties and will be live streamed via 1news.co.nz and 1 NEWS social channels. Moderated by Jack Tame.
  • Wednesday 30 September: Overseas voting starts
  • 30 September, 7.30pm: Newshub Decision 2020 Leaders Debate with Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins, hosted by Patrick Gower and post-debate analysis by Tova O’Brien with guest panellists. Live on Three, ThreeNow, Newshub’s Facebook page and YouTube account. Simulcast on Magic Talk.
  • Saturday 3 October: Advance voting starts
  • 3 October, 9.30am: Newshub Nation presents Powerbrokers, its multi-party leaders’ debate  featuring the Green Party’s Marama Davidson , the ACT Party’s David Seymour, and John Tamihere from The Maori Party.
  • 7 October, 8.30pm: Newshub Decision 2020 The Cannabis Question, moderated by Patrick Gower. Live on Three, ThreeNow, Newshub’s Facebook page and YouTube account.
  • Thursday 8 October – The Multi-Party Debate will include NZ First, The Green Party and Act at 7-8pm on TVNZ 1. Moderated by Jessica Mutch McKay.
  • 14 October, 8.30pm: Newshub Decision 2020 The Euthanasia Question, moderated by Patrick Gower. Live on Three, ThreeNow, Newshub’s Facebook page and YouTube account.
  • Thursday 15 October – The final Leaders’ Debate airs at 7-8pm on TVNZ 1. Featuring Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins, this will be the last broadcast debate before New Zealanders head to voting booths on Election Day. Moderated by Jessica Mutch McKay.
  • Friday 16 October: Advance voting ends
  • Friday 16 October midnight: The regulated period ends. All election and referendum advertising must end. Signs must be taken down by midnight.
  • Saturday 17 October: Election day. Voters can vote from 9am to 7pm.
  • 17th October 7pm – The Greatest NZ Election Results Show on Earth: Magic Talk Radio with Sean Plunket, Damien Grant and Martyn Bradbury
  • Friday 30 October: Preliminary results for the referendums
  • Friday 6 November: Official results for the general election and referendums


LABOUR: Prediction 50%+

If only!

Labour Mandarins are only realising what I’ve been at pains to yell at them since this pandemic occurred, that there has been a tectonic realignment of political loyalties thanks to Jacinda’s incredible leadership and as such they will win a majority and with that majority they now have to suddenly do something.

That’s what the tax hike, renewable energy and Māori public holiday are all about, big gestures that Labour can point to when their supporters suddenly realise there’s no Winston hand break and start demanding transformative change.

Of course, actual transformative change requires something like this for a first 100 day plan

-Lower Voting Age to 16
To strengthen the franchise of democracy we need to expand it to 16 year olds. They will live with the realities of the climate crisis, they need a voice at the table. The naked truth is that Political Parties will only listen to their concerns when there are votes in it. At a time when our democracy is going to be stressed most, we need young peoples drive and vision to consistently challenge the foot dragging.

-Double Welfare Payments
We have been kind to the newly unemployed by providing them with a welfare payment that is twice that f the ‘normal’ benefit. This has painfully reminded everyone of the hurt being unemployed generates. We must be kind right now. This pandemic isn’t ending until there is a vaccine, and that’s not going to be until the end of 2022 – and that’s the best case scenario. We need to lift ALL benefits to the higher level until there is a vaccine universally available. We can not pretend this economic downturn doesn’t damage the poorest amongst us hardest. We must support them during this pandemic or the social damage will be explosive.

-Free mental health counselling services
The stress that is rupturing throughout our communities comes on top of a mental health landscape that is blighted by some of the worst stats. We simply need to expand counselling and make it free. Not targeted. Free. It is incredibly important that these services are all universal because that’s the only way to ensure the need is being met. Free counselling services are one of the ways the State can safeguard the mental health of the nation during this crisis.

-Free Public Transport for registered Hop Cards
One of the problems with the public transport system during the current lockdown is that unregistered hop cards provide no info to the track and trace teams. Make all public transport free but only with a registered Hop card. This would reduce costs to public transport users while providing essential information during an outbreak.

-Overstayer Amnesty
We have over 11 000 overstayers and tens of thousands more migrant workers and tourists currently in NZ. Until a vaccine is available, we must have an overstayer amnesty, we can’t have effective track and trace if people are too frightened to come froward. Just pass an amnesty for everyone currently here. It’s not right to force people out of a country that doesn’t have Covid into a world full of it. That’s not us as a people.

-30 000 new green State Houses plus rent to own options for state tenants
The only way the failed rental market can self correct is if the desperation is removed from the bottom of the market. Remove beneficiaries and the working poor out of the private rental market and the slumlords will be forced to upgrade their slums. Provide a State House for life with a means to own that house via rent to own methods and we could lift an entire class of NZers out of poverty. Building the state houses in the most sustainable way is an immediate need.

-Freeze on all rents until a vaccine is available
The amputation of vast chunks of our economy can’t be ignored. Expecting renters of commercial or residential properties to pay more in rentals is free market capitalism at its most broken. This moment requires an agreed understanding that the rents don’t go up until a vaccine is available, and when I say agreed, I mean the renters. Landlords will get told what we’ve agreed to.

-Carbon neutral with agricultural emissions included by 2030
The current plan to be carbon neutral by 2050 is a mockery of the problem we face with the climate crisis. I appreciate the climate crisis is an issue in of itself, but the urgency that it demands requires a change of gear expressed in the first 100 days. Bring it forward to 2030. Include agricultural emissions. History is watching.

-Feed the Kids – free breakfast and lunches across all schools
Feed all our children healthy food that will provide them with the best fuel to learn while building community with the breaking of bread daily. It is obscene that we aren’t doing this already. This isn’t about letting parents off from feeding their children, it is providing the basic level of kindness we extend to all our children.

-Remove GST from fresh fruit and vegetables
This truncated economy and elongated hardship requires changes that are immediate and long lasting. Removing GST from fruit and vegetables is a way of making good choices at stressful times easier. That’s what the State is supposed to provide. Reward people for making better choices.

-Sugar Tax
These sugar pimps who push an addictive and lethal drug must be hit with a 20% tax. Everyone has to help pay for the damage they do and it’s time Big Sugar paid for their damage.

-Free Dental for all children & beneficiaries
This is urgent and needed now.

-Digital tax on Facebook/Google used to fund NZ Journalism
We have seen an explosion of conspiracy theories damage the credibility of our democracy. This is being driven via Facebook and Google, two international entities that currently gut the mainstream media’s revenue streams. We must join with Australia and hit them with a media tax which is ring fenced and ploughed into NZ journalism alongside a major boost for public broadcasting including a youth radio station and 24hour TV News service.

-Financial Transaction Tax
The wealthy speculate off the exploitation of greed. Tax them with a Financial Transaction Tax, bring in huge sums of revenue from those who speculate so we can afford these social programs and actively attempt to rebalance the inequalities.

-Immediate expansion of State capacity
35 years of amputation under neoliberalism has left a state barely able to function. The NZ public sector employs 295 800, the pandemic has highlighted what that shortage of capacity does. We need a wholesale boost to the capacity of the State so that we can handle this ongoing issue and have the capacity to deal with the next crisis.

-10 sick days
Just do it.

…and once Labour gain their majority let us as the democratic majority point out Labour have a moral obligation and responsibility to actually use that mandate and force through transformative change and not just serve us up nice symbolic gestures.

Or else.


NATIONAL: Prediction less than 30%

I like to beat a sack of puppies with a cricket bat.
Would you like a cucumber sandwich?

This election is based on how frightened people feel during this pandemic.

Sadly the numbers are suggesting National are screwed when it comes to positive feelings…

Survey: Jacinda Ardern makes voters feel more ‘hopeful’ than Judith Collins

New research shows Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern makes nearly twice as many people feel hopeful and proud than leader of the Opposition Judith Collins.

The Horizon Research Survey found Ardern made people feel more ‘comfortable,’ ‘pleased,’ ‘hopeful,’ and ‘proud’ than Collins – who was more likely to make people feel ‘angry,’ ‘afraid,’ ‘nervous,’ ‘disappointed,’ and ‘disgusted’.Horizon asked a sample of 1249 respondents over the age of 18, to rate the feelings evoked by both leaders, overall:

    • 46 percent said Ardern made them feel ‘hopeful,’ compared with 24 percent for Collins.
    • 43 percent said Ardern made them feel ‘proud,’ compared with six percent for Collins.
    • 13 percent said Ardern made them feel ‘excited,’ compared with nine percent for Collins.
    • 43 percent said Ardern made them feel ‘comfortable,’ compared with 15 percent for Collins.
    • 34 percent said Ardern made them feel pleased,’ compared with 10 percent for Collins. 

…speaking with people who are watching the focus groups talking about Judith and Jacinda, the group reactions are almost night and day.

When Judith’s photo is shown, there is an audible groan of deep trauma and many report the room temperature to plunge. Breast feeding mothers have their milk turn, children become ashen in completion and nervous in their disposition while men experience a loss of colour during their dreams.

When Jacinda’s photo is shown however, respondents report to feeling lighter, happier and those with terminal illness gain miraculous recoveries. The infertile become pregnant and weak become strong. Pet owners claim they see their lambs lying down with lions.

Apparently a 20 year political reputation as ‘Crusher’ can’t be washed off 6 weeks before an election.

What a surprise.

Judith wears a mask to protect the Covid virus from her!

NZ FIRST: Under 5% – No electorate




GREENS: 4% + 1 electorate

Actual Green Party Caucus meeting

At this stage as the Greens limp along friendless and only just realising how alienating their Identity Politics Cancel Culture Virtue Signalling Pure Temple stuff has become, you kinda just feel sorry for them now.

They feel like cult members coming out of their bunker blinking with surprise that no one wants to be their mates, like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt minus the charm and basic human warmth.

If we pass the Euthanasia referendum, the Greens are the first ones we should use it on.

Hush now, go to the light Green Party, go to the light.

Chloe Swarbrick winning in Auckland Central is our only hope now.


ACT: 5% + 1 electorate

The knitted support toy for the victims of ACT Party gun fetishists

He’s getting a bit nutty now. David claimed that state sanctioned holidays like Christmas were a sure sign of a fascist state. He backtracked this claim by using the Judith Collins, ‘I was only joking’ defence.

How can he be so pro guns and yet have so little to say about cannabis reform? Where is the freedom and liberty when it comes to what an individual takes into their own body?

How come freedom is only defined by ACT as the freedom to kill yourself and the freedom to own a gun? How mutilated is their sense of ‘Freedom’?


MAORI PARTY: Prediction 2 MPs


The Māori Party winning the TVNZ fight to get on the TV debate was huge. If JT knocks Jami-Lee Ross out during the multi-Party debate, the entire campaign will have been worthwhile.


TOP: Prediction 2%

Great policy on Sugar Tax, reminded everyone that they actually have some bloody good ideas. Unfortunately no one is voting on policy this election.


New Conservative Party: Prediction less than 2%

God will smite sin, Māori rights, environmentalism and socialism

Hateful of abortion, solo mothers, gays, solo mothers, cannabis and solo mothers, the New Conservatives love guns, patriarchy and more guns. Paranoid and frightened of any idea post the renaissance, the New Conservatives would represent a great leap backwards for New Zealand. Their half truths and disingenuous lies make them the political version of Whaleoil, but with less charm. They will gloriously rob the Right by wasting vote.


Vision NZ: Prediction less than 1%

Hates all the same things as the New Conservatives but hates Muslims most.  Libraries and clitorises would be banned if Vision NZ came to power.


One Party: Prediction less than 1%

Under ONE Party, Jesus becomes the Constitutional Head of State and God has to personally sign off on legislation. The NZDF would be given spirit spears to fight Satan and anyone caught working on Sunday is put to death. Gay Conversion treatment is mandatory for anyone who watches Glee. Electricity and any singing that isn’t praising Jesus is also banned.


Advance NZ, NZPP, NZ People’s Party & Reset Party

There must be some kind of way outta here
Said the joker to the thief.

The Covid virus is not a bioengineered weapon spread by 5G to bring about a shadowy one world Government.

Jacinda is not conspiring to implement a secret socialist police state (I wish).

There isn’t a plan to forcibly vaccinate everyone with a mind control serum.

These things do not exist and fermenting fear into a fantasy world where 2 + 2 no longer equals 4 isn’t politics, it’s toxic damaged thinking that exploits peoples fears and lack of scientific literacy.

This QAnon lunatic fringe stuff has been able to spread because of Facebook and marginalised people who are alienated by a mainstream media who only exist to sell them stuff they can’t afford.

Of course those abused most by the State are going to imagine an evil far larger than what they see.

Jami Lee-Ross and Billy TK are exploiting this marginalised group in an obscene way.

It is sad to see so many good people tricked.

I demand a tag team battle on Magic Talk’s Working Group!

Me plus Damien Grant vs Billy TK and JLR with Sean Plunket as the ref.

I’m calling you out Billy TK and JLR! This will be a no holds barred debate, a cage match in a bear pit!



The Integrity Party: Prediction less than nothing.

It’s that ugly blue green colour you have when environmentalism gets hit by capitalism. Has the kind of Māori buzz words you get when Wellington Bureaucrats are opening a sustainable pet crematorium.


Tea Party: Prediction less than 2%

The People’s Republic of China have decided their investment into National requires a new tail to wag it into an MMP Government.


Euthanasia and Cannabis referendum will be a lot closer than they are now.


With the enrolment rule changes that allow for enrolment on the day, prisoner voting alongside booths in Marae, I think we will see a large turnout.

I think overseas votes will go overwhelmingly to Labour and not the Greens.

I think with the huge number of fringe parties we will see more wasted vote than ever before.

I think the Government will be a Labour Majority.

I think National will be lucky to gain 30%.

I think Judith will increasingly become more desperate and vicious.

NZ First won’t be politically relevant.

The only hope for the Greens is Auckland central.

ACT will suffer rapid growth pains from candidates they haven’t vetted properly.

Labour only need 47% on election night to get scaled up for a majority AFTER specials get counted.

Greens must hit 4.5% on election night to successfully get scaled up over the 5% threshold AFTER specials get counted..

NZ First must hit 5.5% on election night to guarantee they won’t get scaled down AFTER specials get counted.

Because of the high amount of wasted vote, the Māori Party should be able to gain an extra seat from their list with as little as 1% if they win an electorate seat.


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  1. This is the most boring election I have seen in the 75yrs of my life – it’s like a slow ‘wake or waltz’ so far while the planet melts while we we getting polluted by micro’plastic stuff shedding off truck tyres while Judith Collins new election ad promises more roads for trucks, and Labour’s Jacinda election ad is not much better; – so WAKE UP NZ the planet is melting!!!!!.


  2. 33 more days of the nauseating Chucky having any relevance whatsoever. Will seem like an eternity.

    That will be quickly followed by all the news bulletins wanking on about her being replaced as the Latrine Rodent Party leader by their new God, Christopher Luxon. That will be followed by a brief delay of between 7 and 28 days till Chucky’s final announcement that will be about her immediate retirement as an MP to spend more time with her despicable partner. Nationals diabolically low MP numbers will then be further challenged by the very costly by-election she will force for Papakura. She will be even more bitter, humiliated and angry and her forcing the by-election will be her parting shot revenge against the stale white males that had the audacity to replace her with another stale white male, John Key Mk II.

    I already have a transcript of her speech.

    “I’ve enjoyed every moment of being the Latrine Rodent ( shithouse rat) Party……bla bla bla

  3. Yes, well, the Covid-19 debacle is clearly nowhere near its peak overseas, and that is the LEAST of our worries, as the assault on the environment by the BAU mob over many centuries -but particularly over the past decade- manifests in all sort of very unpleasant ways (as expected).

    Not only that, of course, but also the fake and fraudulent financial system is unravelling fast, with the US leading the way towards the biggest financial crisis in history:

    ‘In the US, the monthly budget statement from the US Treasury revealed another huge -US$200 bln deficit in August, taking the twelve month total to a new record high of just on -$3 tln. Given that the annual rate of GDP is now just under nominal $19.5 tln, that is a Federal deficit of -15.4% of GDP, a staggering level. And that takes the total of US debt held by the public (ie: excluding interagency debt) to over US$20.8 tln. So the annual new deficit added almost 17% to that load in one year. And the US Administration not only did nothing to deal with this load, it actually made it worse. Even at tiny interest rates, the interest cost load amounts to $537 bln per year in 2020. If rates ever rise, this cost will be toxic, and a rise to an average interest rate of 3% will consume more of their tax revenues than their Defense Department, and nearly half of their enormous DHHS (welfare) budget.

    American core inflation rose a bit more than expected in August, now up +1.7% in a year. Not included in that core inflation reading is food that was up +4.1% and petrol that was down almost -17%. But included are two items in demand in a pandemic and recession; medical care is up +5.3% and used cars are up +4.0%. So it is more expensive to buy a car to look fo a job, but cheaper to drive around in the search. Don’t get sick, however.’


    Again, much as expected.

    So, the interesting aspect at the time of the election, with no recovery in sight or even possible [because of energy and environmental restraints], will be this: how much of the global economy will still be operating in November, and will the globalised financial system still be operating?

    Needless to say, the mainstream media won’t go near such matters before they occur but will be forced to report the carnage after it has happened -or become even more irrelevant than they already are.

    • The Daily Blog’s esteemed editor is scathing of the length of Green Policies–but they are mostly really good and need more publicising. The $325pw and other measures come close to a basic income by another name.

      NZers would have been voting this weekend but for the PM’s decision to kick the election date out. I still hope “we” do not regret her decision, and that Covid does not go exponential in the interim. It is a long slow wait to make sure that the dirty, filthy Nats are kept well away from Govt.

      This election will be a real exam on the political understanding of voters. Will enough people party vote Green to achieve a Labour/Green Govt.? They say they will in online forums, but…be good to see a couple of Māori Party MPs in there too.

      • Both my votes are going Green. I like there policies and NZ certainly should adopt some, if not all of them. All this woke talk I never get to see or hear about except on this blog so doesn’t influence. Must be because I don’t have Facebook and other social media.

    • Where is the Green Party’s regional rail freight plan for Gisborne/HB please??

      As the Green Party promised us September 2017 in the Gisborne Herald press that “when next in Government they would er-open the damaged rail services again” to make our environment cleaner and we are still waiting,while more and more trucks crowd our roads; – tic, tock, tic tock!!!

      Where i the Green Party regional freight environmental low emission rail climate change policy I ask again.

      “THE Green Party in government would allocate up to $10 million to restoring the Gisborne to Napier rail line.

      Transport spokeswoman and MP Julie Anne Genter, list MP and East Coast candidate Gareth Hughes, and Ikaroa-Rawhiti candidate Dr Elizabeth Kerekere announced the policy in Gisborne yesterday.

      Ms Genter said the Greens, as part of a new government, would revitalise rail across the country, including repairing the Napier-Gisborne line.

      “National has let regional rail lines rust away but the Greens will restore rail as the backbone of New Zealand’s transport system, for freight and for people.

      “There are huge benefits to moving more freight by rail in the region, fewer heavy trucks on the roads, less pollution and lower freight costs for businesses.

      “We want to see a balanced investment in regional transport”

      Was that just empty words then?????

      • Oh come on cleangreen, you don’t expect politicians to deliver what they promise, do you?

        Politics is like a rolling ball that gathers no moss, and you are not supposed to remember anything that was said last week.

        Would you like empty words or hot air with that?

        • Afewknowthetruth
          I guess I was hoping they would finally do what they promised silly of me eh? But today I was happy Jacinda was there to show us that she is really being “cautious’ about Covid 19 unalike the lying Judeth Collins who would throw open all borders straight away.

  4. you’re dreaming if you think that Jacinda and Grant are going to be doing anything other than managing BAU and continuing with the status quo. Yawn yawn boring that’s why no one interested cause it means more of the same shit for most of us. Oh and then there’s the meltdown of the planet, watch them act all surprised when this lands on their doorstep, it’s just so futile that I can’t be bothered with all the smiling lying bullshit that goes on with all politicians they are all cut from the same cloth and ya know its all smoke and mirrors. Again the lesser of two evils will win but nothin and I mean nothing will change for the majority of us.

      • Apparently, most people would prefer to perish in a horrible manner at some point in the future than change the way they live.

        And when Mother Nature does clobber them they will say: “Why didn’t anyone warn us?” To which we reply: “We tried really hard for many years but you always had your earphones turned up to the maximum, and you didn’t see the hand signals because you had your eyes firmly closed.”

    • Tuibelle,

      Did you happen to notice the Government’s ban on oil and gas exploration around Taranaki and the endless incessant bitching and moaning about it? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know Labour will be attacked, ridiculed and misrepresented by vested interest for ANY move they make.

      Slow and steady wins the race. You can’t bring about any generational change when you have a coalition partner ready to bring you down at any moment and an opposition party so desperate to be back in Government they will say and do anything via the skulduggery they are infamous for.

      If Labour wins a mandate next month, you will see the generational changes you seek.

    • You are so tight Tuibelle. Have decided it really doesn’t matter if I even vote that’s how bored I am.
      Labour are a mogadon party so fucking boring I just go to sleep when any of them start talking, don’t listen to National only read what they are saying the Greens still give me hope but their utter failure to deliver in the last 3 years makes me angry. TOP have the best policies and no one is listening.
      I am beginning not to give a fuck.

  5. So, what are the Nats busy doing in the lead-up?

    Oh my, what a surprise (not) – They are very very busy… buying lots of ‘Likes’ on Facebook for, well, that person for whom money has to change hands for anything to happen, ever, including someone ‘liking’ them.

    Most parties are devoting spending to promote their party page and are spending nothing, or a modest amount, on individual politicians.

    “Essentially, National’s paying for likes, rather than promoting policy on Judith Collins’ page,” said Tim Dorrian, co-founder of Aro Digital, a digital media company that has been tracking party and politician activities on social media.

    Collins now has 56,235 people who like her Facebook page and 58,725 followers. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who has not spent any money on Facebook advertising for her page, has 1.7 million followers and 1.4 million likes. Newsroom, Nats FB Ad Spend

  6. Bring on the debates, then possible distance farther or closer may begin to be judged. Three leaders to use today!s children!s terminology Boomers, one other on the cusp, and two others Millennial, who both are leaders one elected Prime Minister, the other a leader yet an appointed parliamentarian Patsy.
    The election serious Intrest should be in the main player minor sitting parties, who shall survive to be opposition and who possible not survive, that is were the Intrest should Excite.

    • Okay austringer,

      I was born in Auckland during the second world war on the day the allies liberated Paris, 25th August 1944 so what generation was I from please??

      Answer = I am from what global sources call “the silent generation” sadly, I get lumped in with the much misaligned “Boomer generation, so I don’t attach importance to any generational terms any more.

  7. ‘New research shows Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern makes nearly twice as many people feel hopeful and proud than leader of the Opposition Judith Collins.’

    Well done Jacinda. You’ve conned the masses, just as war criminal President ‘Hope and Change’ O’Bomber did.

    I see we are back to fucking the planet as fast as possible via aircraft emissions.

    “It’s time to get serious about Climate Change.” -JA

    “This is our nuclear-free moment.” -JA

    “It’s all bullshit and it’s bad for you. -George Carlin

  8. More timid bullshit from Labour. This from No right turn.

    Ardern’s popularity and competence could be leveraged to sell left-wing policy. And given the crisis we are in and the obvious, public failure of NeoLiberalism, it would be largely pushing on an open door. People can see that New Zealand is broken, with rampant inequality, rotting infrastructure, and a housing crisis fucking over a whole generation. And we know that it didn’t used to be this way – that we used to tax the rich, fund the health and education systems, and build enough state houses to keep rents under control. We just want what we used to have. But for Labour, that’s apparently too much, too “risky” now. But by offering nothing, promising that their policy will be effectively identical to that of the opposition and that a vote won’t produce change, they risk de-legitimising our entire political system, as has effectively happened in the UK and the USA.



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