ACT gaining uncritical support – why the free speech fiasco that lit Seymour’s fuse was probably a bad tactical decision by woke activists 


From barely 1% to 6.8% in the latest UMR internal poll, one of the big stories of this election is the explosion of support for ACT, an explosion the Daily Blog warned about 2 years ago during the Free Speech fiasco.

I have been ceaseless in my argument that the Left should NEVER have lost the free speech high ground to the Right, that we should have debated crypto-fascists rather than deplatform them and that the Left should always remember free speech restrictions are always used by right wing Governments to silence the very minority voices the Woke claim they are protecting!

We saw this irony a month after the crypto-fascists were banned from using the Power Station via bomb threats when National called to stop Chelsea Manning from speaking. 

Unfortunately the woke be triggered by micro aggressions and if they hear something they don’t like, the deplatforming cancel culture social media lynch mobs take over.

Seymour understood how that level of micro aggression policing censorship being pushed by the woke alienated and angered people. It was a clear demarkation of political value and when the woke at a Wellington University banned a Gender Critical Feminist conference that was critical of Trans issues, David ended up providing the space in Parliament for the Feminist conference to occur.

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Throughout all this, TDB warned that the woke we igniting a fuse for ACT that could trigger a dormant electoral fault line.

It did.

Off the back of the free speech fiasco, ACT gained momentum, and once that momentum was fuelled by a collapse inside National, ACT have had a tear away event in support.

The good news is that ACT’s support is uncritical, the boost by Gun Fetishists and anti 1080 acolytes alongside ACTs noxious free market fantasises makes for a toxic gumbo that will scare the bejesus out of the centre.

All Jacinda will need to do to win 2023 is point to National and ACT and say, ‘Dear NZ, do you really want a National-ACT Government’?

Now, if we could just stop handing ACT ammunition.


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  1. ‘Dear NZ, do you really want a National-ACT Government’?….that may well be the truth in a fear that the left have Martyn, but it’s also a true statement for the right with a Labour/Green Govt…and look what’s happening to the Greens vote, hopefully they are out of parliament next month as Labour have gone from strength to strength and hoovering up the green vote, same will happen with ACT vote next election when National get their mojo back.

    • There won’t be a labour/green government, ever.

      The greens membership has the ability to withdraw and roll sitting mps from the grassroots.

      Labour will never have a party that self harming in cabinet..never.

      Top, Maori party , UF,NZF,The sustainable parry, the progressive party etc have or would be allowed in a lab cabinet but a party that could self sabotage its own govt due to a minister making a hard call would never be in a labour party cabinet.

      Labour wouldn’t even have a factional party like a successor to the alliance in cabinet because it could fall apart like in 2002 but every other party except the Greens could expect a cabinet position in a Labour ministry as long as their internal structure is top down not bottom up like the greens.

      Anyone who seriously believes labour would ever have a party that could role a sitting minister and that the greens will ever get more than crumbs in the cheap seats doesn’t understand how frightened labour are of looking like an un unified shambles. Hence why they’ve put up with so much shit from Winston instead of having an early election especially in July 2019 or especially July 2020

  2. Yes Marttyn good point here; as an example; -we in the provinces were promised by Jacinda Ardern as the Labour Leader before the last election that a Labour Government would give us all a voice to be heard with such as the promised “free to air commercial free public affairs media TV and radio network but after three years we in our communities in Gisborne/HB have never been allowed to get the thorny issue covered on any TV/radio network about our community widespread about our loss of our railway services causing us all anger and hurt of not getting it back into service again after waiting for 8 long years after national causing the rail to fail, so free speech is now seen here as a pipe dream, so to Jacinda- please fulfill your promise to Gisborne/HB community groups like CEAC and Rail Action Group to give us our time on TV/Radio to get our grievances heard and understood before this 2020 election to give the voters here a choice.

  3. I am Anti-1080!!

    And, I truely believe that if the Greens were true Greens, and had taken up the Anti-1080 drive (and had been effective with that), they would have their 5% ++++.

    • Agreed Kheala we were Green Party folks that left them after they became the “new green party of a lack of environmental advocacy” during this last three years.

      • Disagreed Kheala. The 0.1% of the vote of the anti-1080 crowd from last election is unlikely to counter the scientifically literate voters who would go elsewhere if that policy were adopted by the GP. And deer are nearly as noxious a pest as possums, plus dogs should be on leashes anyway.

        Bradbury; isn’t Victoria the Wellington uni? Massey is in some North Island cow-town I think. But that’s not Auckland, so probably too much to expect concern for accuracy from you there. I don’t believe that freedom of speech requires that any specific venue be uncritically provided to the speaker. So (too toxic for Twitter) TERFS needn’t be any more welcome on a given campus, than Infowarriors are here.

        Personally I think that the GP are polling low because Labour are high, and vice versa for ACT & National. Polls are distractions until the week before (ignoring early) voting. Even then, predictive accuracy is not great: +/- 1%, if you’re lucky.

        • Cough – It was Massey Uni’s Wellington campus to be exact.

          But hey, I’m from Auckland.

          A University is EXACTLY the space where controversial ideas should be argued. FFS it’s not a trigger free safe space Forget Now, it’s a University!!!!!!!

          Feminism, like Socialism, like every fucking ism SHOULD BE debated at Uni for crying out loud.

          The fact ACT understood that and stood up for it was the trigger event that saw ACT double its MP count and started the momentum towards them. Sure these things cause fluctuations in the Party votes, but they are triggered that way. You not being aware that it was Massey Uni’s Wellington campus suggests you’ve not paid the issue much attention and are commenting because you don’t like what the conclusion is.

          Being reactionary is understandable – no one likes to think their activism isn’t helping.

        • As a geographically illiterate mainlander ForgetNow, you should know that Massey has a large Campus at Albany a suburb of Auckland and it has been there for about 25 years. Albany is about the size of Christchurch the mainland’s largest town. There made your day!

    • 1080 is a cruel death but until there is an alternative it is really the only card in the deck at the moment . I would find ACT easier to vote for if it was not for this element .

  4. David Seymore is on a roll. His support out here in the hinterland is coming from across the board. Intially from national and nzf, due to a percieved betrayal on the gun laws. However more recently it is the ” working man” from labour. These men see no one in labour they can identify with certainly no one on the front bench. But they see David Seymore as “one of them” why? because he is a petrol head, he built a road worthy car from scratch, he believes that people who work should get to keep as much of their hard earned wages as possible and of course he can’t dance. The working man can identify with all of those things. And as you say Marytn the support is uncritical, these things are about the limit of consideration of ACT
    How deep will he cut into the labour working man vote? only the election will tell, but I predict nearer to 10% than 6% The working women of course are with Jacinda.
    How he will control his 10 or 12 new MPs is for annother day.

  5. Oh, and the “Speak up for Women” group were definitely a bunch of TERFs are deserved to be called on it. Not exactly a hate group, but definitely working on it. A bit of money behind it too.

  6. The ACT leader (of one) looks like and sounds a bit like that US fraudulent, duplicitous TV evangelist Joel Osteen, especially with the hair. And Judith Collins latest (photo shopped?) images looks like she’s competing in the tooth stakes with Adern. “Look at me – my teeth are just as big as her teeth”
    Ahh the joys of pathos.

  7. Well, despite having never EVER having previously voting ACT before, I WILL be voting for them this year based SOLELY on their free speech stance.
    People seem to forget that everything and I do mean EVERYTHING we value in our society stems from free speech.
    If you lose free speech, true functioning democracy is next and then its all down hill pretty fucking fast from there.

  8. Richard Slade, do you have any evidence to back your slur against Speak Up For Women? What does a “bunch of TERFs mean: a group of women who stand up for the rights men do not want to take from them? In what way are the working on being a hate group? And where is this money; what do you know about that?

    You need some evidence, or people will just thing you are yet another misogynist. Men who call women terfs generally hate women.

  9. I maintain the figurative police or military stance,- corral the criminal gang / enemy forces into one area, limit and watch movements, harass and outflank, then attack,… it is much harder to do with a dispersed and mobile opponent. Backing them into a corner can be used to the advantage as it exposes the demographic that are inclined towards the far right wing free market ideology of ACT and puts them in full public view. As opposed to the swing, casual National voter.

    It is at that point the demolition job can then proceed.

    Weed them out, head them off, never stop the relentless campaign. The job is to root out and destroy that ideology. Meanwhile , keep the pressure on National and diminish their potential to be a viable political force. ACT is but a last stronghold of the far right. They are weaker than National numerically so crystallizing them into one body means they can be focused and worked upon.

    As for free speech and foreign malignant/socially divisive elements? You would not suffer Nazism to gain a foothold and tear apart your society, nor should they be allowed to have a podium to preach from. There are certain designated groups around the globe that are deemed terrorists. Terrorism starts in the mind and then comes the acts of violence en masse. It is started when people get radicalized enough via the written word and then finally through hearing the spoken word. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and cults such as Jim Jones church are classic examples.

    There are times when free speech is used in an underhanded way and deliberately misused for malignant purposes by unscrupulous individuals hiding behind laws and an unsuspecting public. Therefore, we as a free society have a right to expect our elected officials to listen to the intent of the message and any potential negative influences on this country in the guise of riots, factionalism and potential assassinations and deny entry to these foreign malignant’s. Effectively , I believe a statement should then be issued explaining our position of being a multiracial society to these malignant’s and then followed up promptly by a denial of entry.

    As for our own domestic malignant’s, we can deal with them as we see fit. And we do .There are laws in this country governing hate speech, as there is enough blatant racism as it is here without foreign input.

    Also , – as a good example of how the spoken word is so powerful, – is the fact that 36 years ago the NZ public was bombarded with a subtle, subversive, treasonous message from a group of people in the Labour party headed by Roger Douglas, and carried on by the equally as treasonous Ruth Richardson. And to date ? ,- because of those spoken words,… we have not moved any closer to eradicating neo liberalism and its appallingly negative and destructive influences on our country.

    That is the power of the spoken word. You do not walk around an official ceremony or a church meeting screaming at the top of your lungs the word FUCK every few steps. And WHY do you not do that?- well apart from not wanting to appear insane, it is rude, impolite, and highly disrespectful. Perhaps you would if you were an arsehole. But most sane reasonable people wouldn’t.

    Nor would most sane and reasonable people expound an ideology and go to all the trouble of creating a racially divisive, two tiered class society unless they had been radicalized and were of unstable mind/personality. Most sane and reasonable people know right from wrong. They have a conscience. They have values and ethics and sound judgement.

    YET !!! The same could have been said of Germany despite reparations and the loss of WW1 yet even for that ( for the period) technologically advanced and sophisticated nation it fell victim to one obscene talking head which ultimately led their nation to utter destruction and obliterated a whole generation. The global cowardice epitomized by Neville Chamberlain in appeasing and leaving room for that talking head and leaving it unchecked led to 6 million and more being industrially executed in gas chamber and countless others being butchered over a 5 year period.

    THAT is the power of the spoken word if left unchecked.

    And we have the power to veto and stop it dead in its tracks before it even gets a chance to spread its cancerous malignancy. Remember, it was not the debaters and philosophers of ancient Greece who stopped the hoards from destroying it, – it was the generals, its soldiers and an organised way of responding to threats by isolation, containment and ultimately the destruction of, malignant enemy forces. And we have a right just as they did for their nation states to protect our state from negative spoken and subversive words. It is not a matter of mere ‘nanny state’ or ‘censorship’, it is a matter of conscience, commonsense, and doing whats right to ensure these negative malignant’s, – just like Hitler, – do not gain a foothold.

    And to hell with Godwins law.

  10. You’ve said so before Martyn. The free speech thing is not a blank cheque, but a finite right.

    There was no need to tolerate foreign stirrers – they ain’t got no standing here. And once those funding Billy TK’s little game are outed they’ll be shut down too. Can’t happen soon enough for me – nothing woke about it.

  11. Record high house prices .. yup, National/Act might be the way to go.

    I’m the ultimate swing voter .. and I’m swing towards Act pretty fast.

    • But they were record high houses prices at the time of the last election,when ACT and National were the government, not a shit show in hell I could ever vote ACT, in fact I think they are very dangerous.

  12. I’m surprised that you attribute the rise to just the free speech issue.
    I’m sure there are many who, like me, have been impressed and grateful to Seymour for his hard work and persistence on the End of Life Choice Act and his intelligent and articulate defence of the Act’s provisions against religious right morons like Alfred Ngaro on Q+A at the weekend.


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