MEDIA WATCH: NZ Herald use Paywall to spread poll deceit

Herald 'Journalist' Jason Wells out jogging with some mates.

When the NZ Herald gloriously went behind a paywall, it crippled their right wing influence and bias over the news agenda because so few people pay for it.

The Herald got around that today by publishing this deeply deceitful headline behind the Paywall…

Covid 19 coronavirus: Exclusive poll shows Aucklanders divided over lockdown extension

…now the NZ Herald is 100% Death Cult Capitalism and their editorial line has been the need for the slaves to be forced back to work while the border is reopened, so their bias is always against Labour and it is always spinning against the Government.

Based on the headline alone, you would buy into the Herald’s lie that people are angry with Labour when in fact the Poll actually says this…

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…Aucklanders aren’t ‘divided’ over lockdown! Only 6% don’t believe it should have happened, 3% aren’t sure which means 91% either supported it or wanted it longer!!!

The deceitfulness the Herald is displaying by pretending stories behind their Paywall say something they don’t is the very worst kind of ‘journalism’.

It’s like their ‘journalism’ in the weekend when they cried wolf over a mass testing regime that was mistake.

The Herald are desperate now to undermine the Government, they aren’t a guard dog for the Fourth Estate, they are an attack dog for the Ring wing estate.


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  1. Bordering on corruption. But big business drives the Herald and National are only about big business, so it’s inevitable the Herald will lean right.

  2. The Auckland results are in the “by region” section, not the main results at the top. The Auckland results are not quite as overwhelming, although not by much. Shocking headline either way.

  3. Jason Walls is in Andrew Ketels’ gang.

    You’ll notice also that Tim Murphy is trying to spin a yarn that NZ First leaked the Green School fiasco. If you follow the story, it was Nicola Willis’ mates in MBIE who leaked to her.

    It’s more dirty politics from the right.


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