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  1. The day of reckoning is here finally; China increased ‘climate emissions vastly during the last decade’ and now has to pay for it. Typhoons and floods are increasing in the south China seas.

    China faces extreme weather as temperatures rise, more rain falls – government forecasters;

    Large parts of southern China’s planting regions have been waterlogged, affecting rice, tobacco and fruit production, he said, adding that rainfall in the south over the next 10 days is expected to exceed average levels by between 30%-70%.

    “From a wider perspective, along with global warming, the likelihood of extreme weather events is increasing,” said Chen Hao, an official with China’s National Climate Center, at the same Tuesday briefing.

    China’s Ministry of Emergency Management said on Tuesday that it had already disbursed 1.32 billion yuan ($192 million) in emergency funds to help disaster relief, with a large proportion of the money going to flood-hit central and southern regions.

  2. On Radionz this morning indicating failure by the privatised state over matters important to man, woman, beast and business.
    Authorities have dropped the ball on controlling TB in a part of Hawkes Bay that has difficult terrain and requires constant monitoring and action. There was a changeover of responsibility and the work to control fell between the cracks of two entities. Also there is a Court case over problems of access to key lands which can harbour the possums that start the TB, the wild pigs that dispose of the dead possums, and have spread it far. The farmers are at their wits end with the problems of trying to stay afloat financially, run their farms, comply with regulations, and as well a huge great drought. There is also another factor, and that is that there is forestry planting going on there which wealthy firms buy land for to convert from animal farming.
    Government needs to call it an emergency and get in there to support farmers with money and flexible assistance, and useful personnel as required by the locals.

  3. A Radionz report on the faults of Fire Service management to look after trainees joining these worthy saviours of people and property.

    Also other items relating to problems that have arisen:

    To recap on our history in the firefighting service to citizens –
    While firefighting is a very important service for people, a 1995 referendum about the need to assess support for deciding an adequate number of paid firefighters, only got a 27% voter turnout.
    And I think this is an indication of why NZ is in such a mess today, bloody apathetic citizens who want others to think and make decisions, which they can then later criticise at their leisure saying that if they had been involved the matter would have been handled correctly!  
    Background about the firefighting system and management in NZ:
    (There was a Fire Service Commisson set up in 1975 and by law only one on it had to have the field!)

    The New Zealand Fire Service Commission was the overseeing authority controlling the New Zealand Fire Service and the New Zealand National Rural Fire Authority. A Crown entity reporting to the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Commission was established by the New Zealand Fire Service Act 1975…
    The Commission was composed of five members appointed by the Governor-General. By law, at least one member must be experienced in fire engineering or a senior operational firefighting….
    The Commission was dissolved on 30 June 2017 when it was replaced by the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Board.

    And:  The New Zealand Fire Service (Māori: Whakaratonga Iwi, “Service to the People”[2]; also known as the NZFS) was New Zealand’s main firefighting body from 1 April 1976 until 1 July 2017 – at which point it was dissolved and incorporated into the new Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

    Since 2017 –
    New since 2002 – Fire and Emergency NZ is the lead agency for New Zealand USAR operations (Civil Defence & Emergency Management Act 2002)   (More work, one wonders if there are correspondingly more staff additions?)

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