The Waterstone 2020 Election Podcast – David Wong-Tung’s shitposting, Green Jedi Academy, MoH vs Herald


Kia ora ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome to The Waterstone Election 2020 podcast.

I’m your host, editor of The Daily Blog, Martyn Bradbury with me in the studio is libertarian political commentator and Stuff columnist, Damien Grant
Well, we are now 7 weeks away until the 2020 election and this week Labour cried wolf for the people of South and West Auckland, Judith Collin’s Husband started shitposting 4chan jnr memes, the Greens decided to fund a Jedi Academy, NZ First are irrelevant and no one is listening to ACT

Damien – So a wrong health message is sent out, the Herald ran it without confirmation and it all scares the bejesus out of 700 000 Aucklanders – Jacinda was angry who screwed up? The Ministry of Health or the Herald?
Damien – 64 year old Husband of Judith Collins, David Wong-Tung shitposted some 4Chan jnr memes on Facebook – why is a 64 year old man shit posting crappy memes?
Damien – The Greens decided to give $12m to a magical Harry Potter Environmental Wizarding Academy where they train Jedi and the cocooned class rooms look like the Ewok village from Endor. This isn’t a good look is it?
Damien – Winston is thrashing around siding with National and attacking Ministry of Health Officials – is it enough to get 5% on election night?
Damien – ACT lost all news oxygen this week, but with National imploding does he just let Judith do all the talking?
Final word – Damien – predictions for the week ahead
Our next Election podcast is Tuesday next week and we are now going weekly through until the end of the election campaign. 


  1. Yep more legs on the Covid 19 will appear leading up to the election as you both agreed today.

    We see ‘dark forces’ want labour to suffer politically before the election with a rise in Covid 19 numbers in the NZ community, so look for this.

    Labour should have followed China’s model to rid the virus from the beginning; using just the (PCR) (swab test) was a mistake, as we warned Government back in March to also use the Roche 99% accurate “antibody serology test” also with the swab test for true accuracy..

    Swab test is inaccurate.

    This scientific report shows;
    Negative result using PCR swab test will be 54% to 77%) on day 21.

    The suggestions were given here; “infection should not be ruled out on the basis of RT-PCR alone, and the clinical and epidemiologic situation should be carefully considered.”

    Variation in False-Negative Rate of Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction–Based SARS-CoV-2 Tests by Time Since Exposure

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