Dear Mt Roskill Evangelical nutters – we aren’t going to tolerate this


Covid 19 coronavirus: Mt Roskill church cluster could push out Covid’s long tail by weeks

A new “additional tentacle” of Covid-19 connected to a Mt Roskill church was sparked when an asymptomatic visitor went to a bereaved family’s home while Auckland was in alert level 3.

The visit may have broken level 3 rules, which require people to stay within household bubbles. “Do not invite or allow social visitors, such as friends, extended family or whanau, to enter your home,” Government advice on level 3 says.

It comes amid revelations that Mt Roskill Evangelical Fellowship Church members were reluctant to get tested because they doubted the “science” of the virus, prompting a plea from Auckland Mayor Phil Goff for everyone to play their part.

Dear Mt Roskill Fundy Happy Clappers.

How are you.

Blessings to your invisible magical flying wizard friend.


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The rest of us tolerant Aucklanders put up with and kindly tolerate you believing in an invisible magical flying wizard because that’s your right to believe any silly old nonsense in a liberal progressive democracy.


What we won’t tolerate in any way shape or form is you spreading a deadly virus because YOU believe YOUR invisible magical flying wizard friend will cast a spell to protect you from the virus.

See, when your stupid and medieval philosophy starts to impede on our collective ability to move around our city because you are still spreading a fucking virus, see that moment the rest of us Aucklanders start to fucking resent.


You are more than free to pray to your invisible magical flying wizard friend as much as you like WHILE in quarantine.


But if you don’t stay in quarantine, then the fucking State should come down upon you old testament styles ok?

Ezekiel 25:17. “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.”


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  1. The Pacifica and Maori community are poorly lead by people that want to see them kept ignorant so they can control them.
    Religion can be a great help to some but it can be a hindrance if abused. This has come to the fore with the current virus response.
    The church’s keep their parishioners poor by tithing them and encouraging them to have large families. The leaders do not set a good example by being over weight and unfit and are often smokers.
    The government should grant all Pacifica overstayers an anmisty if they get a virus test and learn English . I believe there is about 5000 suspected cases.

    • The government should grant all Pacifica overstayers amnesty if they get a virus test

      Yes, that bit. All Pacifica overstayers be given amnesty on taking their test, with a card or something to prove it. That would sort this out and solve the most immediate Covid problem that is now threatening Auckland (and all of us).

    • Please sight evidence for ” I believe there is about 5000 suspected cases.”?

      Is this information readily available?

      Just clarifying, as the health minister has formally stated there is a lot of malicious misinformation being spread.

      • “An overstayer from the Pacific Islands and Pasifika leaders are pleading the Government to “be kind and compassionate” by offering permanent residency to all overstayers in New Zealand, arguing their illegal status while here could put the country at risk for transmitting COVID-19.

        There are over 10,000 overstayers who can’t be contact traced, who can’t take a virus test and some who won’t go to the doctor since they’re living secretly in New Zealand.” 29th JUNE 2020 NewsHub

        If they had acted, if they’d responded as they were asked back in June, there would be far less of a problem NOW!

        • An added complication is if they are covid19 positive or even asymptomatic, then sending them back to the islands will seed the islands with covind19 which would be disastrous as most of the Pacific Islands are not equipped to deal with covid19

          • Exactly! They cannot return at this time, so they MUST be given immunity. Otherwise we have effectively made them stateless, which is cruel and inhumane.

  2. 100% Martyn well scripted.
    During my christian upbringing what was drummed into me was that we must give anyone the blessing of forgiveness with a mistake they made in their choice.

    If this fellowship is made aware of their wrongdoing and chooses to carry on with their choice which may result to harm us, – then we need to condemn their actions against us collectively.

  3. Except the state won’t, which is just another reason why lockdown of any kind is pointless.
    I drop my daughter off to daycare where I am not allowed to go inside for fear of transmission.
    However the kids, play with each other happily for hours ready to bring anything transmissible back home.
    The total lack of critical thinking about the response to coronavirus is shocking.

  4. I still think that the real problem here is the overstayers, and the perceived need to protect these. Unless or until the govt give a clear, guaranteed amnesty (eg 12 months), there are some who will never come forward, and many who will continue to protect them. Once that amnesty is given, and people are sure of it, the reluctance to be tested or to ‘out’ those who are not, will evaporate.

    • Good thinking Kheala. Often it is understanding the key to a problem that gets the door wide open for betterment. I haven’t seen anyone mentioning the overstayer problem but the cohesiveness of the community would mean their loyalties would be for their people.

      • It was on the news on tv a couple of nights ago. It’s something that the govt will need to sort out after the election. Immigration is one of those ageing Govt Depts that need an overhaul and a clean-up, so that such problems don’t return in the future.

    • Kheala, you may be right about overstayers but it is doubtful. Agencies doing the testing have already indicated that no questions would be asked. In the case of the current new cluster, it is more likely that perverted religiosity combined with insidious propaganda emanating from willful fundamentalists and sundry other nut-jobs are to blame. Like everything else to do with the public health response to Covid-19, it seems the Government have stared off by exhibiting ‘kindness’ which has been abused. Unsurprisingly, a majority of NZers have then demanded that heavier strategies be employed. Some from the Mt Roskill Evangelical Fellowship Church have just stretched the tolerance of too many too far for there not to be serious consequences.

      • AOM, yes. However, people who feel vulnerable to being removed from their families and from what has become their home (and who are hungry), provide fertile ground for zealots to plant seeds of fear and doubt. If we remove the insecurity that makes people feel so vulnerable, then there’s a better chance of a lasting healthy result.

        The longer term solution needs to address both sides of the problem, or it will return in one form or another.

  5. Christians of all forms really are some of the most delusional hypocritical fucktards God had the misfortune of putting upon this Earth.

        With or without cheese topping.

        We live in a secular society that tolerates religion but religion of any flavour must not control our society or state education.
        Our Education is Compulsory, Free and Secular by law since 1877. There has been a creeping influence since attempting to overturn its secular aspect.

        Vigilance is needed as is public opinion against imposition of any religion on our state function or laws.
        Blasphemy belongs way back in the dark ages so now free speech about religion of belief systems is available to all.
        The terrible things done in the name of religion should never be forgotten. Be healthy.

      • So, God is judgmental? God made me, yet he’s going to judge me? What kind if God is that?? Praise Horus. And thank Utnapishtim for saving all of the animals on his arc. And thanks to Superman too. How about the understanding we get virus’s (also God’s work), and if people don’t isolate – and meet up and pray, and kiss, and hug, and get bitten by reptiles – those virus’s can spread like wildfire, cost people jobs, cripple economies. Where’s the ‘love’ in that? huh? I hope God ‘does’ judge – God would be like ‘Dude! Those people shaking around on the floor throthing at the mouth? They don’t care at all!’

  6. One could say – Dear Evangelical so-called Christians, Please obey these laws of the country. They cannot be questioned as being entirely unreasonable, so follow them, or you are committing criminal acts and will be arrested. And I dislike the image you have chosen Martyn, you hothead!
    Remember that Jesus said :
    Matthew 22:21 Jesus said “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” Romans 13:1 “Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities.

    This phrase has become a widely quoted summary of the relationship between Christianity, secular government, and society. The original message, coming in response to a question of whether it was lawful for Jews to pay taxes to Caesar, gives rise to multiple possible interpretations about the circumstances under which it is desirable for Christians to submit to earthly authority.

  7. Amnesty for any over stayer coming forward and taking a test is a must. Saying this is a Maori issue is silly look at how they policed their villages in Level 3 and 4 – they took the potential of a pandemic spread as seriously as anyone.

    There should be a simple rule – break the lockdown rules and huge fines and jail time is a NZ resident – immediate deportation if not. (would be nice to see this for any law breaking but that is another issue).

    As far as future safety it really isn’t that hard. Anyone coming to NZ must prove a 2 week isolation and negative covid test before being allowed to travel here. Upon arrival 2 weeks in a Covid “Level 1” environment with no cigarette breaks and no leaving the room. After 2 weeks moved to a “Level 2” environment allowed outside exercise within facility, at end of 2 weeks with negative test you are done. If anyone in facility tests positive everyone moves back to Level 1 and starts again.

    All Border/isolation workers live on site for 2 months – then spend 2 weeks in Quarantine before returning home where they have 3 weeks off before next shift. To make this palatable we pay them a lot more money.

    Any groups that violate the lockdown policies will have tax free status removed, leaders fined and will have to pay damages for any lockdown related expenses.

    In future NZ raises money by allowing wealthy people to pay a lot of money to live / visit NZ.

  8. The problem is not that they believe in a god who may not exist, the problem is that they listen to Christians in the US. The US christian establishment is just as corrupt as every other part of the US establishment and I’m continually amazed that Christians accept so much of what comes from there.

    The simplest argument is to remind them to follow Jesus and what is written in the bible instead of the self promoting stars of the US Christian scene

    • The problem with that Aaron is that the so called scriptures are written in ways that they can contradict and many interpretations can be made to suit purposes sought.

      The Evangelical movement have power over their flocks crafted carefully.

  9. Thx Martyn for the Ezekial gem. I’m guessing they were praying to the invisible magical flying wizard to spare them from Satan’s virus but when they end up in solitary ICU they may realise that their IMFW instead wreaked his/her vengeance upon them.
    On behalf of all those suffering l under level 2.5, especially the medical staff having to care for these dickheads, I really resent their outrageous ‘we know best’ stupidity. And that has nothing to do with their ethnicity.
    It’s no coincidence that fundamentalist churches and their pathetic lying leaders are feeding the USA pandemic, not helped by the visible magic plane crash wizard Donald Trump cosying up to them in white house photo opps.

  10. The people concerned need to understand they have broken the law and have not rendered unto Caesar what is Caeser’s and only been misguided in rendering only what they believe to be God’s will. Now we have that Right Wing apologist on TV sticking up for these lawbreakers who have cost NZ greatly for their selfish acts. So to Garner who has so much to say always supporting Neo-Liberal Right-wing views he too stands condemned as he is encouraging all the willful or stupid responses we are seeing which is stopping the recovery. Zip you lips Garner you are a f…ing disgrace.

    • You get that when you have “an eye for an eye” world. I guess Martyn thinks that abusing a group who is abusing the whole country is fair enough.

    • When what they do endangers others and goes against the law, then calling them out is not abusing anyone. The abusers are those putting others in danger. Tolerance just because of a chosen belief system run by an organisation is illogical.

      • BLM?
        Gang funerals?
        I don’t recall you or other local denizens being outraged at their breach of lockdown.
        There’s a word for that.

  11. I’m wondering if you have drawn a connection between them and the NZPP/Advance Jami-Lee party? How many followers are there in this congregation? A significant proportion, would be my estimate. And yes, you are being unkind.

  12. No such condemnation from any media followed the BLM protest at level four in several cities around New Zealand. This is because the BLM protest represents a struggle for the centre, which is conflict itself, being already occupied, (Revelation 12:9).

  13. Interesting perspective, but good journalism lays out the facts then gives the reader the opportunity to form an opinion. Of course WHICH facts you choose to lay out is a good indicator of where your own opinion lies. But, as soon as u start ranting, swearing and insulting people, you throw away your objectivity as well as your credibility. In your case, I assume you are just venting… which is your right. Long live free speech, but be careful not to cross the line into hate speech.

  14. Missing from the picture so far painted is the role of the ‘Church’ of Dirty Politics, lead by the once thought to be charismatic leader, Judith Collins. The practice of that Dirty Politics Doctrine is a directly contributing factor to the Covid 19 threat that is emerging in Auckland today. I can show how that played out, but just thought I’d throw it in there, as it seems to have been overlooked.

  15. “…that’s your right to believe any silly old nonsense in a liberal progressive democracy….”

    “Liberal progressive” is an oxymoron. Liberals believe in liberty; progressives believe in the almighty state with the same religious fervor as fundamentalist fanatics. This has led progressives to embrace such ideas as eugenics and social(ist) democracy. By their unfettered reliance on the state to accomplish any and all of their objectives, and remembering that everything the state does is backed by its monopoly on the use of force, violence, and coercion, it becomes easy to understand why progressives are essentially violent people. Liberal and progressive are polar opposites and never the twain shall meet.

  16. Kia Ora Tatou…I am always amazed by people who call themselves “Christians” and proceed to incessantly slobber all over you and invade your personal and mental space in an onslaught of “love,” “fellowship”, “condolences”, “congratulations”, whatever the excuse. People who throw their hands up in the air and footle on about “in the presence of the great one…we praise thee oh lord….yada yada….bless us, your children, gathered in your presence….. Let’s all quote some psalms, shall we? that show we are the chosen ones!! and oh no, God would never sicken us because we live in righteousness…..blow all these other people…..” then they continue to squawk, squeal and intone their untintelligible and evil insinuations and plans to get one over the ‘underfunded’.
    Going to a bereaved family’s home and ‘spreading the word of the lord’ while infectious or potentially infectious is an abusive act of spiritual, psychological and physical aggression and no matter in what slimey terms the visit was couched this person should be charged with assault in my view.
    I live with a man who is always rabbiting on about his fundamentalist christian upbringing yet he doesn’t even know what Lent is, neither does he have a problem with his family constantly breaking bubble protocol, disturbing our band’s practise by parking their arses for hours on end, sending probing questions about anything and everything, invading our personal and work space and showing no absolutely no respect whatsoever for our time, because they believe they are the chosen ones and anyone of any other denomination or faith is just grist for the mill, or “fresh meat!” to be fleeced and consumed by their reptilian concept of “LOVE”.
    God help us all, even Satan would not want the dirty money of the fundamentalist evangelical.

  17. My experience is mocking people is a really bad way to start if you’re trying to change their mind.

    “The rest of us tolerant Aucklanders put up with and kindly tolerate you believing in an invisible magical flying wizard because that’s your right to believe any silly old nonsense in a liberal progressive democracy.”

    How about instead saying: “I know you thought your meeting was going to be safe. Please follow the law even when you disagree with it. That’s what doing something for the greater good requires”

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