Evolution Gaming Launches a New Instant Roulette Game


The online gaming world has been advancing pretty fast in recent years. With the rising number of software providers, new games are released daily, thus offering players plenty of choices regarding online games of chance. One of the providers adored by players worldwide is Evolution Gam›ing, and their games are always the ones we can’t wait to try.


Fortunately, being such a household name among game developers, Evolution Gaming never leaves its fans hanging. This is why we’ve recently got a chance to try our luck on Evolution’s exclusive multi-wheel Instant Roulette.

This game is one more addition to Evolution’s wide range of live roulette games Lightning Roulette, Immersive Roulette, European Roulette, and American Roulette, to mention a few. However, before you decide to play Evolution Instant Roulette, you should first read all about it so that nothing can surprise you once the wheel starts spinning. Read on to learn all about this new exciting game of chance!

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What Is Instant Roulette?

Instant Roulette by Evolution Gaming is a new type of roulette game available online. The basic principle of the game has remained the same, but the game got slightly more professional, as this renowned game developer added an extra twist.


Namely, in Instant Roulette, you don’t have only one wheel — you’ve got 12 of them. Yes, you’ve read that right. This roulette variation includes 12 different Auto Roulette wheels that spin sequentially in a synchronized manner. Also, the balls are dropping in the same synchronized way, one after another, and each of them falls in its designated wheel.


Although this might sound confusing and overwhelming at first, it’s actually designed to make things a lot easier and provide players with more options than the familiar roulette games. But how exactly is this Instant Roulette better than all the regular roulette options we’ve had a chance to try so far? We’ve done some digging on this topic and presented our findings to you in the rest of the text.

How Is Instant Roulette Different From Standard Roulette Variations?

When a new variation of an existing product is launched, it’s expected to bring some improvements to the table. As we already mentioned, Instant Roulette features 12 wheels instead of one that is often seen in online gaming hubs. So, what does this change actually mean, and how does it benefit roulette players?


Once again, all these 12 roulette wheels spin in a synchronized manner. However, not all of them start and stop spinning at the same time. A player is in charge of hitting the Play Now button for each of the 12 wheels presented on the screen.


This allows players to choose the pace of the game that suits their gaming desires. By being able to decide when they’ll hit the Play Now button, players have as much time as they need to decide what type of bet they’d like to make.


Yet, this is not the only benefit of Evolution Gaming Instant Roulette. Once you make a bet, you won’t have to wait for a specific wheel to stop. Namely, the system will provide you with an instant result of your bet, as it will automatically select the wheel that’s closest to the next drop of the ball.


In other words, you have unlimited time to carefully think about the type of bet you want to make. Moreover, you will get instant results, so you don’t have to wait too long. With Instant Roulette, a player is not the one who needs to adapt to the online gaming environment. On the contrary, the player is in control at all times, and the online gaming environment is there merely for technical reasons.


After launching the new Instant Roulette game, the Chief Product Officer at Evolution, Todd Haushalter, shared his thoughts on the innovation this new title brings to the online gaming market. He mentioned that the company’s goal was to create an RNG-powered game that will work on the same basic principles as all the previous ones, but at the same time allow players to stay in control.


After carefully examining the game, we can say that Evolution Gaming managed to find a way to spice up the regular roulette game. Hopefully, players will recognize that and play Instant Roulette for a long time.