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  1. I see that David Seymour has used the photo of a little girl getting the PM to autograph a book to make a negative facebook post. Is this legal? What kind of human being would do that? Or do we already know the answer. Hope the media crucify him.

  2. Update: after nearly 6 hours and an on line plea from the six year olds Mother, who made plain her disgust at her daughters special day meeting the PM had be co-opted by the ACT party for a political smear, The ACT party has removed the photo and all comments regarding it. No explanation or apology given. Watch this space?

  3. I have now noticed that a lot of ethnic Indian NZers and possibly also immigrants do not seem to take Covid 19 all that serious. Many do not wear masks, not even in supermarkets, some not even in the buses, as I noted today.

    This is of concern, it is not meant to be discriminating, but there appear to be far too many of such persons behaving so carelessly here in Auckland, where it is now even mandatory to wear masks on or in public transport. Why is this not being enforced, that is another question and concern.

    Or are drivers and others in charge perhaps too scared to raise issues, not wanting to be seen as being too harsh, or even ‘racist’?

    There should be limits to being ‘kind’, as Jacinda expects us to be. If people simply ignore rules and thus pose a potential risk to public health, then at some stage some enforcement is needed.

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