MEDIA WATCH: I’ve never listened to Kate Hawkesby in my life, why would I start now over cannabis?  


The great Ok Karen of white middle class privilege speaks…

Kate Hawkesby: Let’s get facts straight on the cannabis referendum

The pro-legalise movement comes largely from adults advocating on the basis of their own experiences, arguing the case for people like them.

I’ve never listened to Kate Hawkesby in my life, so why would I start now over cannabis?

Firstly, fuck you Kate. The manner in which prohibition has been wielded like a huge weapon against sections of our community who look nothing like you means people like us have an obligation to step up and demand change!

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Secondly, Shouldn’t we be fucking outraged by these prohibition fascists?

Shouldn’t we be furious that the American Religious Right are interfering in our domestic politics?

Shouldn’t we be incandescent with fucking rage that the State have used the prohibition of a product far less damaging than alcohol or tobacco to imprison, arrest, prosecute, punish, stain and mutilate generations of our fellow citizens for a ‘crime’ that was always about control and never about our safety?

Fuck the prohibitionists with their failed war on drugs!

I’m not being lectured by an alcoholic society on what substance I consume and I’m sure as fuck not going to tolerate being told what to do by moralistic cowards who dare use my safety to continue their systems of control!

And that goes triple for a privileged morals like Kate fucking Hawkesby!

We should be collectively outraged that we have allowed the State to have this prohibition power for as long as they have. Cannabis is a civil rights issue, the State has crushed hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens for decades upon decades to enforce a law that was always about control and not our welfare.

How dare they and how dare we allow them to get away with it!

You can enrol on the day of the election so there are no excuses this time.

Don’t drag yourself to the ballot box comrades, march there in furious anger and tell the State and Kate Hawkesby to fuck off out of our collective lives.


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    • You say Kate Hawskeby is the face of evil – that is not the face of evil, I will tell you what is evil.

      Evil is when we surrender our dignity and freedoms instead of defying Kate Hawkseby.

  1. Why listen? Because she has long sleek blonde hair carefully combed, lovely white teeth, she is good looking and wears the right clothes, behaves just right for a 21st century woman, and has Confidence (and a lot of money). She must be right in what she says, or she wouldn’t have that well-paid job would she, that’s obvious!

      • Why listen to Jacinda?
        Because she has long sleek brunette hair carefully combed, lovely white teeth, she is good looking and wears the right clothes, behaves just right for a 21st century woman, and has Confidence (and a lot of money). She must be right in what she says, or she wouldn’t have that well-paid job would she, that’s obvious!
        How’s that Greywarbler?

        • Because Jacinda has proved herself as a leader of a nation.
          Kate has proved herself only as an observer and critic.
          I know which one I would prefer to have at the helm.

          • Hawksby was born with a gold spoon in her mouth she is condescending and I don’t bother reading her shit or listen to her rubbish comments. What would she know about life she is a privileged one, and comes across as I know bests fuck the rest just like her motor mouth know it all husband.

        • Herman, you really are one persistent p.i.t.a. troll. Puulllease….dig a very big hole, as your own personal ‘shovel ready project’. Fill it with Cloud Ocean Water, jump in it, cover it in tinfoil.

          BTW, you really do sound like Todd Muller. Are you sure you aren’t one of the 3 ex-Leaders of the National opposition this term??

          I wish you born-to-rule Nat trolls would stop agitating, praying and wishing for the pandemic to break through NZ’s borders and kill thousands of kiwis, and especially the elderly, Maori and Pasifica.

          Hmmmm…..”I’ve been thinking”, like one of the ex-ACT and ex-Nats’ poster boys…… wasn’t there a conversation between Key and Banks. where a Leader of the Nats said?? ‘Winston’s voters would be dead soon anyway!’

          Did you Hermann, and the Nats know something about this pandemic when Key was in power Hermann? Were you hoping for a pandemic, with backup planning for End of Life Choice to get rid of elderly Winston voters, way back then?

          Certainly, your beloved National Party troll-meisters have had their fair share of political scandals over the years, more than any other political party by far, Hermann.

          Keep digging that hole Hermann, you’ll be safe from the nasty Labour Party that’s ruining Aotearoa.

          BTW HSR, what do you think of Aotearoa, really? What do you think of race relations here Hermann? Do black lives matter?

          Are you a MAGA person deep down, who wants to ‘Make Aotearoa Great Again’?

          BTW HSR, as a troll. are you paid per posts you make? Do you get paid GST inclusive by National and those right of National? Or is it a payment under the table, cash payment, nudge-nudge-wink-wink-say-no-more!

          Do you have a troll union? Or are you independent troll contractors, like Key did with the Warner Brothers’ knee-capping of legitimate workers?

          Do you get subscriptions to BFD for a week’s trolling?

          So many questions…HSR….DGAF about your answers. Because, it just feeds the trolls, and pays them …. for their fava beans….. mmmmmm …. in their mama’s basements.

  2. Kate Hawkseby? Some media nobody .. going by the above pic – some kind of shock-jock for News Talk ZB?

    Maybe saw her in a Woman’s Weekly? Would have been years ago at a fish-n-chipper. Is the Woman’s Day still a published title?

    Sean Plunket is good, I sometimes look up his Friday Working Group online. As for News Talk ZB, it’s kind of at the level of a live Joe Biden speech.

    Yeah, ok, well .. that’s that.

  3. Kate who? isnt that the lady who left her hubby for the other presenter who got his ass kicked by Maori Party co leader in court. Huh, I thought Kate hated cannabis because it was linked to all poor people, beneath her or low socio economic blah blah. Her words when she was a presenter before she got the boot because of her affair blah blah. She had to sell her home, because whe was unemployer or unable to return to work or something, refer to previous media quotes/ write upp blah blahhhhh. Who cares, she has blond hair I think

  4. At a boy @ MB!
    Surely you must have seen ” Mars Attacks” ?!
    If you haven’t, you’ve got to watch it. Is a classic of it’s genre.
    There’s a scene where an alien glides around wearing a disguise which looks like KATE HAWKESBY ! Ba hahaha aha a !
    Imagine waking up of a morning and finding mike hoskings wriggling around beside you!? No wonder she has a bung eye because if you look at something very small for long enough…
    Poor old kate and mike aye? I’m sure they’re good people underneath the paint and polyester.
    OMG ! You seen ‘Polyester’ by John Waters?
    Soooooooooooooooooo kate and mike ! Fun to watch but you wouldn’t want to be them.

  5. If I’ve heard right grass only has a substantial effect on a third of people. Never noticed it in my 2 encounters. Leave it to people.


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