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    • The basic facts – thanks stuff:
      The decision – released on Wednesday from the Environment Canterbury-appointed independent panel of Paul Rogers, Emma Christmas and Hoani Langsbury – has granted coastal marine and land use consents to Oceania Dairy near Glenavy, about 58km south of Timaru.

      The panel heard submissions during a four-day hearing in Waimate, with 117 out of the 126 submitters against the proposal from the company which is owned by the Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co Ltd.
      I have a feeling that there may be Maori in that independent panel, could be wrong? What is their background, what do they know, what pressures would have been applied, what rewards? And the Inner Mongolia name is one adopted by some crafty hustlers I think you may find.

    • Is that what the Great March was for? What has happened after so many years of all the hopes of the common people in the world?

  1. No Right Turn Odopt/Savant on California/ west coast fires <
    We can still stop this. It requires sustained global action to cut emissions and decarbonise our economies. We have the technology to do this. What we need is the policies to make us use that technology. We have an election next month, and that is our chance to make that happen. Or would you rather wait around to burn and drown and die of heatstroke?

    But how would that work in with the advert in The Nelson Leader Sep.10/20 p.18 – (part of stuff) that says –
    ‘Over half of stuff’s print readers are planning an overseas trip in the next year.’
    Has anything clicked in their heads? How would that help our Paris agreement targets and the world climate?
    Or does it make them twice as keen to have a squizz before it all disappears, innocent of any awareness, thought or guilt?

  2. 1.5 degree increase in temps, the death rate, in 2024. ‘Temporary’ the climate scientists say. Though the facts ALWAYS run ahead of the forecasts. If covid had been 10 years ahead?

    Reason is our only guide. ‘The art of the possible’, which is about what can be sold, is irrelevant to this reality. Cautious Grant from his 9 years in the cold, silly chap — furious selling til a war govt (socialism) is everything. But we take our stomachs as a portent of stomachs to come.

    We’ve had idle decades of thinking, which put the poorest in the piss while we considered. Thisahere diversity of posts, Martyn, is about the champagne froth of the past rather than our vital necessary WW2 concentration on what matters. Froth — bubbles and water. Stomachs.

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