Te Ao with MOANA – Widespread use of horticultural chemicals


#INVESTIGATION Hundreds of horticultural sprays are used widely here in Aotearoa and long term studies into their effects on health and the land are few and far between – the Environmental Protection Agency is charged with evaluating the chemicals and at the end of last year, put one of the most contentious Hydrogen Cyanamide on its reassessment list. It’s now up to a panel to decide whether its use here in New Zealand is continued.

In Part 2 and 3, We continue our investigation into the widespread use of horticultural chemicals throughout Aotearoa.

Te Ao with MOANA plays 8pm on Māori TV


  1. (MOH) Ministry of health has finally come out of the shadows now after a long road we all had to drag this errant health agency forward to the 2020 era.

    Finally now we hope Ministry of Health are out of the twilight zone of the 1970s Rogernomics era that stripped this agency from being a ‘forward thinking health agency’ that was challenging multinational chemical companies (Dow Chemical, Monstanto and their ‘five sister toxic companies’ to heel from poisoning our NZ population.

    Now Ministry must now test toxic chemical stored in human our adipose (fat) tissues like many other countries do randomly to see how toxic our population actually is.

    I was poisoned on a job in Canada in 1992 and by sample of adipose tissue was sent to Accuchem Laboratories in Texas for chemical analysis The results were devastating as I was full of toxins stored in my fat tissues and spent seven years in a detoxification clinic until the levels were low enough to cope with, so we need to use up to date chemical analysis in 2020 not 1970’s toxic exposure times.
    Time to wake up NZ MoH people. – AROHA.

  2. If a crop can’t be grown spray free using permaculture guidelines then it should never be commercially grown.
    At least 3 of my friends have died as a result of horticultural spraying and that is a tip of an iceberg of toxicity from sprays damaging Kiwi immune systems. Glyphosate permeates much of our veggies bought in the shops
    with offshore evidence systematically linking it with widespread increase in over 20 diseases and immune system damage.
    Remember DDT, 2 4 5-T, 2 4 – D, IWD New Plymouth and Agent Orange.
    PGG Wrightson have a lot to answer for.

  3. Here’s one for you, you brainless Blue morons and Clutha District Council

    ‘Like sending bees to war’: the deadly truth behind your almond milk obsession ‘

    Pesticides are used for all kinds of crops across the state, but the almond, at 35m lb a year, is doused with greater absolute quantities than any other. One of the most widely applied pesticides is the herbicide glyphosate (AKA Roundup), which is a staple of large-scale almond growers and has been shown to be lethal to bees as well as cause cancer in humans. (The maker, Bayer-owned Monsanto, denies the cancer link when people use Roundup at the prescribed dosage. So far this year three US courts have found in favour of glyphosate users who developed forms of lymphoma; thousands more cases are pending.)

    I was told by a Transit Roads weed sprayer man after I told him to fuck off with his poisons.
    ” I’ve done more spraying than you’ve had hot fuckin’ dinners! ”
    I replied to the eloquent and erudite point of interest he raised by hoping he never sprayed any of the foods that went into making my hot fuckin’ dinners then.
    Farming’s unholy relationship to toxic chemical’s starts and finishes at the doors of the banksters.
    You want to clean up agriculture? Then tax the foreign owned bankster fuckers to death.
    Imagine what’s going to happen to our farming industry once that psycho AU nut job tony abbot builds up momentum?
    AO/NZ farmers must go on a war footing!
    Then? Our farmers must go and find out who, exactly, it was who sold us out to the fucking Australians in the first place.
    BTW? Where’s ron brierly? Remember all that kiddy porn the Aussies found on his laptop?
    What happened to him? What’s he up to? Does anybody know?

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