The sign of the alt-right – the OK symbol formed by thumb and index finger with the other fingers fanned into a K above the O – is inverted right there in the photo of the mass murderer above. Yes, he deserves to stay in jail for life. But don’t imagine that his white supremacy extremist ideology has not already taken root here.

NZ began when Aotearoa was invaded by white supremacists. The land wars that allowed the theft of Maori land provides the economic base for an economy that perpetuates white racism today. White racism serves to denigrate non-Euros and justify the right of Euro white supremacy to conquer the world. NZ is a first cousin of the other Euro white settler colonies with the US as the biggest and brutal case.

The old white empires of Britain and the other Euro powers, and the white settler colonies, notably the USA, are in decline and with it the cultural dominance of white supremacy. So the fear that the Asian powers led by Russia and China would come to control Eurasia has come to pass.

NZ’s European population is in decline relative to new migrants from Asia. This is a threat to the Anglo-American settler culture that has dominated NZ since colonisation as a ‘property-owning democracy’.

Today the civil war between the old white world powers and the rising new world nations drives social divides along ethnic and nationalist lines. These cut across social class and create a mass base for fascism. The civil war is now being televised on the streets in the US right now.

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Watch out kiwis, you are not a ‘team of 5 million’ but a nation divided along ethnic and national lines. Ironically the reality is that NZ is a neo-colony  subjected to both US and China imperialism. So, race and national wars serve only Anglo/US/Euro and Asian imperialist rule of NZ.

The solution is to wake up and recognise that fighting civil wars along these lines is a diversion from the class war – that between the 80% that creates the wealth, and the 20% that lives off that wealth – which is the only war that the majority can win.

Our symbol is not the ‘OK’ of white supremacy but the clenched fist of proletarian revolution!


Dave Brownz is TDBs guest Marxist Blogger because every left wing blog needs a Marxist.


  1. I agree Dave that we need to get the 20% off government support and into the 80% of those that work and create the wealth. But how do we get there?

  2. Broad sweeping generalizations. That’s all I see.

    And all I see with the recently convicted is a kid who got caught up in the very political propaganda from both sides. A tragic waste of a young persons life as well as those who were his victims.

    Far as I see it? Both communism , fascism, totalitarianism and capitalism are all equally to blame. All just a bunch of squirrelly dogs trying to push their own murderous agendas.

    What happened to that young guy was no different from the same sort of B.S propaganda that induced young men to sign up and push a bayonet up the rib-cages of some other poor young man on the other side in 1915.

    Far as I’m concerned?- I’ve had a fair gutsful of all of this never ending rotational ideological crap. We would do far better to imprison all these fuckwit pseudo religious ideologues and deranged secular leaders and greedy bastard neo liberals and be done with it.

    They all have a stench that is in common to all of them, despite their ‘differences’ of ideology’s.

    And that stench is murder and genocide.

    No matter how you try and explain it away.

  3. I see Scott Morrison was considering talks with our government to bring his boy Tarrant home to serve out his sentence. Scott should forget him (actually his government should pay for his incarceration here in NZ), and should instead be trying to repatriate Julian Assange back to Aussie, a real human being who fights against the very ideology that the killer expressed

    • Yes, but no one in the New Zealand media or from within the political establishment is publicly asking why the Australian federal authorities are so keen to get Brenton Tarrant out of a New Zealand prison and back home to Australia.
      The reason they are not asking is because they already know the answer, and the answer to that first question also tells us precisely why Tarrant should never be repatriated to Australia.

  4. Wild Katipo. I’m also fed up with sweeping generalisations.
    The thing that tests generalisations is asking the question – factual evidence please?
    European white supremacy?
    That’s the undeniable historical movement that has dominated the world for 500 years.
    Spewing a culture of white supremacy, because Christian, because male, because born to rule.
    Every other people and culture are relegated to slavery or serfdom.
    When Aotearoa was invaded in the 1840s the white supremacists were also going up the Yangtze to bombard and plunder China to push opium and the US was warring with Mexico to annex Texas for the wild west.
    There and elsewhere, white supremacy has form on the ground and under it. Something the white settlers felt in their blood.
    Centuries later comes the kid from NSW of settler stock who migrates to NZ to kill Muslims. Why not?
    From one settler backwater to another, having taken his historical bearings in the hotbed of neo-fascism in the EU.
    A global capitalist system dying on its feet. And with it fear of what follows.
    His anger and confusion is resolved by a supreme ‘truth’ distilled from that history.
    The white race is being replaced by the black and brown races and everything is will be lost. Unless.
    Time to stop talking and start acting.
    No more generalisations, only planning the race war.
    Except as soon as it happens we are surrounded by a generalised shitstorm.
    It all about a hollowed out piece of meat, and our collective innocence because our hands are clean.
    Yet its actually a universal cultural war that blinds every generation with bullshit about a holy historic identity that still keeps white supremacy alive.
    The same identity which carried the right to conquer by force, obliterating or enslaving the ‘other’, that set off a decline and fall of humanity.
    A fall fueled by the greed for gold of the Euro ruling class and their merchant adventurers to found our wonderful capitalist civilisation.
    Against that history of white supremacy we need to look at what we have learned from social movements that have offered an alternative.
    No generalisations about ‘communism’ or whatever, but the actual historic struggles of the masses over 500 years.
    Struggles that have been defeated and silenced by the pogroms and genocides and wars of wonderful capitalism.
    You will find, regardless of the labels attached to them by various ruling elites and intellectuals to confuse us, the 19th and 20th century examples of resistance of the masses to oppression.
    From the Waikato to Mexico, China, Russia, Spain, China again, and today Syria among many others, blast through the smog of civilisation like the rays of the sun.

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