MEDIA WATCH: Q+A Winston train wreck interview & Death Cult Capitalist blunder


Fiery clash on Q+A this morning as Jack tried to do what no other journalist has the spine to do, and that is hold Winston Peters to account.

The explosive interview highlighted the glass jaw of Winston as he floundered around and attacked Jack for asking him the hard questions over racing donations, Serious Fraud Investigations and Winston’s sudden criticism of Labour’s quarantine policy.

Jack had every reason to ask the questions and refused to back down. Winston threw furious shade at Jack, he still didn’t back down.

This is the exact sort of journalism we ask TVNZ to give us.

What was bitterly disappointing was the open platform then given to a Plan B Death Cult Capitalist who breathlessly informed everyone that the current Covid virus is no worse than the flu and restrictions based on fear were amputating his liberty.

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Jack appeared deeply ruffled by Winston and didn’t seem prepared for the Death Cult Capitalist and didn’t provide much push back on the crazy.

The Producer of QandA doesn’t have anything to apologise for in the Winston interview, but sure as hell does have some explaining to do regarding platforming such a dangerous argument during an active pandemic.

This is really bad public broadcasting – this virus IS NOT THE SAME AS THE FLU! It has a far higher mortality rate, is mutating into becoming more transmittable, there are open questions about a herd immunity being possible and there are those who are permanently crippled by the virus.

Allowing the myth that it is comparable to the flu is really dangerous

Genuinely surprised this was allowed to pass.

It was funny watching Ben Thomas and Laila Harre on the panel avoid openly criticising the angry Green twitter mob on the panel while trying to let everyone know they are to blame.


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    • Thornley sounded like an inebriated sycophant of Judas Collins. Great to pontificate after the fact that because we now have low covid numbers and a low death toll that it wasn’t going to be as as bad as we all thought. He obviously doesn’t see a correlation between the success and the effort put in by Jacinda’s coalition and the team of 5 million. Seems not very clever to me or he’s too busy pursuing some political agenda but claiming to be scientific
      Also Jack/ James had the same gotcha syndrome as Tovah and Hoskings and in my opinion completely failed to trip Winston up. Your analysis of the interview or attempted interrogation is different to what i observed.
      NB I’m not a NZ 1st voter.

      • Agree with ya Rodel, Why didn’t James I mean Jack question and treat the American women who was praising up there dippy President Trump last week like he interviewed Winstone. Come on Jack be fair and be consistent.

  1. I used to have time for Winston Peters but not anymore. His attitude leaves alot to be desired.

    My late parents and I voted for NZ First in the 90s. We were fooled by Winston when he said that he wouldn’t enter into a coalition government with National. But within weeks almost of the general election he eagerly jumped into bed with National.

    After that selfish action by him he lost my support and vote. For a period of time I respected him but even that has gone.

    And so as he has become a self-serving politician that lacks respect and support then I think it’s time he called it a day on politics. He can now retire on a big fat pension thanks to the generous NZ Taxpayers for the rest of his days.

    Whilst he helped in creating Kiwi-saver he needs to move on and let someone younger be in his stead.

    And in regards to the NZ Media???!!!! Well methinks most of the so-called journalists are so deep into the NZ National Party pocket to no longer be able to see daylight.

    Will Jack be as hard on say Judith Collins or would he be laughing away and fawning over her? Only time will tell.

  2. OMFG that was all over the place, he kept calling Jack, James and he looked like he was getting over the bottle of whiskey he drank the night before; and then started with the I’m running the show BS. Embarrassing for Winston showing him losing the plot and his SHIT right before our very eyes. Remember the bigger they (think they are) are, the harder they fall. And he just fell from a very great height.

  3. Let’s go the whole hog with Thornleythink. People are going to die. People over 60 are more likely to die.

    Let’s just accept that and not try to preserve and protect the life of those over 60. They are going to die anyway. It is false economy spending money on keeping them healthy. Think of the money we could save. Whoop Dee Fucken Doo! I mean it’s just death isn’t it Dr Thornley?

    • I agree with you Peter he came across as being cold hearted and a dick head. And I noticed he hesitated and had no decent answer for when Jacky boy mentioned Maori and PI are also at high risks because of underlying health conditions. He actually showed he doesn’t give a stuff about us. And nor does he care about all our elderly people dying before there time cause he is a twat. I can see why he is Doctor and not a Professor. and to make matters worse he was praising the Australian Covid efforts when they are experiencing civil unrest and much longer lock downs. What he needs to ask himself is why are so many NZers returning home.

  4. In my opinion winston peters is metaphorically caught in a Chinese finger trap.
    He reached deep into the pocketsesssss of the benefactors of our particular iteration of neoliberalism and now he can’t get his hand back.
    I would argue that in fact we AO/NZ’ers are in precisely the same position as we were in, on, or immediately after 1984.
    No one can argue that there’s been positive change.
    We work hard while they take our stuff and money and winston is the buffer zone between us and them to maintain a comfortable status quo for them as they grow ever richer while they sell us out.
    I would guess that the reason tame was allowed to go after peters was like any lap dog chasing a possum to end up barking up the wrong tree just to put on a good show to ensure it was fed and watered is because winston is no longer of any use to his dodgy mates.
    There’s one thing you can do with your life that would go down in history and redeem your name winston? Blow the whistle. Go on!? Do it!? Come clean and fuck them all!

    • I agree Winston was setup by that sly dog Tame as it was clear he had been scripted to ask questions that was to entrap Winston there.

      When I was watching the spectacle it reminded me of the interrogation the ‘How to remove Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh’ shambles he went through in that mock up of a phony sex scandal set upon him as he was about to be voted onto the US judiciary in 2018.

      I have less respect for Jack Tame now then ever so who pays him for this “muck-racking”?…/9/16/20867558/remove-supreme-court-brett-kavanaugh-no-impeachment

  5. Winston Peters’ excessively deflective interview performance today with Jack Tame was disgraceful, very reminiscent of his mentor Rob Muldoon. The master having taught his protege`well obviously! Both politicians went/go into interviews with aggressive, controlling attitudes, ready to do battle with the interviewer, to divert from the truth being exposed.

    How Peters expects to get back into Parliament with such behaviour is anyone’s guess! He certainly hasn’t done himself, his party, or his supporters any favours. Whereas on the other hand Jack Tame proved himself a professional journalist in dealing with Peters’ unacceptable behaviour today, in one case having to remind the NZF leader of his correct name!

  6. That was clearly an ambush on Winston Peters better kept for a different forum. Jack Tame should have studied the last election ‘interview’ with Winston Peters by Guyon Espiner….now that was a real train wreck of an ‘interview’ with Espiner spilling mostly his own blood on the tracks.

  7. If Mr Peters thinks he’ll win votes for his shocking performance this morning, I doubt it. If anything it will serve to turn off voters who already have a distrust of the man.

    Without any doubt in my mind, watching him since he resigned from National, this was his worst public performance.

    As for Mr Thornley, there was something deeply chilling about the way he so casually, calmly, and with a soft-spoken voice, talked about “living with covid19” that totally disregarded the probably that hundreds, if not thousands, would die if that virus was allowed to spread through Aotearoa.

    He pointed to Iceland, ignoring the fact that our demographic is the polar-opposite to that small nation.

    (And it’s laughable that “Plan Bers” have shifted from emulating Sweden… to Australia… and now, Iceland?)

    God help us if his quasi-eugenics Plan B was ever implemented. This would not be living with covid19. It would be dying with it.

    • We have vaccines for ordinary flue but not for covid19 – a point which I think should have mentioned in the Thornley interview.
      Interesting was the item on tonight’s TV1 news that deaths from influenza had also dropped considerably as a result of steps taken against the cronavirus.

    • Thornley should change his name to Dr Death. And doesn’t he mean we have to learn to die from it, not live with it cause there will be heaps more NZers dying from it he is saying get use to it and why should we.

  8. “I used to have time for Winston Peters but not anymore ”
    Yeah you could argue that he was set up after all that is what they used to do with Cunliffe , Goff and Shearer.
    But Peters just comes across angry and bitter with an axe to grind.
    It is time Winston called it a day as he is just not believable anymore.

  9. Without a doubt, it was by far the worst interview performance of Winston Peters’s career. It reminded me of the Rob Muldoon interview where he refused to answer questions he’d had no advance warning of. Peters was even worse than that car crash interview. He looked like a desperate man who tried every dirty little trick in his toxic bag against the interviewer. The condescending arrogance of Peters knows no bounds. That interview was the death blow for the Winston First Party.

    He was afforded the opportunity to answer lingering questions about his own integrity and that of his party. All he did was dig an even bigger hole and confirm just how untrustworthy he and his party really are. There also seems little doubt now that it was NZF who leaked details to the media about political rival James Shaw and the Green school funding.

    Bye bye Winston. You’ve covered your legacy in…….excrement.

  10. Fuck off Winston, the country has had enough of your bullshit.
    Besides all that was raised Winston and his party would pull out of coalition agreement topics at the 11th hour after countless tax payer funding has gone into getting these bills ready and Winston pulls a swifty and says no, Who the fuck wants a coalition partner who broke his contracts right the way through.
    This must be the first coalition Winston has made it right the way through. Labour and the Greens were too tolerant of this arsehole.


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