Seeking justice for Palestine


From 13-26 August, there were five Palestinian Gaza ceasefire violations featuring missile launches. Over the same period, there were 116 Israeli Gaza ceasefire violations, including 34 air strikes, that terrorised families and damaged homes. By 26 August, Israeli Gaza ceasefire violations for the year already totalled 899. At the present rate, it is certain that, by year’s end, Israel’s Gaza ceasefire violations will far exceed 1,000.

Incendiary balloons and kites

Palestinian-launched missiles fired across the Green Line plainly count as ceasefire violations, as do the less common armed Gaza Resistance attacks on Israeli military positions. However, this time Israel and its mainstream news-media allies have tended to concentrate disproportionately on the flying of incendiary balloons and kites by Palestinian protesters. From 18-26 August, there were six demonstrations using incendiary balloons and kites, not without risk to the protesters because Israeli Army positions opened fire towards every one of them.

While these devices may occasionally land in populated areas and set fire mainly to farmland, their effects cannot possibly be compared with those resulting from Israeli air strikes, gunboat attacks on Palestinian fishing boats and the shelling of Palestinian farmland. And, while Israel imposes its blockade on Gaza in the name of ‘security’, it makes frequent military incursions into the defenceless enclave, as well as constantly violating its air space. Palestinian incendiary balloons and kites have never caused death or injury. So what is their purpose?

The answer should be obvious – it is to draw attention to what Israel is doing to Gaza, and shout to the world “here we still are, stop ignoring us and instead help us defend our human rights!” Gaza has suffered under Israel’s crushing blockade since 2007 and the Zionist regime has been imposing movement restrictions on the population for even longer, since the early 1990s, in fact. This decades-long collective punishment is a violation of international law that can only be brought to an end with sanctions. Now, Israel has forced Gaza’s only power plant to shut down, even further restricting the electricity supply. In addition, around half the population faces imminent starvation and sickness. Israel attacks Palestinian fishing boats to further restrict the food supply and, to that end, has also seized control of more than a third of Gaza’s farmland. Agricultural land elsewhere in Gaza is vulnerable to destructive Israeli Army incursions, air strikes and gunfire.

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UK activist calls out UK Government hostility to BDS

A dedicated pro-Palestinian activist, Deborah Darnes, received a reply from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) dated 1 September 2020 [ Our reference: TO2020/15868] that stated: “The British Government firmly opposes calls to boycott Israel. The UK and Israel have a strong and important trading relationship and we are firmly opposed to boycotts or sanctions.”

Deborah responded, in part, to this and other FCO comments, as follows:

Dear Sirs,

The British government is opposed to boycotts or sanctions against Israel due to our strong and important trading relationship. Therefore I conclude that trade is more important than human rights.

To quote you:

“The crisis in Ukraine is not comparable to the situation in the West Bank and Gaza strip. After illegally annexing Crimea in 2014, Russia continues to engage in a deliberate plan to destabilise Ukraine, supporting pro-Russian armed-formations in the east of the country. Sanctions are being used as an economic lever in order to influence Russia’s behaviour and to deter further destabilisation.”

Israel has occupied the West Bank and Gaza since 1967. Currently Israel is bombing Gaza and does so at regular intervals. This is not a war as the Palestinians do not have an army and any missiles from Gaza are part of a legitimate resistance which is legal under international law. Israel continues to steal land and demolish homes of Palestinians. Israeli occupation forces kill Palestinians regularly as do Israeli settlers who face minimal or no consequences.

You also state:

“The UK continues to support a negotiated settlement leading to a safe and secure Israel living alongside a viable and sovereign Palestinian state; based on 1967 borders with agreed land swaps, with Jerusalem as the shared capital of both states, and a just, fair, agreed and realistic settlement for refugees”.

How is this possible without sanctions? Israel continues to build illegal settlements and steal land. I know and you know a two state is no longer possible. What actions are Britain taking to achieve this negotiated settlement? The US Peace deal and deals with the UAE will never achieve this as no one is talking to the Palestinians. Israel was created by stealing land and from 1917 and the 1940s onwards the Palestinians have never been given a real say in their future. This has been a colonial enterprise from the start and we have helped create a racist apartheid state.

Without sanctions there will never be peace. We need justice for Palestine. At least individuals can use boycotts and people are increasingly using this to apply pressure on Israel. If you have a policy on human rights violations then it needs to be applied to all who meet the criteria. Israel is clearly in breach of human rights and International Law in regard to the Palestinians and the reality is reflected in the numerous UN resolutions against Israel.

Yours very sincerely but disgusted

Deborah Darnes

Death and destruction in West Bank

On 19 August, Israeli soldiers opened fire at the entrance to Deir Abu Masha’al village, killing 16-year-old Muhammad Damer Hamdan Matar and wounding two other youngsters: Mahmoud Nimer Abed Atta and Ahmad Muhammad Fayez Atta. Both were admitted to hospital. From 13-26 August, Israeli forces destroyed 17 West Bank homes and carried out 105 night-time peace disruption and/or home invasion raids in Palestinian towns, villages and UN refugee camps.

When asked a direct question concerning Israel‘s destruction of a Palestinian Covid-19 testing centre in Hebron, New Zealand’s Five Eyes partner, the UK, was unable to deny the crime, with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) merely responding as follows: “We are concerned by the reports of a recent demolition of a COVID-19 testing centre in Hebron” and adding that the FCO had, in its words, repeatedly made clear to the Israeli authorities our view that demolitions, in all but the most exceptional of circumstances, are contrary to International Humanitarian Law.”

Homes destroyed – militarily-imposed population control

The brutal military dictatorship that Israel imposes upon the Palestinian people intrudes into the very heart of what it is to be human – the home. The home is where children begin their lives, where security is paramount and where they learn to form relationships and understanding of humanity. For Palestinians, subjected to the selfish will of foreign Occupation, there is no such thing as security. The home may be invaded by heavily-armed Israeli troops at any time, without warning – day and night. Imagine the effect of this constant fear upon the consciousness of the children and their distraught parents.

Zionism leads Israel to arrogantly believe that it has the right to dictate to the Palestinian population when, where and how they may build their homes. Every Palestinian family living under this regime knows that whether or not their home may remain standing, or for how long, will be entirely up to the strategic requirements of the foreign Occupier. Homes will be destroyed whenever the Israeli Army, or settlers, decide they are no longer acceptable. In the past, Israel was quite happy to do the destruction but, more recently and with cynical cruelty, it demands that Palestinian families demolish their own homes – or else face the additional burden of having to pay an extortionate fee to the foreign Occupier to do it for them.

Israel’s preoccupation with furthering its racist agenda makes it oblivious of its obligations to conform with international humanitarian law. Palestinians have to go, cap-in-hand, to their Zionist master to beg permission to build homes, which is almost always denied. One of the most barbaric forms of Israeli terror tactics is home-invasion which, at its most extreme, includes the abduction of minors (of all ages) from their homes at dead of night. Israeli control of the Palestinian population extends to every aspect of living, including the economy, business and agriculture. Palestinian farmers, whose land is trapped behind Israel’s illegal annexation Wall, have to cope with excessively restrictive limitations of access to it. Palestinian businesses are often invaded and even plundered, while many end up totally destroyed. Israel cites ‘security’ as the main justification for its behaviour – but Palestinian security is never a consideration and that attitude is openly and officially expressed in statements by Israel’s allies.

New Zealand’s partners, such as the UK, claim to seek a “negotiated peace settlement that leads to a safe and secure Israel living alongside a viable and sovereign Palestinian state . . .” There is no mention of security for Palestine. Indeed, Israel and its allies have made it plain that any Palestinian ‘state’ which might be permitted to evolve would have no sovereignty over its air space or maritime areas. Likewise, it would not be allowed to form alliances with other countries and its economy would always be subject to limitations and control by Israel.

Where does our own Government really stand?

The US and the UK unreservedly support Israel, holding that only through negotiation can peace be achieved, while ignoring the reality that one party, Israel, clearly has its knee on the other’s neck. The New Zealand Government supports the principle of imposing UN Sanctions to apply pressure on countries that violate international law. It is reasonable to demand, therefore, that it immediately takes steps, to seek UN Sanctions against Israel, in order to conform, as our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade puts it, with the principle of applying pressure to countries that “don’t co-operate with international law.” Does our country stand with justice – or does it prefer to serve the strategic goals of its great-power ‘allies’?

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Leslie Bravery is a Londoner with vivid World War Two memories of the Nazi blitz on his home town. In 1947/1948 His father explained to him what was happening to the Palestinians thus: “Any ideology or political movement that creates refugees in the process of realising its ambitions must be inhuman and should be opposed and condemned as unacceptable.” What followed confirmed this assessment of the Zionist entity a hundredfold. Now a retired flamenco guitarist, with a lifelong interest in the tragedy of what happened to the Palestinian people, he tries to publicise their plight. Because the daily injustices they suffer barely get a mention in the mainstream news media, Leslie edits/compiles a daily newsletter, In Occupied Palestine, for the Palestine Human Rights Campaign. These days, to preserve his sanity, he enjoys taking part in a drama group whenever possible!


  1. You do realise the ‘balloon bombs’ and firing rockets into Israel is a breach of the ceasefire!?
    Then complain because the retaliation by Israel is using more sophisticated weapons…that’s unfair!
    It’s like poking a stick at a bear then complaining and moaning when you get mauled because all you had was a stick and it’s soooo unfair.

    • Bravery doesn’t care about that, Im right. He just believes Israel has no right to defend herself, so he cherry picks only what supports his sick, underlying premise. All BDS people are the same. Their goal is the same as the ‘Palestinians’: no Israel, which also means no Jews (they call them ‘Zionists’ and pretend they really don’t mind diaspora Jews). That’s why they obsess over the one and only tiny Jewish homeland. Meanwhile there are 22 Arab muslim countries, and, looking at most of them, you have to ask, why on earth would we want a 23rd?????

      • So Gaby your are suggesting Palestine be done away with.

        After all that is the stated Israeli agenda. Its called Genocide.

        Where do you live Gaby

        • I suppose you think I’m Israeli, or, even worse, JEWISH/ZIONIST. Your arrogance is mind blowing. What you can’t alter is the truth: Israel is and will remain the Jewish people’s ancestral homeland and will continue to go from strength to strength while you and your cronies self-combust in your hatred.

          • Find where I stated your ethnicity.

            Palestinean Arabs have lived in that area long before any Jewish religion existed or the Muslim faith..

            Zionist “Jews” with yiddish language never lived in the area but originated from Ashkenazi Jews who converted around 900 years ago, with a homeland around Germany, originally and now has many homelands across Northern Europe. eg. The Jewish Autonomous Region, a territory along the Russian-Chinese border created by Stalin as a Jewish homeland
            The Yiddishkeit culture has little to do with historical middle east. Prior to WWII most Jews spoke Yiddish as their homeland was in Europe.
            Hebrew as a language was almost dead and has been purpose fully revived since.

            Gaby if you are a Kiwi in NZ then why your over vigorous presentation of deeply flawed inaccurate blatant Israel propaganda and try to defend the suppression of a native population in spite of the UN resolutions in opposition to Israels brutal annexations.

            Your motive is of interest

            “self-combust in your hatred” As far as this comment of your belies your disposition judging from your lack of concern for others, I suggest you take time to read and reflect the meaning of the United Nations Charter an Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)

            The UDHR commits nations to recognize all humans as being “born free and equal in dignity and rights” regardless of “nationality, place of residence, gender, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status”.
            Gaby would you have it any other way.

            In WWII between 12 and 22 million civilians were killed

            • My, really getting tetchy now, aren’t we, and spewing forth all the classic lies and distortions about Israel. Apparently, you don’t even make the connection between ‘Arab’ and ‘Arabia’, and how can they be ‘Palestinians’ when that was the name the Romans gave Judea when the Jews were the native inhabitants? Sorry, Westy, but despite your delusion you can’t just rewrite history. Israel is the legitimate ancestral homeland of the Jewish people going back 4,000 years. The Arabs arrived (from ARABIA) IN THE 7th century. END OF STORY. As for the old Ashkenazi blooper, the latest genetic studies show that both Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews are 70% descended from Middle Eastern genes. Your stock in trade are laughable lies, slander, propaganda and fables, same as all BDSers trot out. Israel is now the 8th most powerful country in the world. Go have a tantrum.

              • I’ll leave the tantrum to you as you are pretty practiced.
                Israel gets billions of handout from USA taxpayers like the parasite it is.

              • Gaby your claims are not supported by archaeological studied of the area nor genetic research. You are shooting yourself in the foot.
                Arabia has nothing to do with it.

        • Gaby August 23, 2020 at 9:51 am
          Brill! Best comment ever. Sums up my feelings also, and I also favour extra butter. Their bleatings always make me think of that movie, Groundhog Day. If we tire of the popcorn routine, we can always use their drek as garden manure.

          In Reply to: Im right August 22, 2020 at 1:20 pm
          Always good to read Minto/Lois/Leslie’s propaganda on the poor Muslims who are always soooo innocent against the big bad Israel. It’s good to get some popcorn at the ready when reading fiction, thanks today I had extra butter flavour popcorn, next post from either you three I shall go for a salty flavour, may as well since the posts are treated with a grain of salt also!

          This was the post they were replying to: Shameful Deathly Silence Leslie’s intro, with linked ref to Haaretz.
          In the early hours of 7 August, Israeli Occupation force, in a night raid and home invasions in Jenin, shot and killed Dalia Samudi in her Jabariyat neighbourhood home. She received several bullet wounds in the chest while trying to close a window against Israeli Army tear gas; the soldiers even opened fire on the ambulance that arrived to take her to hospital. Dalia was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at hospital and the 23-year-old woman’s new-born child is now motherless. The local Red Crescent Director, Mahmoud al-Sa’adi, confirmed to the Wafa News Agency that the ambulance, scarred with bullets, had been fired on by Israeli soldiers as it arrived to evacuate her. Leslie’s post then references the ongoing bombing at that time.

          Those sadistic trolls ‘enjoy their popcorn’ while these atrocities are ongoing.

          • TROLL is an acronym for Truthful Revealers of Leftist Lunacy. If you single out Israel, and only Israel, for your venomous attacks and lying propaganda, then you prove beyond doubt that you are an antisemite according to the International definition and that discredits everything you have to say. No country is perfect, but the obsessive condemnation of Israel on this site and your refusal to hold the Palestinians to any sort of accountability for their intransigence, rejectionism, hatred and violence in prolonging the conflict, along with your complete lack of any compassion for Israelis’ suffering, is utterly abhorrent. Go find a worthy cause for your noble posturing, like the beheading of gays in Saudi Arabia or honour killings of young women by muslims worldwide…over 5,000 a year. Perhaps FGM might also appeal to you.

            • Trouble is though that this post is about the plight of Palestinians. You will find plenty of us same folk having a go at Saudi Arabia and especially with respect to their abhorrent and vicious assault on Yemen in a post about the destruction of Yemen

            • The old Antisemite cry as criticism upsets the precious defender of the propaganda.
              Israel cannot stand criticism either. Consistent.

        • In reply to John W ,,,, gaby aka james from ‘The Standard’ is a low grade bottom of the barrel Pom immigrant. …

          He does endorse ethnic cleaning / genocide of Palestinians ,,, possibly because he is a big fan of Brazils right wing Bolsanaro ,,, and as Bolsanaro is a extremely racist thug who endorses state murder and rape ,,, I presume his fans like gaby do too.,,,, The Christchurch white subpremacist and his mentor Anders Brevick both liked the ethno-nationalisim of Israel .

          Here is the huge desert detention center that Israel puts African refugees in before deporting them to African countries that have been bribed by the $15,000 bounty Israel offers to get rid of them.

          Israel prefers to pay the bounty in weapons and ammunition ,,,, because thats just what Africa needs ,,, more guns and ammo.

          Inside Israel’s Race Wars [FULL]
          1 hour 4 mins

          Israel Deporting African Refugees + Israel Pays a Bounty of $5,000 and Arms for Each African Asylum Seeker Expelled + Ethnocracy in the Promised Land

      • Ali Pasha 1929
        “The Mohametans and Arabs having been masters in Palestine for over one thousand years, they are fighting for their honour and do not want to lose anything which they have acquired as a possession. They fear that either through administrative channels or by force they will be compelled ultimately to relinquish rights they have held for so long.

        Every one knows that in every country in law after the lapse of a certain period proprietary rights are established. In this case the rights of the Mohametans go back one thousand years.”

    • What the hell is a bear doing roaming in Palestinian civilian life.
      Your analogy is not only false but racist.
      Are you a Zionist troll and where do you live.

      • ‘Poking the bear’ is a well worn euphemism John W…and how is what I said racist?….are you one of those woke lefties that whenever they hear/read something they do not agree with cry ‘racist’?
        Seems to me John W, you prefer attacking the messenger and not the message, not one part of your post to my message tackled the message.
        And why do you want to know where I live, you want to make sure I don’t live in Palestine or Israel and If not don’t post about them? If that’s the case then Minto needs you to post him a cease and desist order! LOL

        • If you care to actually read what my reply was the you will see there is no attack on you.
          “complain because the retaliation by Israel is using more sophisticated weapons…that’s unfair!”
          But when you say it is unfair for Palestineans to complain about being attacked with more sophisticated weapons, then you implication that Israel is a victim of “unfairness” is ridiculous..
          Look at the figures of how many Palestine and have been killed while just attempting to hold onto their traditional land in the face of the aggressive Israeli annexation of their land right from the first Nakba. Unfair is your comment if they complain about the one sided slaughter, theft and as Israelis put it “mowing of the lawns”
          This is a New Zealand Blogsite and Israeli trolls are not excluded.
          John Minto is a Kiwi and has fought racist subjugation for decades.
          How you can side with Israeli aggression is puzzling if you are a Kiwi..

    • Its nothing like poking a bear with a stick unless you’re trying to say that the bear is the Palestinians in which case youre exactly right. The only time anyone gets to poke a bear with a stick is when its in a cage and you really would have to be some kind of idiot (which you obviously are) to believe that Israeli’s live in a cage. Obviously it is the Palestinians that live in the cage and the cowardly IDF use a heck of a lot more than a stick and then expect the sympathy of the world when the bear retaliates with fire suspended below a balloon!! Its no wonder the number of psychopathic supporters of the apartheid Israeli State are dwindling so fast. On this blog it appears that there is only Gaby and I’m Right left!

      • Ahhh Spikeyboy…’On this blog it appears that there is only Gaby and I’m Right left!’
        Yes…probably correct, a far left Marxist blog, you should be surprised there are as many as 2!
        But NEVER believe the political fringe Marxist bloggers that you are the majority of NZ that believe Israel is terrible, far from it, you guys are the minority…a vocal one I admit, but a minority none the less!
        Like the Greens, a core of 5% and sometimes more sometimes less.
        How many times has Minto stood for office, mayoralty or council and never ever been near a sniff of victory….

        • Well, you have to remember that most Kiwis don’t just deride Minto for his myopic and mindless obsession with Israel; they remember with loathing his part in the 1981 anti Springbok Tour protests. Of course, post-apartheid South Africa is such a paragon of democracy, isn’t it? Apparently Minto had never heard of tribalism.

          • You can’t just explain away some wanted immoral act because you think it is connected to some higher purpose. You have not justified brutalising Palestinians. Brutalising Palastininas does not make Isreal appear courageous because you are mistaken. You are a coward, Gaby.

          • Stop making making inaccurate statements and attributions and start to acknowledge your own mindless and myopic obsessions Gaby.

          • Haha how funny!! Gaby missing the irony of her open admission of support for apartheid both in South Africa and Israel and her Colonial snobbery that says those ignorant blacks cant be left to govern themselves cause they’re too ignorant just as those ignorant Palestinians cant be trusted to look after themselves. Hahaha! Anyone else you’d like to add to that list Gaby? Maori? Aborigines? Well hell!! Why not just lets put on that list anybody that doesn have white skin for starters and then we can pick up the stragglers from there! I mean I’m sure that I’m Right would join you and might want to add the Marxist category and John Crawford seems to be of a like mind too. He would probably like to add Muslims. Bigoted at all Gaby? Crikey! Heck no!!

        • Now now… Getting angry wont change the fact of Israel being an apartheid state. Labelling people as Marxist to smear them may have worked when you were a young man but most sane thinking people these days are more likely to look at the argument and see your labels as just another diversionary tactic. Oh and since we’re on the topic of apartheid, where exactly did you and Gaby stand during that epic battle in solidarity with black Sout

    • I’m right ,,, thinks that the killing of innocent children and civilians ,,, is “fair” retaliation for ballons which have been set on fire… which sounds very Nazi like.

      And If the weapons are so sophisticated why do they kill innocent children and civilians ??

      3 mins ,,,, which ‘I’m(a)right(fuckwit)’ thinks is soooo fair

      Israeli investigation says missile attack that killed boys aged between nine and 11 was ‘tragic accident’ in findings contradictory to journalists’ reports from scene

      Operation protective edge killed 1391 civilians including 526 children ,,, I’m right says fair enough

      Of the Palestinians killed who did not take part in the hostilities, 180 were babies, toddlers, and children under the age of six. Another 346 were children from age six through seventeen, and 247 were women between the ages of 18 and 59. Another 113 were men and women over the age of sixty,,,, “LOL”, lots of laughs for I’m Right

  2. As previously commented, in the world of Realpolitik, Israel and the United Arab Emirates are cosying up. C’est la vie.

    • They are ‘cosying up’ to negotiate arms sales:
      “The Mossad, encouraged by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is pushing to sell the UAE advanced weapon systems and highly classified information, while the Defense Ministry adamantly objects to giving away some of Israel’s more advanced warfare capabilities, for fear of classified information leaking to enemy states,” reports Israel’s Ynet news site. 3rd September 2020, Israel weapons to Arab nations

  3. Leslie Bravery would be better to concentrate on getting the Egyptians to open the Rafah crossing and bring in supplies across the Sinai from Egypt. Funny isn’t it how Hamas can’t seem to convince General Sisi to open the crossing on humanitarian grounds? After all they are all Muslim brothers and sisters aren’t they. Hmmm.

    • General Sisi slaughters his own people. He’s not a very nice man. He may not even be a Muslim. Also the list of Christians killing Christians using very gruesome methods is very long. So sneering down your nose at Muslims only shows what a dickhead you are

      • Spikeyboy- By all accounts General Sisi is a devout Muslim. Wikipedia notes he comes from a religious family and he frequently quotes Quranic verses during informal conversations. His wife wears the hijab. However, it could be just a front. Who knows.
        I don’t quite get where “Christians killing each other using very gruesome methods” comes into Sisi’s obvious distaste for Hamas. In your mind it seems to be relevant to explaining the almost permanent closing of the Rafah gates. Given I’m a dickhead, I bow to your more profound insight into the mind of the military castes of Egypt. Perhaps you could further enlighten us?

        • I’m glad to hear it but what his religion has to do with anything is beyond me. And how his refusal to open the border in any way justifies the war crimes committed by Israel is also a mystery. If Israel attempted to use this as their defence in the upcoming investigations of their war crimes and crimes sgainst humanity by the ICC they would be laughed out of court

  4. There’ll never be justice for Palestine while Israehell is backed 100% by the Great Satan the U$ and its Zionist allies like the U$K and Nato. Basically: You yes you! and whose army will constrain us to do differently??! A Terrible Ugly soul destroying truth. They got away with mini niking Beirut! Assange revealed the war atrocity truth and where did it get him??

  5. Leslie, I owe you a vote of thanks. Deborah Darnes..I remember her now. She and her husband Patrick were on one of the ICAHD (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions ) tours that Martin and I went on. She’s a Methodist minister, carrying on the tradition of truth telling, of actively standing up for justice. Good on her. The world needs more people who are unafraid to speak out.

  6. I grew up in the flowering idealism of post WW2. Israel is now Terminator naked power. And all other ideals run down to nothing. That’s what money-rule does.

  7. Lack of Key Medical Items in Gaza.

    “Gaza has reported hundreds of coronavirus infections since the first case emerged in the general population last week, and a UN aid group warned that a lack of key medical items including ventilators could make it hard to treat the disease effectively, Reuters reports.

    “Widely impoverished and densely populated, the Palestinian enclave has been on lockdown since authorities confirmed four infections from a single family on August 24. It was the first time the virus was detected outside quarantine zones set up for people returning from abroad.

    Since then, 603 new cases have been recorded, nearly all among the general population, with four deaths since August 24, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.

    “Gaza is probably the most densely populated place on the face of the earth so measures to contain a virus as violent as COVID-19 are always extremely difficult to put in place,” said Tamara Alrifai, spokeswoman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) devoted to Palestinian refugees.

    “The real challenge in Gaza is the unavailability of needed items such as ventilators and other medical items,” Alrifai said.” More, including videos, at this link: 5th Sept 2020, UN Aid Group Warns Lack of Key Medical Items

    • Here is the direct link to the UN Direct Relief for Refugees page: UNRWA Launches Covid 19 Relief Appeal

      Today, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) launched a US$ 94.6 million COVID-19 Appeal. This funding is required by the Agency to mitigate the worst impacts of the pandemic on 5.6 million registered Palestine refugees in the Middle East until the end of December 2020, with a special focus on health, cash assistance and education.

      Since July, COVID-19 cases have worryingly surged in the West Bank, Lebanon and Syria, with more recent increases in Jordan and the first instances of local transmission in Gaza recorded in late-August. The Appeal is crucial for controlling the spread of the pandemic in Palestine refugee camps and to help prevent a major outbreak. The Agency’s initial appeal allowed for the continued provision of health and hospitalization, as well as the adoption of measures that largely helped contain the spread of the virus, such as home delivery of medicines, telemedicine and triage systems.

      “UNRWA will continue the strict measures it put in place as a result of COVID-19 at least until the end of December, said UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini. This new flash Appeal will sustain our health, education and emergency services. In parallel, we will step up relief interventions to address the growing poverty and despair among Palestine refugees.” [More at link above.]

  8. An article has just been published in The Lancet on “Battling COVID-19 in the occupied Palestinian territory”.

    Here is an intro/ excerpt:
    The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the occupied Palestinian territories, and Gaza specifically, highlights the effect of an ongoing blockade on public health.

    In 2007, following Hamas’s takeover, Israel and Egypt imposed a land, air, and sea blockade of Gaza. According to Israel’s cabinet decision at the time, Gaza was declared as being governed by a “hostile entity” due to Hamas’s attacks on Israeli citizens. The blockade included prohibitions on what is known as dual use materials (that can be used for both civilian and military purposes).

    However, the prohibition includes items that have nothing to do with security—eg, certain kinds of food—and others that were aimed as punishment—such as electricity limitations. The extensive nature of the blockade has had a devastating impact on the health and wellbeing of residents in Gaza.

    As of June 30, 2020, a total of 2443 cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in the occupied Palestinian territory, 72 of which have been in Gaza. The Palestinian Ministries of Health in both Gaza and Ramallah have acknowledged that their capacity to contain the spread of COVID-19 is limited by ongoing and pre-existing shortages in health-care equipment, including medications and disposable equipment.

    Public health measures have erred on the side of caution and largely contributed to a very low infection rate during the first 3 months of the crisis; for example, Gaza has recommended that individuals returning from outside Gaza through the Rafah or Erez crossing remain in quarantine for 21 days, instead of 14 days.
    Full article at this link: The Lancet, September 2020, Battling Covid in Occupied Palestinian Territory

  9. Ahhh kheala….late to the party as usual and flood it with clips and links of other people’s views and opinions and subsequently agreeing with them all but never just a post on your own thoughts and views…seems a trait you share on all threads you post on.
    Use your own words, stop riding on the coat tails of others, or (as I suspect) your own words wouldnt bring much to the table.

    • When you state something its common decency to back it up with some kind of source. You and Gaby stating that party balloons with fire suspende below them are a terror device without letting us know how you came to that conclusion is just plain rude. Kheala has the decency to let us know where she gets her views from. You making out that all your thoughts are original and your bigoted ideas don’t come from the bigoted journalists and blogs that you read is very immature. Just own it and let us all see the idiots whose words you take as gospel

    • I’m right would like Kheala to stop using facts, evidence and history that show Israel in it’s true land stealing, human rights abusing, war crimes committing ways,,,,,

      I’m right and his Bolsanaro fan boy gaby ,,, they would have to quote Trump, Pompeo and assorted dumb fuck christian zionist wacko’s.

      “Evangelicals, Trump and Israel”

      “Why Zionism has always been a racist ideology”

      “early Zionist Israel Zangwill’s infamous slogan “a land without a people for a people without a land” was not intended as a literal demographic assessment. Zionists “did not mean that there were no people in Palestine, but that there were no people worth considering within the framework of the notions of European supremacy that then held sway”.

      Readers of the daily blogs Israel postings will notice the total lack of empathy for Palestinians including innocent dead children that the posters gaby aka james from TS, I’m right and Andrew display ,,,,

      All three are fuckwits ,,, two of them are right wing racist Pommy immigrants ( Gaby and Andrew ) ,,,, and all three share many common beleifs with Brenton Tarrant ,,, especially the Islamophobia they push.

      Israel helps push fear and hate of Muslims ,,, “Israel Lobby Ties to Islamophobia” ,,,

      our media here in NZ and Politicians like Wayne Mapp, John Key add the local fearmongering and censorship.

  10. The Arabs named by the Soviet KGB Palestinians in 1968 have the rights to:
    Refuse the creation of their Arab state in 1947- For 90 years terrorizing Jews and Israelis– Drag the Arab countries in wars —Refuse all the peace proposal..
    Their single contribution to the world is their mafia still policy: Pay me or i shoot and kill.
    Don’t attack the defending Israel and Israel will not retaliate.

    Fact: The Arabs named by the Soviet KGB in 1968 are not running away like their brothers in Iraq- Syria-Lebanon- Libya .
    The answer was given by Arabs in the Arabic language:
    Arab people asked on Al-Jazeera while comparing the Arab morals to the IDF morals
    “”Why the Syrian army, Hezbollah and other Islamic military groups cannot be more humane, like the Israelis?

  11. Arab people asked on Al-Jazeera while debating Arabs morals while they are in conflict
    “” Why the Syrian army, Hezbollah and other Islamic military groups cannot be more humane, like the Israelis”

    Reality: The Arabs named by the Soviet KGB in 1968 are not running away by the millions like their brothers form Iraq-Syria-Lebanon-Libya.
    This simple fact tells all that crying and blaming the defending Israel is mostly only propaganda

  12. Gaza fishermen go back to the sea, many photos on this page .

    Gaza fishermen are back to the sea following the latest agreement between Palestinian resistance groups and Israel.

    For months, fishing in the Gaza sea was restricted or completely prohibited by the Israeli navy.

    Gaza’s fishermen, who represent one of the few lifelines for besieged Gaza, hope that the Israeli navy will cease its harassment of their boats, thus allowing them to provide for their families.

    • Until one of the boats is found with guns/rockets bomb making equipment under their fish.
      Then of course all you will hear is boohoo they are restricting our fishing!
      Ce la vie

            • Thanks for that Gaby. Did you notice how tiny the fishing boat was and how extremely large the IDF navy boat was? Its not possible that the war ship could have felt in any way threatened. And yet in stead of gathering evidence like the actual alleged weapons being smuggled they fired on the tiny boat after the two Palestinians had jumped into the water. This caused the boat to explode and sink. So where now are the alleged weapons? And who is to say that the weight in the boat was not actually fish? The Israelis are making accusations of criminality. They are obliged to follow due process. But then you believe that apartheid South Africa was the correct form of governance. So manufacturing criminal behaviour for the race you view as subhuman is just par for the course. I mean evidence? Who needs it. Just gets in the way of a good story and anyway the objective is to starve the Palestinians. Sink a boat full of fish and then you can just say it was weapons. Good one Gaby. At least we got to see your source.

            • Thanks for that Gaby. Did you notice how tiny the fishing boat was and how extremely large the IDF navy boat was? Its not possible that the war ship could have felt in any way threatened. And yet in stead of gathering evidence like the actual alleged weapons being smuggled they fired on the tiny boat after the two Palestinians had jumped into the water. This caused the boat to explode and sink. So where now are the alleged weapons? And who is to say that the weight in the boat was not actually fish? The Israelis are making accusations of criminality. They are obliged to follow due process. But then you believe that apartheid South Africa was the correct form of governance. So manufacturing criminal behaviour for the race you view as subhuman is just par for the course. I mean evidence? Who needs it. Just gets in the way of a good story and anyway the objective is to starve the Palestinians. Sink a boat full of fish and then you can just say it was weapons. Good one Gaby. At least we got to see your source.

  13. Farasin, like numerous other Palestinian villages and communities across Area C, has been singled out for complete destruction. A small population of approximately 200 people has been subjected to Israeli army harassment for years. While Israel is keen on implanting Jewish communities in the heart of the occupied West Bank, it is equally keen on disrupting the natural growth of Palestinian communities, the indigenous people of the land, in Area C.

    On July 29, Israeli forces invaded Farasin, terrorizing the residents, and handed over 36 demolition orders, according to the head of the Farasin village council. Namely, this is the onset of ethnic cleansing of the entire population of the village by Israel.

    Ahmed Amarneh and his family also received a demolition order, although they do not live in a concrete house, but, rather, in a mountain cave. “I didn’t make the cave. It has existed since antiquity,” he told reporters. “I don’t understand how they can prevent me from living in a cave. Animals live in caves and are not thrown out. So let them treat me like an animal and let me live in the cave.”

    “Palestinians are not going anywhere. This is the gist of seven decades of Palestinian struggle against Zionist colonialism. The proof? The story of Ahmed Amarneh.

    Amarneh, a 30-year-old civil engineer from the northern West Bank village of Farasin, lives with his family in a cave. For many years, the Amarneh family has attempted to build a proper home, but their request has been denied by the Israeli military every time.

    In many ways, the struggle of the Amarnehs is a microcosm of the collective struggle of Farasin; in fact, of most Palestinians.” Full article here: Palestinians take their fight for justice to the mountains

    • Gaby accuses us of what he calls “antisemitism”. His reference to anti-Jewish abuse by others and linking our names to their propaganda is libellous and insulting. It should be noted that he avoids directly accusing us of anti-Jewishness. Why? If he would have the world believe that our support for international law, human rights and the Fourth Geneva Convention is in any way anti-Jewish, then he should say so clearly. How could our support for Palestine be anti-Semitic when Arabic is a widely-spoken Semitic language? Supporters of Palestinian human rights will never be deterred. We have countless Jewish friends who are appalled by the crimes committed in their name by the Zionist enterprise. Myriad international and Israeli Jewish human rights organisations bear witness to that. Writers such as Ilan Pappe and Miko Peled (The General’s Son) and organisations, such as Jewish Voice for Peace in the US, Jews for Justice for Palestinians in the UK, Breaking the Silence and B’Tselem in Israel, are among many, many witnesses who speak truth to power concerning Zionist atrocities. The Zionists try to divert attention rather than deal with the subject of the article because they have no defence.

      • Gaby failed to note that he/she quoted a comedian, not a scholar. Those that are criticized don’t spray fabricated definitions to back their opinions and have far more incisive intellects. They have no difficulty in using facts to back their opinions.

    • Well we can always tell when Gaby is loosing an argument because she starts with the antisemitism trope. Not sure how an apartheid supporter can stoop to this but seems easy for Gaby. Lawrence Carters comment that Israels treatment of Palestinians as inhumane is open to criticism used as an example of antisemtism! Please! Israel is a State! Just like any State it is open to criticism! No State actually is Exceptional! Shooting unarmed protesters isn’t something that any state can justify. Criticizing Zionism is not antisemitic. Zionism is a philosophy and a very fundamentalist one at that in the same way that Wahabism is a very fundamentalist form of Islam. Wahabists and Zionists believe they have a right given by their god to trample all over other people that get in their way in a similar way to fundamental Christians. All these fundamentalist religions believe that they have god given rights. We who prefer to find common ground between people believe that it is our right and indeed duty to stand up to the posturing of fundamentalists such as you Gaby whether you be fundamentalist of the Zionist, Wahabist or Christian variety. So very sorry but its nothing to do with wether or not you are Jewish but just that you are a fundamentalist that believes in your own superiority above Palestinians or Black Africans or whatever

    • Good on you Kheala. Jonathan Cook is brilliant. He is staunch and refuses to back down because he completely understands the dynamics of an extremely violent actor attemoting to secure the role of victim. Its classic manipulation

      • Yes, his article is a very worthwhile read. Re, the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, the unwanted effects for all Jewish people, and more.

  14. Ali Pasha 1929
    “The Mohametans and Arabs having been masters in Palestine for over one thousand years, they are fighting for their honour and do not want to lose anything which they have acquired as a possession. They fear that either through administrative channels or by force they will be compelled ultimately to relinquish rights they have held for so long.

    Every one knows that in every country in law after the lapse of a certain period proprietary rights are established. In this case the rights of the Mohametans go back one thousand years.”

  15. Oh dear, such sad, pitiful squeakings. The pact with the UAE has completely altered the paradigm in the ME. The Arab league has withdrawn its support for the Palestinians as well. Trump will get a second term, and Israel will continue to go from strength to strength. So bleat on ineffectively, antisemites. How does it feel to be the losers, guys?

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