Meat Workers Support Increased Statutory Sick Leave – Meat Workers Union


The NZ Meat Workers Union, on behalf of their 25000 members, strongly supports the call from the NZ Council of Trade Unions to increase sick leave, and the presentation of the 10,000 strong petition to government today.

“The need for sick leave has been brought into sharp focus with COVID 19” says Daryl Carran, National Secretary.

“It has challenged the meat industry, and through collaborative efforts and input from the government, most workers who are vulnerable or affected have been able to take the appropriate leave, thus keeping their co-workers and whanau and the industry safe from COVID 19.

“But many companies are still using sick leave as a performance measure when it comes to deciding whether workers should be engaged in the following season.

“This means that workers are less likely to take required sick leave and will present to work for fear of a black mark against their future employment.

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“It really is time that the meat industry stepped up to a whole of industry discussion around this issue.

“Sick leave is a basic right ; no worker who is unwell should have to come to work under the threat of dismissal, especially when so many other lives are at stake” says Daryl Carran.