The grim virus math that will forgive Jacinda


We are all frightened.

We are all anxious, depressed, angry.

When we read about the latest mistake or loophole at the border we erupt.

The word ‘unprecedented’ is finally not hyperbole.

But the stats are the final proof, and despite mistakes and unforeseen changes of a live event currently in motion, NZ has been blessed by luck, the world’s biggest moat and a supernova leadership masterclass from Jacinda.

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The political loyalty Jacinda’s leadership has generated will be fortified by a grim virus math that will forgive Jacinda of those media highlighted mistakes.

It took 6 months to reach 10million coronavirus cases.

Then just 43 days to double that tally to 20million.

And now just 20 days to hit 25million.

It’s currently over 26 400 000.

Projections for American Deaths by January 1st is 410 000!

The current death rate is 186 000.

Whatever mistakes and lapses in quarantine security by Labour will be seen in the context of the shadow of that mountain of dead.

We don’t know how lucky we are is finally post satire.

An outward looking society will see what is happening globally and count their blessings they are here.


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  1. Yes Martyn;
    Now Jacinda needs to correct the current low amount of tests.

    Each person needs several repeat tests.

    Since several tests are needed for a ‘single person’, we have not made allowance yet so far so we are only counting single tests done so far.

    This error makes the total number of test done to date to be low if we count multiple tests on each person.

    Remember on 16th March the ‘World Heath Organisation’ (WHO) warned the world governments to “test, test, test”

    As you said the numbers will forgive Jacinda so she needs to make sure the testing is increased markedly to show at least 50% of our population is multiple tested and that will require a total number of tests done to be at least around 4 million and so far only one million tests have been completed or only one forth the number needed.

  2. Fred Dagg. Dear old Fred ‘The Farmer’ Dagg.
    Dags are what hangs off a sheep’s arse. They’re formed by sheep shit getting caught in the sheep’s wool . Ever had arse spiders? Then, there you go.
    The type of shit necessary to build a famed Dagg must be loose. A loose sheep stool. That happens for a number of reasons but usually following a fresh growth of moist spring grasses. Other elements come in to play to create sheep shits. Sheep diarrhoea can be as a result of a pathogen or worms or a deficiency in mineral elements or all of the aforementioned. The best way to help sheep avoid the dreaded shits is to give the poor animals plenty of room to roam about. Intensive sheep holding is a sure way to showers of shit. But the most common cure for the shits is medicine. That can be done by drenching the animal and you do that by physically grabbing hold of the sheep then ramming a metal pipe down it’s throat then with a squeeze, you squirt in a measured dose.
    Another interesting fact about sheep shits is that it’s an income of sorts. The dag crushing plant was where we used to take our sheep shit after it was dried. It went trough a crushing machine where the shit was crushed off the wool hidden inside the turds and that wool may have been used to make felt, carpets, cheap socks etc.
    For me as a teenager it was my only source of income. I’d stand by a wool table sorting out the shit from the wool on freezing evenings to make a few dollars while don brash ( you remember don? He’s winnies bestie) was closing in on us farmers with interest rates that went to about 22%.
    We ran about 4000 sheep on 3000 acres and we barely made wages while others literally made millions and millions of dollars out of us farmers once the product left the gate.
    Dear old Fred Dagg. He wouldn’t know one end of a sheep from the other.
    He knew how to take the piss but did he know how to run a farm that could, in most cases, feed thousands of people by itself and usually run by family members in isolation and in shame. ( A moment should be spared here to cast evil spells on the national party and their crooked hangers on.)
    We used to grow 500 acres of oats, barley and wheat.
    Do you know how many loaves of bread that’d make?
    No? Neither do I but I bet it’s quite a few.
    “ We are all anxious, depressed, angry.”
    Are we?
    You ain’t seen nothing yet son.
    There’ll be a plague of humans flooding here in their millions and we’ll be simply swept aside.
    Personally, I can’t wait. It’ll be with great pleasure that I watch the first of those who belittled, humiliated and demonised farmers then exploited and manipulated them to be eaten alive.
    I wonder what a plump Ponsonby latte sipper tastes like? Organic, grain fed pork?
    For those of you who haven’t, now would be a great time to watch ‘Deliverance’. “Squeal like a pig, boy!” Suuuueeeeeeee….. !
    And this is funny.
    You couldn’t invent this stuff.
    From Boeing to Baling
    A number of out-of-work airline pilots are considering roles as large machinery operators and tractor drivers.
    Former pilot Andy Pender says he won’t be surprised if they find they’re happy working in the country and don’t go back to flying.

      • Haha,… my son and I went shopping for a rental in Hamilton,… we found this brilliant run downish 4 bedroom ex farm hand place up on a ridge looking down at miles of pasture land both side, has a garage and even a massive macrocarpa stump in the paddock next door. Its rustic and ramshackle and us to a tee. Raised in the bush and mountains, its been like being a pukeko in an office block for me living in Auckland. We haven’t got it definitely, but we are going to keep on pushing for that or something like it. I want to hear moreporks in the still of the night instead of police helicopters and sirens. Tui’s in the morning instead of rush hour roar. The lad can even help out milking as he’s had prior experience in the region 🙂

        Neil Young had it right.

        Neil Young – Are You Ready for the Country? (Live at Farm Aid 1986)

  3. I think you are hitting the right spot with this Martyn, and I mean the correct spot, just not the PR spot.
    A problem though is trying to keep the economy from collapsing, and also poor people from collapsing and despairing. We are running up a large debt as a country. Money is a created trading record with values and methods set internationally. This debt is being created in a low inflation template that served investors and lenders. We now need to loosen the bounds of the template to provide for growth and continuing jobs – employment, and affordable debt and income to cover living expenses for working people. The type of enforced austerity the economists have been running was holding us back from having a balanced economy, to favour the purchase of capital assets with plentiful credit at low interest.

    Now is the time for the inflation rate to be allowed to rise; the Reserve Bank to loosen the belt and enable working people some relief from the low wage austerity forced on only them. There will still be profits for those in the accretion game. (Note: this is not the same as the wealth creators game.)
    Under the current Policy Targets Agreement (PTA) the Reserve Bank is required to keep annual increases in the CPI between 1 and 3 percent on average over the medium term, with a focus on keeping future average inflation near the 2 percent target midpoint.
    From the graph in the link it can be seen that we were around only 1% inflation from about 2013 to 2018 – far too long with austerity related problems that could have been offset within the band requirement and the mid-point of 2%.
    With this long acceptance ny NZ financial authorities of depressing effects on inflation for the sake of economic purity, but forgetting it all relates to human activity just not intellectually-bound lines and figures, we can see that we need now to have a higher mid-point to aim at say 3.5% in a band also set higher at 2-4.5%.

    This will mean that the debt burden will decrease, the economy will increase allowing the debt to be repaid faster, and more borrowing when needed will not be the subject of dismay and doom. So you well-paid blokes and blokesses get your fingers tapping to show the advantages of this, and how it can be presented to the gnomes of treasure whom the Treasury serves in reality, not us.

    • Why are you advocating faster devaluation of the money in our pockets or bank accounts?

      With term deposit rates at an all-time low, and still falling, savers now get next-to-nothing for money in the bank.

      You are suggesting people who do have some meagre saving lose the value those savings faster than is already happening.

  4. Bomber
    I think you got this wrong.
    We’re not frightened. We’re not anxious. We’re not depressed.
    That’s what Jacinda, and you, wants us to be.
    Fear fear fear. Control control control.
    We’re over it, that’s what we are.

    • neither are we all pulling in the same direction, with a 2 tier welfare system it’s a massive point of failure. At 1% interest rates it’s entirely unnecessary and just invites a recession.

    • Pull a tinfoil hat on your head Herman.
      Join an anti-lockdown rally.
      Don’t take the vaccine when it’s produced.

      Or, ring up Todd Muller and his red MAGA hat and emigrate to the USA. In America you’ll have nothing to fear, but death itself.

      And stop hoping for a Covid-19 breach here in NZ. We know what National and ACT would have done would have been exactly the same as Trump’s and Sweden’s. Your lot would have sacrificed us all on the pyre of Trump and National’s brand of herd immunity. Heard of wolves Herman?

      Very apt name you chose Herman though, you would have been digging graves for the kiwis dying for National’s herd immunity. Trump and Republicans. Muller/Collins and National. Same shit, different countries.

      Heard of immunity Herman? Born to rule arseholes.

    • “We’re not frightened. We’re not anxious. We’re not depressed.”

      Hermann, I am frightened. Not for myself, but for those of my clients who would surely perish if they caught covid19.

      The only thing that depresses me are those who selfishly refuse to comply with some very basic health protocols. Whether it’s wearing masks or washing hands (a brief wetting under running water, no soap, lasting a few seconds isn’t hand washing, it’s a layperson’s attempt to mimic a baptism, sans baby). Depressing is listening to idiots espouse conspiracy fantasies that might do well in an episode of “X Files”, but has little relevance to Real Life.

      And depressing is what happens when the msm amplifies the whinging, whining, bleatings of an unimportant, tiny, minority whose sense of self-entitlement is fast approaching Jupiter-size proportions.

      The rest of us get on with what needs to be done.

      “That’s what Jacinda, and you, wants us to be”

      No, not even remotely true. She, health experts, and scientists (with the exception of one or two misguided folk) want us to follow the basic rules. Its not hard. Wear a face mask. Wash your hands. Stay home if you’re unwell. Get tested if you have symptoms.

      It’s not like we’re being asked to endure night after night of bombing by the Nazi Luftwaffe. Staying home and watching crap on telly is as hard as it gets for us. Yeah, I think we can “tough it out”.

      • Well, I do believe that boarder restrictions should be eased and relaxed over time as the government gets used to new behaviours. What happened to all those that wanted to attend funerals was unnecessary if we need quarantine islands in the middle of the Hauraki like it was the 1930’s so don’t take our freedoms for granted.

  5. Personally I think you are frightened, anxious and depressed as you fear the economy crashing.
    And your way of life disintegrating.
    Not so much the virus. I don’t believe there is that level of anxiety warranted.
    A blog as esteemed as this should be evaluating how we can use this upheaval to move to a better place, a fairer more sustainable society where we value what is important to our existence and the world we live in, and not just the status quo that promulgates unfettered consumption.

  6. The USA deaths per capita from covid19 are now 190 times higher than China and climbing..
    Yet the USA had warning and China had none.
    China dealt to the virus in population dense cities.

    China has shown how to do it. Their lesson should not be ignored.
    If we had gone harder our case numbers would have been lower and the 100 days extended..

    Instead of giving billions to the banks we should have resourced more testing and medical staff as well as accelerating out strategy and infrastructure to implement it.

    This virus is not going to go away and the economics lay in dealing to it.
    Forget the herd immunity claptrap.

  7. What got me more interested in politics than ever was the divisive carnage National created in their 9 excruciating long years and the diabolical treatment / abuse, name butchering, ridiculing and ,misrepresenting that Ardern has been relentlessly subjected to by National and their despicable and divisive trolls.

    As a result, I found the link below link surprising this morning, especially when you consider the author who previously had Ardern convicted for allegedly covering up a farcical example of sexual abuse. The site is also infamous for running an all day every day crusade against Ardern…masquerading as news

    That aside, everything Vance states in this article is 100% accurate, timely and appropriate.

    “No-one dared abbreviate Margaret Thatcher’s Christian name to her face.

    Her staff called their formidable boss Mrs Thatcher, or sometimes Mrs T when she was not present.

    True friends, or those pretending an intimacy, called her Margaret.

    But it was Labour party rivals who demonised her as “Maggie Thatcher, Milk Snatcher”, when she ended the provision of free milk for school children in the 1970s.

    The tabloid press adopted the condescending diminutive Maggie and it stuck until she died in 2013.

    Baroness Thatcher hated it. She was a breakthrough female politician, but couldn’t escape from patronising, gender politics.

    Like Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s critics have adopted an over-familiar cutesy name.

    But, just like when a stranger uses the endearments love or darlin,’ it’s not meant with affection.

    Last week ‘Cindy’ was trending on Twitter, a backlash against confused Government messaging on Covid-19 testing. It crops up on comment boards and social media, even Judith Collins’ husband David Wong-Tung shared a Facebook meme that suggests we “Unite against CINDY-20”.

    Its use is condescending and paternalistic. Ardern’s friends and family do not call her Cindy. In fact, she’d rather no-one did, telling the New York Times in 2018: “I just hate the nickname Cindy.”

    I hate it too, because it is a putdown that is meant to belittle her.

    Plenty of male politicians are known by their first name: Winston, Donald, Boris. There’s nothing sexist in calling a female politician by her first name: Jacinda is unique and memorable.

    For Hillary, there was another Clinton who had served in high office and her Christian name avoided confusion.

    Helen is all too common – she was known to the public as Clark. Or by her full name, sometimes Aunty Helen.

    But changing, (to the maddening Jacinta) or shortening someone’s name is not inconsequential. It sends a message of disrespect.

    Sir John Key was never Johnnie. Sir Bill English was not called Billie. No Jimmy Bolger, Robbie Muldoon or Mikey Moore?

    So why do Ardern’s critics use this infantilisation?

    Because no matter what she achieves, handles, or leads, they want to sneer and remind her that she is still just a girl.

    It could be worse: harassment, threats and violent rhetoric against women in leadership positions is all too common. (And she gets those too).

    But most women – and it happens most often to women by men – hate pet names from outside their friends or family.

    The informality signals that a woman’s name, her title and therefore her credentials are not meaningful.

    This shorthand appellation is an insidious way of diminishing Ardern’s power and agency.

    But the misogynistic jab says more about the (mostly) men using it, than it does Ardern.

    If sexist name-calling is all they’ve got, then she has already won the argument.

    Criticism, voicing your opinion, even disliking a leader is all fine, and welcome, in a healthy political system.

    But don’t scold and derogate the prime minister like she’s a little girl.

    If you think she’s wrong, hold her failures to the same standards as men.

    And her name isn’t difficult: try to get it right. You might find people take you more seriously.

  8. “Yeah Right!”

    A bit like this from the last sitting in the House.

    Hon JUDITH COLLINS (Leader of the Opposition) to the Prime Minister: Does she stand by her statement, “We will continue to be your single source of truth”?

    Hon JACINDA ARDERN (Prime Minister): I stand by my statement in its entirety. Some weeks ago …

    Hon Judith Collins: Was her Government the “single source of truth” when it announced it would build 16,000 KiwiBuild homes in the first three years of the programme?

    Then the widdle princess changed the subject because her widdle feelings got hurt by the big bad grown up.

    • Denny Paoa,

      As always, your “contribution” is little more than a festering turd.

      I put up a link referring to the misogynistic shitheels name butchering of Ardern and you step right up with your brave condescending snot.

      Give yourself an uppercut and slide back into your slime-covered hole.

      • Hehehe! Love your sycophantism! Keep it up and you’ll see a coalition party of the Nats & Labour in government.

        • It’s all right DP. JF always gets abusive when she or he feels someone with a different point of view wipes their dirty hands over the tinsel clothing of JA( figuratively speaking). Jacindafan hasn’t accepted that we are not all bad or good but a a bit of a mix. Jacinda Ardern is no different. She shows empathy but her Governments policy failures tell us that her Government either lied to get power or are completely inept. Either way it isn’t good even though Jacindfan feels it is. The Covid virus has been handled pretty well but the disintegrating economy will find the Coalition and Jacinda Ardern out.

      • Don’t feed the incel troll Jacindafan……

        Denny is another misogynistic needledick National troll, spouting the same dirty politics of Judith and her husband.

        Like every other born-to-rule, “don’t you know who I am” Nat. Nats who use women like Paula Bennett for their attacks on other women and the victims of Richardson’s mother of all budgets in the 90’s to push through their odious policies.

        Poor Denny, sitting in his mother’s basement, angry at the world and all women, for his onanistic pitiful life.

        Pity him like we should every other Nat-loving incel ….. men so angry at women, they will spout their bile and filth against Jacinda Ardern.

        ….pity Denny….

  9. Perhaps some on here need to read this again I reckon Danny. Bit touchy aren’t they.
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